Commissioner approve plan to temporarily bring Somerset County employees to Franklin County dispatch center

first_imgFARMINGTON – County commissioners approved a plan Thursday morning to bring in staff from Somerset County into the Franklin County Regional Communications Center to assist over the next couple of weeks.CL Folsom, the communications director for Franklin County, is out on leave, according to County Clerk Julie Magoon. The agreement with Somerset County will bring some combination of Somerset County Communications Director Michael Smith and Communications Deputy Director Tammy Barker to the Franklin County dispatch center over the next two weeks.The offer for assistance was extended by Somerset County at no cost after the Sept. 16 explosion on the Farmington Falls Road, Magoon said.That explosion resulted in the destruction of the LEAP Inc. office building, the death of a Farmington Fire Rescue captain and severe injuries to several other firefighters and an employee of LEAP.The incident has created a number of other moving parts for the center, Magoon said. For example, some media organizations have requested transcripts for calls made on Sept. 16. The Somerset County personnel will be able to fill in for personnel on leave and assist with those requests, Magoon said.In other business, commissioners met Wednesday and decided against taking immediate action in regards to the plowing of roads in West Freeman. The commissioners separated roughly 8.7 miles of West Freeman roads from the Freeman and Salem Township roads last year, creating a separate contract that was awarded to a business on a contract at $38,000 per year. That business declined to renew after the first year, sending the county back out to bid on the West Freeman roads.Only one company got a bid in before this month’s deadline: Fenwick Construction LLC, a Freeman Township contractor that currently plows the Salem and Freeman Township roads and, prior to last year, also the West Freeman roads. Fenwick’s bid was more than double the previous contractor, resulting in commissioners balking at the price. Andrea Fenwick, appearing on behalf of the business that she runs with husband Tellis Fenwick, said that the increased cost include money to purchase equipment, bonding and worker-related expenses to get them back up and running on the West Freeman route.In addition to the increase, commissioners also expressed concern with the nature of the county’s five-year plowing contracts, which allow for the contractor to either renew or pull out after each year, but do not extend the same option to Franklin County.After some discussion, commissioners decided to table the issue until their Oct. 1 meeting. They also discussed the possibility of re-combining the Freeman/Salem Township contract with West Freeman.last_img read more