1-A through 3-A State Track Report: Day 1

first_img Brad James FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPROVO, Utah-Friday, the 1-A through 3-A schools competing at the Utah High School Activities Association state track and field championships began on what was their first day of competition at Robison Track on the campus of Brigham Young University.For the first time, this is a 3-day competition in order to accommodate six classifications in Utah high school athletics. As it turns out, Saturday competition will consist entirely of 1-A through 3-A events as 4-A through 6-A, which started Thursday, will conclude Friday.After the first day of action, the 1-A girls’ title appears to be in Panguitch’s grasp. The Bobcats have 50 points to second-place Milford’s 17. Wayne is in sixth with 4 points. The 1-A boys’ leader is Panguitch with 28 points and Bryce Valley is second with 24 points. Wayne is fifth with 16 points.In 2-A girls action, Millard is first with 22.5 points, North Summit is second with 19 points and Beaver is third with 16 points. North Sevier is fifth with 14 points and Wasatch Academy is seventh with 9 points.The 2-A boys’ lead currently belongs to Altamont with 35 points and Beaver is in second with 30 points. Millard is fourth with 22 points and Kanab is sixth with 8 points.The 3-A lead for the girls belongs to Grand with 26. 1 points and Juab is second with 20.6 points.Finally, in the 3-A boys’ standings, Grand has 31 points, Morgan is second with 18 points. Delta is fifth with 15 points and Manti is sixth with 13 points.In the 2-A boys’ javelin, the first finals event for the small schools, Jaxon Wardle of Millard placed third, while Beaver’s Tyler Griffiths finished fourth.The 1-A girls’ 1600-meter run championship was won by Panguitch’s Taylia Norris in a time of 5:22.94, while her teammate, Jordan Bennett, placed third. Milford’s Kinley Spaulding finished second and her teammate, Akaydeh Livingston, placed fifth.In the 2-A girls’ 1600-meter run championship run, Samantha Williams of Beaver placed third, while Millard’s Katy Kelly and Audrey Camp finished fourth and fifth, respectively.In the 3-A girls’ 1600-meter run, the highest finisher from the Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network coverage area was Richfield’s Jamie Holt in ninth place and Juab’s LorraLyn Bronson placed 13th overall.The boys’ 1-A 1600-meter championship saw Panguitch’s Porter Schoppe place fourth and Easton Syrett of Bryce Valley finished sixth overall.In the boys’ 2-A 1600-meter championship run, Millard’s Shane Woodard placed fifth overall.Richfield’s Hayden Harward is the 3-A boys’ 1600-meter champion in a time of 4:19.08 and Jordan Cheney of Manti placed sixth overall in the event.In the 100-meter hurdles prelims, 1-A’s top seed is Kapri Orton of Panguitch with Brynnli Nelson of Wayne going in as the #2 seed. Hallie Palmer of Panguitch goes in as the #4 seed. In the 2-A 100-meter hurdles prelims, North Sevier’s Mayci Torgerson is the #1 seed and Carsyn Button of Kanab is 2nd. Millard’s Rylee Miller also qualified as the #9 seed. In 3-A, Richfield’s Melissa Crane is the #1 seed and Natalie Tolbert of Juab is 4th. The #5 seed in 3-A is Savannah Nielson of Delta and the #9 seed in 3-A is Bridgette Christensen of Delta. Because Robison Track has 9 lanes, nine competitors are allowed to advance to the finals in their respective event on the track.The boys’ 110-meter hurdles prelims saw Panguitch’s Kanyon Lamb as 1-A’s top overall seed in this event while Milford’s Colton Pomerinke (#2 seed), Jake Hardy (#3 seed) and Hayden Wright (#8 seed) also made the finals. Also, Logan