first_imgIt would also give the US, which has stepped its presenceIt would also give the US, which has stepped its presence in South China Sea, to mount an international campaign to isolate Beijing.China also apprehends that if Philippines petition goes through, the rest of the claimants may take the same route to assert their rights.Ouyang said, “its not as though we dont want to resolve the dispute in the SCS. We do. But what we want is to resolve the territorial dispute through direct negotiations, as we have clearly stated in our agreements with the Philippines and through the Declaration of Conduct agreement with ASEAN,” he said””China and Philippines reached consensus on the settlement of issues in the SCS through bilateral negotiations. We have said we wont allow the dispute to be settled through other dispute settlement procedures. Therefore the arbitration court has no jurisdiction on the dispute between China and the Philippines. This arbitration case has been illegal from the start,” he said.”The core of the territorial dispute between China and the Philippines is that the latter is attempting to harm Chinas interests in the Nansha Islands. China firmly opposes a certain countrys taking hostage the international rule of law for its own selfish gains. They are violating the law under the guise of the rule of law, and China wont accept any of these acts.,” he said. PTI KJV UZM AKJ UZMlast_img read more