Cold Rainy Weekend in Store for Morocco Snow to Fall in

Rabat – The National Meteorological Directorate (DMN) forecasts cold, cloudy weather and rain showers on Saturday, January 19.Tangier, Saiss, Doukkala, Loukkos, Rhamna, Abda, Tadla, the Middle Atlas, north of Safi, the Mediterranean, north of the Oriental, the Phosphates Plateaus, and the Rif region will experience cloudy skies and rain today.Snow will coat the peaks of the Middle Atlas mountains. Temperatures will continue to drop in the southeastern areas, the reliefs, the Oriental, and the interior regions of the country. Read Also: Cold, Foggy Weather Settles in Morocco on WeekendModerate to strong winds will sweep the southern provinces.The low temperatures are between -5 and 0 degrees Celsius in the reliefs; 0 and 5 degrees Celsius in the the Phosphates Plateaus, the Southeast, and the Oriental; 5 and 11 degrees Celsius in the northern and central regions; and 7 and 12 degrees Celsius in Souss and the southern provinces.The high temperatures range between 2 and 9 degrees Celsius in the reliefs; 7 and 12 degrees Celsius in Saiss, the Oriental, and the Phosphates Plateaus; 12 and 18 degrees Celsius in the northern, central, and southeastern regions; and 19 and 24 degrees Celsius in the southern provinces. read more

Ahead of Sierra Leone elections UN Peacebuilding Commission pledges continued support

“The Peacebuilding Commission emphasizes that the primary responsibility for the conduct of fair, free, credible and transparent elections rests with the people of Sierra Leone, their government, electoral management bodies, and political parties,” said a statement by the Commission’s Sierra Leone section – known formally as the Sierra Leone Configuration of the Peacebuilding Commission.It also noted that the international community views the Saturday elections as a “significant milestone in the country’s peace consolidation efforts,” adding that global onlookers have “high expectations that they will be conducted in a peaceful, transparent, and credible manner, thereby serving as an example for the region and beyond.”Sierra Leone is scheduled to hold four elections – presidential, parliamentary, local council and mayoral – in what is viewed as an important step for a country that is rebuilding after a civil war that ended in 2002.Sierra Leone is one of the six countries on the agenda of the overall Peacebuilding Commission, itself an intergovernmental advisory body that supports peace efforts in countries emerging from conflict, and considered to be a key addition to the ability of the international community in the broad peace agenda.While the Commission’s ‘central’ body, called the Organizational Committee, comprises 31 member countries, each of the country-specific Configurations include other participants, such as neighbouring countries, regional organizations, multilateral organizations, financial institutions and representatives of civil society.On Sierra Leone, the Configuration’s statement said the Commission “strongly believes that the political parties have a serious responsibility to safeguard the progress made since the end of the civil war, and to contribute their part to the successful conduct of the forthcoming elections.”It added that it welcomed the signing by various registered political parties, national institutions and other national stakeholders of the 18 May 2012 Declaration, which the Configuration said “outlines clear principles for political competition (and) encourages the political parties to fully respect those principles.” The Configuration highlighted the “relatively calm” election campaign to date, as it also commended the “important role” non-State organizations were playing in “ensuring fair and transparent elections, free of violence.”It said all “national stakeholders” – but especially the country’s political parties – should “continue making use of existing mechanisms for dialogue and dispute resolution” so that political differences can be resolved, and violence can be averted.“In that respect, the role of the Electoral Offences Court will be vital for resolution of electoral related complaints and timely acceptance of the results,” the statement said.The Configuration said that an “increasingly pivotal role” in the coming weeks would be played by the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), which Sierra Leone created in 2002 to register political parties and to ensure that their conduct conforms to the country’s Constitution.The Configuration added that the PPRC had “already demonstrated its ability to promote inter-party dialogue, manage political tensions, and ensure adherence to the political party code (of) conduct,” as it called on all political parties to “continue their cooperation” with the body.The Configuration also praised Sierra Leone’s biometric voter registration process, saying it had “helped to enhance the transparency and credibility of the elections.” According to the Configuration, use of biometric technology will “greatly facilitate the conduct of future elections.”“The National Electoral Commission and its international partners should be commended for their outstanding work in this respect and should continue to ensure that voters and political parties are kept well informed of the ongoing electoral process,” the Configuration said.Established in 2006, the Peacebuilding Commission plays a key role in bringing together donors, troop contributing countries and other relevant actors. It also marshals resources and helps launch integrated strategies for post-conflict peacebuilding and recovery. read more

