Vermont updates Irene damage estimates, could cost state $100 million

first_imgOctober 31, 2011December 2, 2011NoteWorst case scenario Total: $563,995,527State share: $240,641,357Total: $571,826,505State share: $99,453,330Big shift in state share reflects Congressional action on FHWA ER program.Best case scenario Total:  $488,995,527State share: $96,944,533Total: $496,826,505State share: $88,133,788State share decrease mainly reflects changes to EMAC costs.Line-by-line changes:Row Notes & Changes1-2Worst case represents $250 million in total damages to Federal ‘Aid Highway System.  Best case represents $175 million in total damages.1-4No change to current estimate.5-7Adjusted FEMA/FHWA eligibility information for personnel, equipment, and commodities requested via Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC). In the worst case scenario, these changes has decreased state share to $10.1 million; in the best case, these change decrease the state share to $3.1 million.5$4.6M is FEMA eligible due to supporting State Emergency Operation Plan.6$2.6M National Guard work is not FEMA or FHWA eligible7$7.1M Maine and New Hampshire DOT assistance is FHWA ER eligible for 100% reimbursable in the best case and not reimbursable in the worst case.8Added Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Emergency Watershed Program (EWP) to assist towns in need of stream bank stabilization, and debris and sediment removal along rivers and streams.9No change.10Public Assistance estimate increase to $145.7M from $140.0M.11No change.12FEMA has determined the deductible on the insurance policy is not eligible. Increase of state share by $225,000.13No change.14-15Updated estimates from FEMA.16Summary of State costs assume to be FEMA eligible.17Summary of State costs assume not to be FEMA eligible.18No change.  Vermont Agency of Administration 12.5.2011 AttachmentSize Irene_Worst_Case_SummaryScenarios_December_2011.pdf106.22 KB Irene_Best_Case_SummaryScenarios_December_2011.pdf107.91 KBcenter_img Today Secretary of Administration Jeb Spaulding and Irene Recovery Officer Neale Lunderville released updated information, damage, and cost estimates for Tropical Storm Irene.  This update reflects Congressional waivers of the $100 million cap and 180-day emergency work limit for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Emergency Relief (ER) program, as well as a compilation of smaller changes. Both the best and worst case models show the waivers for FHWA and the anticipated 90% cost share for FEMA Public Assistance.  The principal differences between the models are the low and high range of damage estimates to the Federal-Aid Highway System ($175-250 million range), and an unresolved question about reimbursement for certain Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) costs. Both scenarios add new information and cost estimates as outline below. ‘We continue to monitor estimates daily and will update these figures every three to four weeks,’ said Secretary Spaulding. The bottom line change from the last update to now (See also attachments): last_img read more