5 consecutive years the number of Chinese start ups doubled growth

a number of surveys show that China has begun to enter the entrepreneurial force burst. At present, the growth rate of China’s start-up companies make the world marvel, countries have to follow the example of China’s various initiatives to ease the current downturn in the economy with a business downturn.

China although the economy is still facing greater downward pressure, but in the "promote public entrepreneurship, innovation" policy, the emerging start-ups and let people see the new power of economic development is booming. read more

Parking fees need to be paid for in Zhengzhou

The number of

cars has been increasing year by year, but the land area is limited, especially in the vast urban areas, parking spaces have already been in short supply. In the growing popularity of the car at the moment, parking difficult problem plagued many private car owners. Some people aim at the public resources surrounding colleges and Universities: neither charge parking fees, safety factor is relatively high. However, Zhengzhou is faced with such a high efficiency of the situation, but also to take measures to limit the cost of foreign vehicles. read more

Select the water pot steam stone pot fish next to a wealth overlord is you


the invention of the steam engine marks the world’s first industrial revolution, today Xiaobian not want to introduce what history, but to borrow the "steam" recommend a delicacy to everybody, it is steam stone fish.

according to the latest survey data show that the steam stone fish market is mainly composed of 20-40 year old young occupation, especially the backbone of society at the age of 30-39, this part of people pay attention to taste focus on health, the steam stone fish’s highest recognition, stone fish consumers accounted for 52%, while the age of 20-29 young people, belonging to the early adopters population, accounted for 28%, while 20 students under the age group accounted for only 4%, 40 years of age or older accounted for only 16%, because the water pond? Steam stone fish hit the health of the brand is to become an independent school, said water pond? Steam stone fish market still has very large space to rise. The student community, water pond? Steam stone fish is a delicacy nutrition, can improve immunity, and for the elderly, the pond water vapor? Stone fish health effects is beyond doubt. read more

How to choose investment projects in education and training franchise

education industry now after years of development has become one of the most interesting entrepreneurs in the industry, but now join the market Longshehunza, lack of necessary management measures, as inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to choose a good project a formal and promising? To ensure that their investment in education and training is the franchise to make money in the market, so entrepreneurs in the face of education and training industry uneven join project, choose investment projects worth, choose to invest in the market will be able to make a good project business, so, your shop profit will be easy! So in the education and training franchise, the industry in the project is worth investing in? Next, we will talk about this issue in detail!

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What are the factors that affect the popularity of cosmetics store

there are a lot of people have seen the beauty market opportunities at the same time, the cosmetics store has become one of the many people entrepreneurial way, is the most valued store popularity, only store popularity is good, and the store business volume will naturally increase.

1, store environment and atmosphere to create

many store employees to store in Business Hours without lights, no air conditioning to promote as merit, so many people feel a bit unbelievable, in fact, full lighting and the business premises of the indoor temperature is a basic index (that is GSP in storage conditions of general merchandise also requires the indoor temperature at 0 – 30 DEG C). This directly affects the transaction opportunity. read more

What are the notes of children photography

wants to successfully open a children photography shop, and whether a shop management work how to do, how to be able to receive more orders, these aside, for any business, we only let the children really love this kind of photography, the business of the shop will be getting better and better. This requires the children’s photography shop operators in children photography need to pay more attention to the problem. So, what are the notes of children photography? Let Xiaobian for everyone a simple analysis. read more