AsAsistance needed in Upper-Berbice communities, says Region 10 Chairman, Vice Chairman

first_imgA recent visit to areas in the Upper Berbice Region (Region 10) has revealed that the communities are in dire need of improvement in the areas of education, health, agriculture and physical infrastructure for the benefit of youths. The issues were highlighted by Regional Chairman Renis Morian and Vice Chairman Elroy Adolph during a press conference. The region’s leaders stressed that in the area of agriculture, an important point to note is that a community boat which was initially intended to provide assistance for farmers in transporting their produce is presently “parked” and remains non- operable at Sand Hill. Morian said this is the case, even as farmers in the area are suffering tremendously in transporting their produce to be marketed.“What really caught us is that there is a huge boat parked in the Berbice River and it is reported that this boat was built and taken there a week before elections and they’re saying it’s an election gimmick. Whether it’s an election gimmick or not the past Government had removed the boat which had transported persons to New Amsterdam with their agriculture produce. Now we have a huge boat parked there… I am approaching the Office of the President, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, so that that boat… could be put into use. We see it as a boost to enhance agriculture and the movement of persons within the Berbice River,” he stressed.Additionally, it was noted that the boat is missing just one crucial element, however Morian said a diagnostic test needs to be done to ascertain the situation with the said boat.“We’re going to go through the right channel to make sure that that boat is commissioned under the right Ministry. We have millions of dollars in tax payers money lying there…not being used and farmers want to get there produce to market and this is not being done,” he said.In addition, the Regional Chairman said it was observed that there is a huge generator at Muritaro presently parked in the bushes. According to Morian, information received suggests that it has never been in operation but was placed there under the previous Administration. He said he is seeking to have it moved and taken to Linden to be serviced so that it can be beneficial to communities without electricity and solar.Meanwhile, Regional Vice Chairman Adolph said a visit to several schools revealed deplorable washroom facilities, which are out of service. At Sand Hill, he said the teacher’s washroom facility has been out of order for over two years. He added that requests were made for more health personnel to visit the communities since it was highlighted that residents find it is too expensive to travel to New Amsterdam.“The people in the Berbice River are requesting some more help from the Ministry of Health. So we are calling on the Ministry of Health to deliver a little more… We also discovered shortage of drugs… nurses and health workers, doctors if possible need to visit the areas more often… farming is not payable like before because they don’t have transport for [their] produce. When they hire transportation it’s very expensive…so life becomes more difficult everyday for the folks in the Berbice River,” Adolph said.last_img read more