Cricket gets fitness and wellness centre

first_imgPresident of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) Wilford ‘Billy’ Heaven is hopeful that the opening of the state-of-the-art fitness and wellness centre at Sabina Park will result in an improvement of the national cricket teams.The fitness centre, which was officially opened on Thursday at Sabina Park by Minister of Sports Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange cost an estimated US$70,000 and was co-funded by the National Health Fund (NHF).”This is an initiative that was contained in this administration’s manifesto over two years ago, and this is a realisation of that commitment,” said Heaven.”It is an achievement of the JCA, and the hope is that it will contribute to the fitness level of our players, which, at the moment, is nowhere near where it should be.”The facility, which will also be open to members of other national associations, as well as sports clubs and schools, consists of a range of equipment and exercise machines.It can hold a capacity of 20 persons at any given time.”The fact that the JCA has chosen to take the matter of health seriously is most worthy of commendation, and, indeed, adulation,” stated Grange, who cut a ribbon to signify the opening.”I must commend the NHF and the CHASE Fund for buying into the vision and providing the funding for this initiative.”Added Grange: “What pleases me most, as well, is that this vision fits into my wider vision for the support of infrastructure, which we, as a Government, must put in place to support our athletes.”ENDORSED BY MINISTRYPermanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Dr Kevin Harvey, who spoke on behalf of Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton, also hailed the venture.”The ministry has been on a drive to take health to another level, and last year, we launched our workplace policy,” Harvey outlined.This is because, he said, the ministry recognised that several Jamaicans spent a significant portion of their time at work.”We have subsequently been encouraging persons to set up at their workplace wellness centres and areas of opportunity for physical activity,” he said.Meanwhile, Everton Anderson, chief executive officer of the NHF, who presented the JCA with several pamphlets and healthy lifestyle charts for the centre, said that he welcomed the partnership.”We believe that a healthier nation leads to a more productive nation, and when Mr Heaven approached us, we were excited,” said Anderson.”I commend Mr Heaven, and on behalf of the board and management of the NHF, we really are pleased that we were able to contribute to this wellness centre US$50,000.”He added: “We really hope that it will lead to positive outcomes.”last_img read more


first_img‘I’ll see you at the finish line’. This runner seems confident! ALL PICS BY JOE BOLAND OF NORTH WEST NEWSPIXAlmost 200 runners and walkers took part in Convoy GAA Club’s 5K.The winner was Karol Doherty of Inishowen AC in an excellent time of 15.58 followed by Stephen Connors of Foyle Valley AC in 16.44.The following is a list of those who took part and their times.1 15.58 Karol Doherty Inishowen2 16.44 Stephen Connors Foyle Valley AC SM3 16.48 John McElhill Finn Valley AC SM4 17.10 Conor McDevitt Individual SM5 17.13 Seamie O’Donnell St. Marys GAA M406 17.17 Alan McGinley Lifford AC SM7 17.25 Terry Murphy Individual M408 17.28 Tommy McCallion Rise Running Club SM9 17.42 Charlie McElwaine Lifford AC JM10 17.48 Martin Mooney Inishowen SM11 17.55 Niall Elliott Lifford AC SM12 18.03 Rodney Campbell Foyle Valley AC M4013 18.13 Gary McFadden Bolt SM14 18.14 Frankie Bradley Foyle