There will be a ‘Report’ from Michael

first_img“The most scary… it was how someone who heard their first word of Spanish at the age of 28 mastered the language” Luis Fermoso, coordinator and deputy director of Report Robinson, since he joined Canal + (today Movistar), 20 years ago, alongside Michael Robinson. “My professional life is Michael, it has been my style book, my ADN ”. The Robinson communicator, storyteller. “When I got on TV in 1997, as a fellow in The day afterhe was already a star” Canal + was seven years old, it had been six years since Alfredo Relaño, then sports director, had given him the alternative to the microphones.“In 1990 he commented on TVE the World Cup in Italy, with Luis Fernández, and I had been struck by a comment. The narrator said that such a lineman was Japanese. “I have never seen a Japanese without the camera on his shoulder,” said Robin, “Relaño recalled. Robinson had hung up his boots the previous year, at 30, and that summer on Canal + there was a gap: Valdano’s. “He did the games with Carlos Martínez and The day after but I wanted to be a coach. ” One day he ran into Michael again, who worked for Eurosport, and had gone on TV to offer “some boxing matches”… And so began that other wonderful story that lasted 30 years, until last March 11 in Anfield, that of the Robinson storyteller, communicator.“He had a natural instinct, ”reveals Relaño. “At first, when he spoke very bad Spanish, he had many sayings,‘ more alone than one … ’, and it occurred to me to tell him more latinajos ”, he adds. “He was a stream of anecdotes, an extraordinary conversationalist, giant, and a charm as a person,” says Luis Fermoso. “He always practiced journalism from an ethical stand, “Relaño rescues. while confirming what Nacho Aranda had on his Twitter in the morning, as a farewell. “He always said to me: ‘Look Nacho, if you knock on the door of a guy who is watching TV in his pajamas, lying on the couch, he would never open it for you. He lets us stand in front and tell him stories. And pay. How can we not talk? that guy with respect, with..? I listened and took aim. “” He learned it from one of his coaches in Liverpool. I always insisted that to go to work you have to dress well and he put himself very much on my side, “Relaño says, adding what Michael was saying to him, so similar to Nacho’s.”They give us permission to enter their houses and we must take care and care and all the respect in what we do“ When Cuatro and Maracana arrived and that first Day after It’s over, Fermoso recalls the turn. “One day, in 2007, Álex Martínez Roig (director of content for Movistar +), taught him Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, HBO documentary series, with human stories around the sport. ” He sent it to Michael. “Who said to him:‘ This is a Piss… I can do much better. ’ That’s how it was ”, laughs Fermoso. Old man’s people Day after (Fermoso, Larraza, José Luis de la Osa, Raúl Román ..) returned to put himself under Michael’s orders. I was just born Robinson Report. “It was released in October 2007.” Generation Casillas, Luis Moya’s challenge and Chat with Seve were his first three reports. “Seve was the lifelong idol of Michael, who said: ‘In the first Report i am going to see my friend It looks”.Won two Ondas AwardsRobinson Report, who gave Michael his second Waves in 2007 (the first, in 1992), in 2013 saw a brother born on the radio, Robinson accent of the SER. Vázquez Montalbán International Journalism Award in 2017, Fermoso what he valued most about him as boss was his confidence. “He let us be wrong.” “Going by the hand of Michael was knowing that he trusted you almost blindly and that report that you were determined to do you would end up doing: ‘I don’t see it, but you have it clear. Do it.’ It turned out well, he would be happy as the most, but if he did not like it, it was also clear. Who would not want to have a boss like that. And a friend like that, “José Larraza related on his Twitter this afternoon, in a text with a black background. Michael was very present, but at the same time he left a lot of freedom. “And I didn’t need to scream. When he didn’t like something he would tell you in a joke, a silence ”. His fine intelligence, his biting humor, “the silver Peter Pan that he carried in his pocket so as not to let his soul get stuck”, Relaño points out, the Movistar newsroom will not forget.“I remember a visit on TV. Michael received them. It was morning and I was at my computer and I looked up. It was always cool to see the English. ‘Michael, how many work here?’ They asked. ‘I think half.’ That’s how it was ”, Fermoso laughs again, revealing that he will have his own Report. “I interviewed him on April 15. It was a way of saying goodbye, but also a song to life ”, he muses, remembering how the disease could never take away his humor (” I spoke to him after Anfield, and he told me: ‘Luis, this looks bad, I have been said that I have 20 with metastases in the brain, which is great news because it means I have to have a brain, ‘he said, ” Luis remembers with a sad voice), before returning to that. “How he mastered the language” How much you will be missed.last_img read more