Rare Bob Dylan Interview From 1962 Comes To Life In New Animation

first_imgThe beloved PBS series Blank on Blank does incredible work reviving old interviews, bringing them to life with fresh animation that captures the spirit of these classic conversations. We recently shared a video in the series spotlighting Frank Zappa and his disdain for “fads,”, but today it’s the freewheelin’ Bob Dylan who gets the animation treatment.The new Blank on Blank episode captures an interview with Bob Dylan conducted in 1962 by Cynthia Gooding, focusing on the singer/songwriter at the brink of his incredible career. Dylan had signed a contract with Columbia Records and was working on his first release at the time, and even played a few songs during the interview session.The animation itself focuses on the spoken part of the hourlong segment, where Dylan reflects on his own songwriting and looks ahead at what he believes will be an unsuccessful career. “I‘m never going to become rich and famous,” he says. Watch the Blank on Blank webisode below.For more from this conversation with a 20-year-old Dylan, head here.last_img

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