Valley AC SM15 18.14 Martin Dunleavy Foyle Valley AC M4016 18.32 James Donaghey Convoy AC M4017 18.36 Conor McGinley Lifford AC JM18 18.38 Liam Prunty St. Marys GAA SM19 18.43 Peter McMenamin Individual SM20 18.43 John Taylor Convoy AC M5021 18.45 Connor Conaghey Individual SM22 19.20 John McFadden Individual SM23 19.22 Martin McGlinchey Convoy AC SM24 19.23 Joe McCarthy City of Derry M5025 19.33 Mitchell McLaughlin Finn Valley AC SM26 19.33 Barry Mackey Letterkenny AC M5027 19.45 Adrian McHugh Individual M4028 19.58 John Moore St. Marys GAA JM29 20.19 Deirdre Shiels Foyle Valley AC SW30 20.30 John Anthony McMullan St. Marys GAA M4031 20.37 Noel Mailey Convoy AC SM32 20.39 Martin Crawford Individual SM33 20.45 Josephine Donaghy Convoy AC SW34 20.46 Ton Bangert Lifford AC M5035 20.46 Wilson Craig Lifford AC JM36 20.57 Annalisa Mullan Bolt Running Club SW37 21.19 Ronan O’Donnell St. Marys GAA JM38 21.21 Gary Gillen St. Marys GAA SM39 21.25 John Craig Lifford AC SM40 21.29 John McElwaine Lifford AC SM41 21.29 Gemma McGlinchey Convoy AC SW42 21.30 Paul McGlinchey Letterkenny AC SM43 21.30 John McGlinchey Letterkenny AC M4044 21.38 Paddy Gallagher Lifford AC M4045 21.45 Paul McMullan St. Marys GAA SM46 21.55 Pat Byrne Killybegs Swaling M5047 22.00 Eugene McGinley Killybegs Swalings AC M4048 22.00 Conor Bonner St. Marys GAA JM49 22.02 Sean O’Donnell Killybegs Swalings AC M5050 22.05 Daniel McMenamin St. Marys GAA JM51 22.12 Vera Haughey Individual F5052 22.17 Ciaran Allan St. Marys GAA JM53 22.32 Rajesh Meehan Raphoe Runners SM54 22.32 Terence Quinn Raphoe Runners M5055 22.38 Ian Alexander Individual M4056 22.49 Paula Donaghy Convoy AC SW57 22.58 Eugene McGinley Raphoe Runners M5058 22.58 Johnny Ward Tirconnail M5059 23.04 Rhonda Porter Lifford AC SW60 23.06 Cathy De-Ward St. Marys GAA SW61 23.06 John Porter Individual SM62 23.07 Barry Gildea St. Marys GAA SM63 23.07 Jerome Duffy St. Marys GAA JM64 23.09 Siobhan Barrett-Doherty Milford AC F4065 23.12 Niall McGlinchey Convoy AC SM66 23.13 Evan McBride St. Marys GAA JM67 23.23 Sarah Doherty Convoy AC SW68 23.37 Bernie Martin KCR F5069 23.39 Seamus Lyons Individual M4070 23.44 Edel McCarthy Foyle Valley AC F4071 23.47 Michael Patton St. Marys GAA SM72 23.51 Goria Donaghey Finn Valley AC F5073 23.52 Aoife McLaughlin St. Marys GAA SW74 23.54 Ernie Pollock Killybegs Swalings AC M5075 24.06 Dee Griffen Convoy AC F4076 24.08 Brian Duffy Individual M4077 24.09 Frances Wilson KCR SW78 24.14 Wesley Vance Individual SM79 24.15 Aaron Baxter Individual SM80 24.19 Marjan Bangert Lifford AC F5081 24.25 Victoria Kelly St. Marys GAA SW82 24.28 Billy Brodenok Killybegs Swaling M5083 24.29 Monica Harkin Convoy AC SW84 24.43 Niamh McGlinchey Convoy AC SW85 24.48 Sean Patton St. Marys GAA JM86 24.49 Keaton Ramsey Individual SM87 24.54 Mark McBride Individual JM88 24.55 Kayleigh Smith Convoy AC SW89 25.06 Martin Fowley St. Marys GAA SM90 25.06 Charlie Doherty KCR M5091 25.09 Mary Doherty Convoy AC SW92 25.14 Lorraine Boyce Individual SW 93 25.16 Linda Macbeth Raphoe Runners SW94 25.17 Elaine Parke Convoy AC SW95 25.18 Jason Walsh Lifford AC M4096 25.23 Martina McGee Tirconnail F4097 25.23 Lorraine Delaney Tirconnail F4098 25.35 Aoise Gildea St. Marys GAA JW99 25.35 Cathal Browne St. Marys GAA JM100 25.54 Charlie Deeney St. Marys GAA SM101 26.02 Fiona Deeney St. Marys GAA SW102 26.03 Conal McDermott St. Marys GAA JM103 26.03 Denise Moss Aghyarnan F40104 26.04 Blaithin Gildea St. Marys GAA JW105 26.12 Yvonne Wauchope Melvin WJR F40106 26.17 Neil McDonnell Individual SM107 26.17 Kendra Wilson St. Marys GAA JW108 26.22 Eanna McDermott St. Marys GAA JM109 26.23 Sue Byrne Finn