Stevens of Wayne is the #4 seed while Panguitch’s Jevin Savage and Boston Englestead are the #5 and #6 seeds respectively and Wayne’s Stran Beeler also qualified as the #7 seed.In the 2-A boys’ 110-meter hurdles prelims, Kanab’s Matt Glover is the #2 seed, Tilden Kesler of Millard is the #7 seed and Wasatch Academy’s Ben Cottam is the #9 seed.In the 3-A boys’ 110-meter hurdles prelims, Jaymen Brough of Delta is the #1 seed and Macray Stevens of Juab is the #3 seed. Josh Blauer and Trevor Robinson of Manti are the #6 and #8 seeds, respectively in this event.In the girls’ 100-meter dash prelims, the #2 seed in 1-A is Piute’s Mickell Morgan with Morgan Platt of Bryce Valley placing third. Madysen Griffiths of Milford is the #6 seed and Vanessa Delgado of Piute is the #7 seed. Jaycee Rose of Milford is the #9 seed.In 2-A, Kanab’s Carsyn Button is the #4 seed headed into the girls’ 100-meter dash finals Saturday while Brooklyn Crum of Beaver is in fifth and Kanab’s Bethany Nording is the #7 seed.The 3-A #1 seed in the girls’ 100-meter dash is Isabelle Hightower of North Sanpete in 12.52 seconds, while Ronnie Walker of Juab is the #2 seed, Passion Reitz of Richfield is the #3 seed and Jordyn Nielson of Delta is the #4 seed, while Delta’s Dani Nelson is the #6 seed.In the 3-A girls’ discus, Delta’s Brinley Henrie placed fifth overall, earning a medal with a toss of 95-11.25 feet.The 1-A boys’ javelin title was won by Panguitch’s Bryson Marshall with a toss of 163-03.75 feet, while Bryce Valley’s Easton Syrett finished second. Milford’s Trae Williamson placed third and Panguitch’s Dallen Torgersen and Jaren Frandsen placed fifth and sixth respectively.In the 2-A girls’ high jump, North Sevier’s Mayci Torgerson won the state title with a leap of 5 feet 5 inches and Millard’s Rylee Miller also medaled, tying for fifth.The boys’ 1-A 100-meter dash’s #1 seed is Valley’s Cameron Franklin with Bryce Valley’s Austyn Brinkerhoff as the #3 seed. Milford’s Bret Beebe is the #4 seed and Gaige Hardy of Milford is the #9 overall seed. In 2-A, Turner Koyle of Millard is the #1 seed in the boys’ 100 meter dash and Wyatt Houston of Kanab is third overall. North Sevier’s Riley Ogden is the #5 seed and Cole Marshall of Beaver is the #7 seed.Delta’s Dallin Draper ran a 10.56 in his heat of the 100-meter dash to be the #1 seed for the 3-A championship Saturday. Parker Hightower is the #4 seed, representing North Sanpete in this event.In the girls’ 1-A 400-meter prelims, Piute’s Emily Morgan (#1 seed), Vanessa Delgado (#2 seed) and Mickell Morgan (#4 seed) are all in good shape for Saturday’s final. Tana Frandsen of Panguitch is the #6 seed and Bryce Valley’s Maycee Brinkerhoff is the #7 seed.In 2-A, Gunnison’s Jade Wimmer is the #1 overall seed for the 400-meter for the girls, Millard’s Katy Kelly is the #4 seed and Kanab’s Bethany Nording is the #8 seed. In 3-A, Passion Reitz of Richfield is the #1 seed for the girls in the 400 and Bayli Heap of Juab is fifth overall. Linzy Flinders of North Sanpete is the #7 seed and Kaylie Jenson of South Sevier is the #8 seed.For the 1-A boys in the 400, Valley’s Cameron Franklin is the #1 seed, Kanyon Lamb of Panguitch is #2 and Milford’s Bryson Barnes and Russell Walker are the respective #3 and #5 seeds. Trevor Wolfley of Panguitch also made the final as the #7 seed in this event.In the girls’ 3-A high jump, Mackenzie Jones of South Sevier is the champion with a leap of 5 feet 1 inch. Lillian Reese and Rhiannon West of Juab tied for second and Delta’s Kiysa Gorley tied for fifth. Jones, despite only being a sophomore, has gone back-to-back as a champion in this event.In the 2-A boys’ 400 