Finding Old Sportscasters

first_imgDick Enberg, who spent many years covering national sports for many of our nation’s top networks, is now doing about 130-135 baseball games each year for the San Diego Padres.  Enberg, who has lived in San Diego since 1983, said it was a good fit for him.  Even though he turned 80 this past year, the short distance he has to travel for all home games makes it an easy task for the veteran sportscaster.Tim McCarver, who did 24 World Series broadcasts in his long and distinguished career is doing about 40 St. Louis Cardinal baseball broadcasts this year.  I wondered why he appeared in a recent Cincinnati broadcast from St. Louis.  This would explain why he came into the Reds booth as he was already doing the game for the Cardinals.  Even though McCarver does not live in St. Louis, he has many connections with the Cardinal organization.  Also, McCarver grew up in Memphis so I am sure as a younger person he listened to the Cardinals.last_img

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