Three key points of website running cheats

this time of tension with friends of Huizhou SEO blogger Ye Jianhui has been planning a new website online, but at this time there on site operators also have a little view, today to give you said, I hope to help you. Not much gossip, drag directly to the subject,


we all know, website operation is a very systematic thing, it includes the website positioning, product selection, marketing planning, promotion methods and so on many factors inside. At the beginning of the operation of the site, positioning is the first step, but also the most important step, it determines the direction of the development of your site, as well as the operation of the difficulties or not. And product selection is the support of the entire website operation. That is to say, in the website operation, the choice of products can directly affect the conversion rate of users and the final volume. Taobao friends should have been aware of, in the Taobao store where the goods placed, as well as picture processing, text statements, and so on, are the reasons for direct marketing, store sales. Again, marketing planning, marketing planning is actually the focus of the entire operation process. How do we plug in users in a reasonable way and produce a chain reaction that allows users to take the initiative to promote the development of the website? This is what we have to consider in our operations. Finally mentioned promotion method, it is a website operation in the proliferation of the problem, how to let more people know your website, need to use good promotion method. Specific promotion methods, I will not say, there are many online. read more

Where is the 2 year old website P100 wrong

today, some friends complained to me, saying that their website is also the old station, and also some original articles every day. The website has nearly two years, but now the amount of IP is only about 100 a day. I feel very upset. I don’t know what to do next. I hope I can help him.


I’ve been busy sorting things out for my VIP for the last few days. It’s Sunday, and it’s a little bit free. A friend, I decided to help him to analyze a little bar,


domain name is an error read more

Three line city website operation how to break through this predicament


, the author in the "three line city website operation why so difficult?" in a text, to the three line city website operation why so difficult reason has done certain analysis. Knowing the reason is only the first step in the beginning. The ultimate purpose of our analysis of the problem is to solve the problem, then, after a rough understanding of its underlying causes, how to solve this problem, this is what we are most concerned about. To solve the problem is the ultimate goal, then the author will discuss how to break through such a predicament in the three line city website through several ways, hoping to give readers some enlightenment. read more

Chinese domain but is shengzao innovation

recently, CNNIC experts said the Chinese prefix mailbox address standards have been completed, and expects its future is "vast". The form of the Chinese mailbox address will be like this: "Zen @ may be.". Earth (temporarily replacing com with "Earth").

This is a

email address neither fish nor fowl. You say it is very culture, and there is "@" and ".""." These 2 non Chinese characters say that it’s not culture, it does have a lot more Chinese than "[email protected]". read more

t’s easy to make money with more classified information local websites

main profit pattern of many classification information website now, basically have home recommend this one, that is if the user wants to release the information displayed on the front page of the site, you need to pay a fee (cash or virtual currency), the station I have such a project, the charge is 20 yuan / week.

some time ago when running the business, a customer said to me, now there are many computer ah, if I do advertising on your website, see who will rarely? I such a hassle, to tell him our website traffic, also did not put the customer into charge the user (he has in the free release of information, I want him to do home pay recommendation). read more

How to use the brand to build their own industry station

industry website, it is said that popular, some people say that not popular, do not do, or look at the webmaster themselves, do not blindly follow the trend, otherwise, this site is not doing long!


to establish an industry website, it is best to himself in this environment, using available resources, and familiarity with these resources together, we can create one of their own industry website. These resources are likely to be on the line does not have, we want is to explore these at present in the Internet this big world can not search, we need is the original! read more

How to make web sites gain lasting attention

every webmaster wants his website to get more and longer attention, so how do you get the website to gain lasting attention? Personal views are as follows:

1. creates value

website is rich in content, the quality of the article is high, and can bring good user experience to the Internet users. It’s a web site that pays attention and has high customer loyalty, and it’s the most valuable and hard to do website. To ensure that the quality of the article, but also to ensure that the amount of sufficient, that station owners need to spend a lot of energy. Also to stationmaster oneself level is a test. For example, you built a PS station, and the PS itself is not familiar with, how was it possible to do a high quality PS station? I think, do website should work hard in this direction, build their own interest, but also meaningful website, this station, in order to promote you take pains to maintenance, promotion, operation, in building operations, you will continue to try and improve, because learning has achieved great improvement and maturity. Such a station will inevitably be won because of high quality, and slowly for the needs of recognition, access to a good reputation, word of mouth, so as to obtain lasting, more attention. At the same time, such a station, just appropriate optimization, keyword ranking will be able to achieve good results. You can also get a lot of traffic from the search engine, and these new visitors will be returned because of the value of the site itself, so creating website value is the best way to get public attention read more

Lack of 60 seconds or 1 words can also be a thousand dollars worth of knowledge

this year, content realized commercial game intensified. Since the early days of bringing traffic through content, simple advertising, selling, and asking for rewards have now begun to try to directly make content into paid content.

is now free for "a" and known "values between these two products, and can through this money but can be very intuitive though vulgar people move data to reflect the quality of topics and issues. So, for the answer to a question often just a few seconds or a few words, can let the owners to get thousands of silver, a fast and direct way of cashing in content so was born. read more

Empathy site profit and user experience two correct

webmaster do stand in the process, often in the implementation process of continuous controlled by the new problem of vast amounts of information and the original site established ideas could happen again and again shake and change, or is blind is behind closed doors on the new problem and should be done to change, these two attitudes are not very whether it is desirable, or frequent change and not blindly adhere to the time, are too casual and reckless stand attitude, a direct result of the consequences is to ignore the interests of users and website experience, may eventually lead to the user because it is difficult to bear too much change or too old and choose to leave the site be inopportune or inappropriate. As for the development of the website, the consequences of only one, that is beyond their peers are gradually decline. read more

How to be a leader in a flood movie station

I made the movie station from the beginning of last year to do a thousand IP, sell, engage in a year it sold 3 stations, income less than 3000 yuan, January 2009, decided to do, no longer sell, now 3 months as a whole, traffic has now up, close to 10000IP every day, there are also more than 2000 income this month, following a small movie station told me how to do it,

I do a template, completely different from the other, some people say that Marx is not a friendly Baidu film program, this program I use, and is the 1 edition; (experience: first do not use flooding template) read more