prelims, Turner Koyle of Millard is the #1 overall seed, Nathan DeSpain of Millard is third, Spencer Williams of Beaver is the #4 seed, Kanab’s Jarom Johnson is the #8 seed and Beaver’s Hunter Carter is the #9 seed.The boys’ #1 seed in the 400 in 3-A is Delta’s Dallin Draper, with Richfield’s Kade Jensen at #4. Jonathan Monsen of Richfield is the #6 seed and  Manti’s Riley Searle and Jaden Sterner are the #7 and #9 seeds respectively headed into Saturday’s final in this event.In the 1-A girls’ discus event, Kambree Fullmer of Panguitch is the champion with a toss of  98-07.50 feet. Kiesa Miller of Panguitch placed second, with their teammate, Abbey Blevins, placing third.The girls’ 1-A 300-meter hurdles #1 seed, ahead of Saturday competition, is Kapri Orton of Panguitch. Her teammate, Halli Palmer is the #3 seed and Kinley Spaulding of Milford is the #4 seed. Joesi Rowley and Aliza Woolsey are the #5 and #6 seeds respectively, of Milford and Lexi Griffin of Panguitch is the #9 seed.Mayci Torgerson of North Sevier is the girls’ 2-A 300-meter hurdles #1 seed and Rylee Miller of Millard is #9 overall in this event to also qualify for the Saturday finals.Delta’s Savannah Nielson is the 3-A #1 seed in the girls’ 300-meter hurdles and her teammate Adi Nielson is the #2 seed. Richfield’s Passion Reitz is the 3rd seed while Krista Nielson and Natalie Tolbert are the respective #4 and #5 seeds, representing Juab. Melissa Crane of Richfield is the #6 seed and Mackenzie Jones of South Sevier is the #9 overall seed in this event.In the 2-A boys’ shot put, Beaver’s Austin Carter had a toss of 64 feet (the best in Utah this year) to win the crown. His teammate, Treyson Harris, placed second, with Shaw Coombs of Beaver placing fourth overall.Trey Brough of Delta placed second overall in the 3-A boys’ long jump, postin ga leap of 20-02.25 feet.The boys’ 3oo-meter hurdles leader in 1-A after prelims is Panguitch’s Kanyon Lamb. Colton Pomerinke is second, representing Milford and Wayne’s Logan Stevens is the #3 seed. Gaige Hardy of Milford is the #4 seed and Panguitch’s Boston Englestead and Jevin Savage are the #5 and #6 seeds, respectively. Wayne’s Stran Beeler is the #7 seed overall in this event headed into Saturday’s finals.In 2-A, Matt Glover of Kanab is the #1 overall seed in the boys’ 300-meter hurdles and his teammate, Dustin Bistline, is the #4 seed. Millard’s Tilden Kesler and Sam Marshal are the #2 and #3 seeds, respectively, in this event. Ben Cottam of Wasatch Academy is the #7 seed.In 3-A, Delta’s Jaymen and Trey Brough are the #3 and #4 seeds, respectively, in the 300-meter hurdles for Saturday competition. Macray Stevens of Juab is the #5 seed and Cooper Parry of Manti checks in as the #8 seed in this event.In the 1-A girls’ medley, Panguitch’s girls won the title in a time of 4:29.02. The Bobcats’ stars in this event included Lexi Griffin, Kiesa Miller, Tana Frandsen, Taylia Norris, Abbey Blevins and Kapri Orton. Wayne placed sixth overall in this event.The 2-A girls’ medley saw Beaver win the title in 4:26.65. The Beavers were paced by Brooklyn Crum, Linley White, Kaitlyn Hemond, Samantha Williams and Sophia Almeida in this event.In the 3-A girls’ medley, Juab placed second with a time of 4:26.05. The Wasps in this event were Krista Nielson, Willow Kay, Bayli Heap, Marissa Hall, Emelia Anderson and Whitney Slater.The 1-A boys’ medley title was won by Milford in 3:47.96 as Wayne placed second and Bryce Valley was third. The Tigers’ team consists of Gaige Hardy, Paxton Henrie, Russell Walker, Bryson Barnes, Michael Roxburgh and Hayden Wright.In 2-A, the Millard boys won the the medley title in 3:47.97. The