Eaton spiral hose helps continuous miners reduce downtime in South Africa

first_imgPower management company Eaton says its Aeroquip X-FLEX very high pressure spiral hose “has been performing to expectations” and helping manufacturers servicing continuous miners operating in highly abrasive environments in South Africa to meet their contracted coal extraction rate terms by increasing uptime and decreasing maintenance and service times.South Africa is one of the ten largest coal producers and the fourth largest coal exporting country in the world, with a significant proportion mined with continuous miners using the room and pillar technique. Downtime on these continuous miners could cost the mine up to $10,000/hr in lost production – a cost so high that some mines measure this downtime in minutes. There are many factors that can cause downtime, but Eaton argues that the majority of cases are due to hydraulic hose assembly failure.“Eaton’s route to market for South Africa’s mining industry is through a distribution network for which we supply hydraulic assemblies, fittings and accessories,” explains Jorge De Lima, team lead sales for Southern Africa for Eaton’s Hydraulics business. “Many of these companies are contracted by the mine to ensure that the continuous miners meet or exceed a certain rate per tonne of coal extracted, which is why avoiding downtime is of the utmost importance.”The area on a continuous miner where most breakdowns occur is on shear cylinders that move the cutting bobbin. Upon daily servicing, these areas are cleared of coal debris and the assembly is checked for any cuts, signs of abrasion or visible leaks from the threaded connection. Eaton states: “In disciplined sites, the preferred hose used on these machines is Eaton’s GH506, which offers excellent performance when cleaned and serviced regularly. The hose end fitting features a special wire trap design that requires the hose to be both externally and internally skived to help ensure hose and fitting integrity under impulse conditions.”“At one particular mine site, which operated several continuous miners, the total annual downtime caused by the failure of hydraulic hose assemblies was 9,000 minutes–this equates to approximately $1.5 million in lost production,” recounts De Lima. “Here, the servicing regime had gradually relaxed over time and the hose assembly was failing.”While the supplier was contracted to ensure that the continuous miners met or exceeded the set rate per tonne of coal extracted, it couldn’t influence the rigour of the daily service regime. To overcome this challenge, the supplier replaced the original GH506 hose assembly with Eaton’s higher specification Aeroquip X-FLEX hose. X-FLEX features a rugged, abrasion resistant DURA-TUFF cover, which provides longer life in this abrasive environment compared with the original high pressure hose. In addition, it provides a 46% reduction in force-to-bend ratio, which made it easier for the supplier to handle in the shop, and less time consuming to fit on the equipment. When used in conjunction with one-piece Aeroquip global spiral TTC crimp fittings, the X-FLEX hose assembly is also easier to build since skiving is not required.“On replacement of this original hose assembly with Eaton’s Aeroquip X-FLEX very high pressure spiral hose, duty time increased considerably and downtime for the mine was reduced by 2,000 minutes,” says De Lima. Squeezing lost production costs by $333,000, by simply replacing a hose, is very attractive for the mine and the supplier. With supply and service of these mine sites in the region of $50,000/mth, the mine has effectively saved and recovered its spend.last_img read more

Mens U 18 EHF EURO 2016 Croatia to host 16 best teams

EHF EURO 2016 U18Men’s YOUTH HANDBALL ← Previous Story OVATIONS IN VESZPREM: Ortega, Ortega, Ortega… Next Story → Claude Onesta to leave French bench after WCh 2017? The Men’s U 18 EHF EURO 2016 will be played in Croatia next summer. Groups are drawn last Friday in Vienna.Group A: Spain, France, Norway and SwitzerlandGroup B:Denmark, Slovenia, Russia and SlovakiaGroup C: Croatia, Sweden, Czech Republic and IcelandGroup D:Germany, Serbia, Portugal and Poland.DIVISION 2The draw for the three EHF M18 Championship tournaments was made on Thursday, 24 September 2015 at 10:00 hrs. The tournaments will be played 11 to 21 August 2015.Tournament in BulgariaGroup AHungaryFYR MacedoniaUkraineArmeniaKosovoCyprusGroup BTurkeyFinlandBulgariaLuxembourgFaroe IslandsTournament in LithuaniaGroup AEstoniaNetherlandsItalyMoldovaGroup BAustriaIsraelGreeceLithuaniaTournament in GeorgiaGroup ARomaniaBosnia and HerzogovinaLatviaGeorgiaGroup BBelarusMontenegroBelgiumGreat Britain read more