Valley Fit For Life F40110 26.24 Conor McDaid St. Marys GAA JM111 26.32 Teresa McMenamin Aghyarnan SW112 26.36 Eileen Morning Individual F40113 26.51 Sarah Toye St. Marys GAA SW114 26.54 Niall Sweeney St. Marys GAA JM115 26.55 Margaret Williamson Melvin WJR SW116 26.59 Enda Eilliot Slevin Raphoe Runners M40117 27.05 Robert Buchanan Convoy AC M40118 27.10 Mary Martin Finn Valley AC F50119 27.10 Dolores McGlinchey Finn Valley Fit For Life F40120 27.15 Erica Wilson St. Marys GAA SW121 27.16 Brian O’Donnell Individual JM122 27.59 James Mullen Individual SM123 28.02 Joleen McHugh Individual SW124 28.21 Ben McMenamin St. Marys GAA JM125 28.23 Liam Porter Individual M40126 28.24 Louise Goudie Raphoe Runners SW127 28.28 Mary McGranaghan Raphoe Runners SW128 28.34 Nuala Allan Raphoe Runners F50129 28.42 Aimee Bonner St. Marys GAA JW130 29.08 Paul McDaid St. Marys GAA SM131 29.12 Heather Hunter Aghyarnan SW132 29.16 Marie Gallagher Aghyarnan SW133 29.22 Gemma Patton Melvin WJR SW134 29.38 Ann Strain Convoy AC F40135 29.38 Nicola Gregg Convoy AC SW136 29.41 Nia Loughlin Individual SW137 30.46 Lydia Fowley St. Marys GAA SW138 30.46 Eimear Sweeney St. Marys GAA JW139 30.46 Jason Patton St. Marys GAA JM140 30.52 Tara Hughes Convoy AC SW141 31.15 Stephen Kerlin Lifford AC M40142 31.26 Kathie Lindsay Individual SW143 31.26 Mark Lindsay Individual SM144 31.37 Melaine Baxter Individual SW145 31.39 Evan McCloskey Individual SW146 31.42 Ashling Dunne Individual SW147 31.43 Gerard Patterson Letterkenny Run4Fun SM148 31.54 Roisin O’Connor Lifford Couch to 5k SW149 32.27 Linda Patterson Individual SW150 32.41 Eimear Byrne Finn Valley AC SW151 33.06 Ann McDaid Individual SW152 33.15 Madge Toye G4M&O SW153 33.42 Maraget Mullen Finn Valley Fit For Life F40154 34.46 Angela McHugh Individual SW155 34.46 Michael McHugh Individual SM156 34.58 Emma McNamee Individual SW157 34.59 Aisling Hennessey Individual SW158 35.55 Lisa Kerlin Lifford AC SW159 36.08 Eamonn McBride Individual Walker160 36.17 Louise McBride Individual Walker161 36.26 Donna Walsh Lifford AC F50162 36.36 Shania Browne St. Marys GAA Walker163 36.36 Caoimhe Browne St. Marys GAA SW164 38.01 Ciara Cairns St. Marys GAA SW165 38.01 Edel Wilson Flynn St. Marys GAA SW166 38.05 Frank Gillen Killybegs Swalings AC M40167 38.28 Mark McCarron Individual Walker168 38.28 Evanne McCarron Individual Walker169 39.03 Wendy Toland Individual F40170 39.03 Jacinta Gillespie Individual F50171 39.13 Dina Patton St. Marys GAA Walker172 39.13 Ciara Gallagher St. Marys GAA SW173 39.18 Darragh Patton St. Marys GAA Walker174 39.19 Katie Allan St. Marys GAA Walker175 39.42 Zoe Walsh Lifford AC SW176 40.06 Danny McBride Individual Walker177 40.16 Patricia Guthrie Individual F50178 40.16 Brid Sweeney St. Marys GAA F40179 40.49 Wanda Patton Melvin WJR SW180 43.01 Ellie O’Donnell Individual Walker181 43.21 Linda O’Donnell Individual F40182 43.28 Elizabeth Cunningham Individual SW183 43.28 Aoife Doherty Individual SW184 43.59 Clare McMenamin Individual SW185 43.59 April Moore St. Marys GAA F40186 44.45 Tina Quinn St. Marys GAA F50187 44.45 Anita Gildea St. Marys GAA F40188 44.55 Julie Patton St. Marys GAA SW189 44.58 Carolyn O’Donnell G4M&O F40190 45.54 Wesley McClean Individual SM191 46.59 Maraget McDaid Individual SW192 46.59 Rachel McGee Tirconnail Walker193 47.55 Maggie McDaid Individual F50194 47.55 Willie Piper Individual M50195 48.44 Bernard McMenamin Individual Walker196 49.58 Cathryn McGlinchey Individual SW197 57.11 Rose Harris St. Marys GAA WalkerALMOST 200 TAKE PART IN CONVOY 5K – WHERE DID YOU COME? was last modified: August 12th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more