Eagles’ team consists of Sam Marshal, Tilden Kesler, Jayce Thompson, Nathan Despain and Jaren Camp. Kanab placed second, also medaling in the event, posting a time of 3:48.60.In a time of 3:36.55, Manti’s boys won the 3-A medley championship. This stalwart Templars’ team is comprised of Cooper Parry, Lance Fowles, Jaden Sterner, Riley Searle, Keenan Moulton and Tyler Takieaho.In the girls’ 1-A 200 prelims, Panguitch’s Kapri Orton is the #2 seed in this event. Emily Morgan of Piute is the #3 seed and Jaycee Rose and Madysen Griffiths are the #5 and #9 seeds respectively, representing Milford.In the 2-A girls’ 200 prelims, Gunnison’s Jade Wimmer is the #3 seed headed into Saturday’s final. Brooklyn Crum of Beaver is the #6 seed and Kanab’s Bethany Nording is the #7 seed overall.The 3-A girls’ 200 prelims are led by Juab’s Ronnie Walker, the #1 overall seed into Saturday’s final. Isabelle Hightower of North Sanpete is the #2 seed while Dani Nielson of Delta is the #4 seed. Passion Reitz of Richfield is the #5 seed and Jordyn Nielson of Delta is the #7 seed.The 3-A boys’  shot put saw Chase Fowles of Delta place third, while Reese Darrington of Juab finished fourth.In the 1-A boys’ long jump, Wayne’s Wyatt Van Orden placed second and Austyn Brinkerhoff of Bryce Valley finished third. Milford’s Jake Hardy placed sixth overall in the event.Valley’s Cameron Franklin is the #1 seed in the boys’ 200-meter dash headed into Saturday’s competition. Bret Beebe is the #3 overall seed and Bryce Valley’s Austyn Brinkerhoff is #4 overall. Kanyon Lamb of Panguitch is the #5 overall seed, Jake Hardy of Milford is #6 and Milford’s Russell Walker is #9 overall.The meet resumes Saturday with championships determined in every event that one has not already been decided in. May 18, 2018 /Sports News – Local 1-A through 3-A State Track Report: Day 1center_img Written bylast_img read more

NHL linesmans lawsuit against Flames defenceman to be handled by league Judge

first_imgCALGARY – A lawsuit by NHL linesman Don Henderson against former Calgary Flames defenceman Dennis Wideman has been set aside by a judge to be handled by an arbitrator within the league.The $10.25 million lawsuit was filed by Henderson after he was hit from behind during a game against the Nashville Predators.In his statement of claim, Henderson says he suffered a concussion and injuries to his neck, back, shoulder and knee, with the neck injury requiring surgery.Henderson also claims he suffered shock, anxiety, depression, headaches and permanent and partial disability.The statement of claim contains allegations that have not been proven in court.The lawsuit was set aside by Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Willie DeWit, a former Olympic boxer.Henderson was hurt during the second period of Calgary’s 2-1 loss to Nashville on Jan. 27, 2016.Wideman was checked hard into the boards by Predators winger Miikka Salomak. He banged his stick on the ice en route to the players’ benches and is alleged to have shoved his stick into Henderson’s back in front of the Predators’ bench.Henderson went down, but got to his feet and finished the game.“I would never intentionally try to hit a linesman or a ref or anything like that,” Wideman said following the game.But the statement of claim says “Wideman intentionally and deliberately struck Don Henderson.”As the result of his injuries, Henderson said he’s been unable to work any NHL games since then.The NHL suspended Wideman for 20 games, which was later reduced to 10 games by an arbitrator, although Wideman had already served 19.Wideman’s contract expired last season. (CTV Calgary)last_img read more