Football Vacations

first_imgDo you want to go to Australia?  If you are an alumnus from the University of California or the University of Hawaii or just a fan of these schools, you have the perfect opportunity.  They will be opening their 2016 seasons by playing in Sydney, Australia.  There is good and bad in this as far as I am concerned.The good is that it introduces American college football to other parts of the world.  They will be guaranteed a large audience, so this should bring a few dollars in to pay expenses.  Of course, there is a bad part to the whole situation. I can guess what a trip for two to Australia would cost for a fan, but I can’t even imagine what it is going to cost these two teams to make that trip!  How is the bill going to be paid?You know that the Cincinnati Bengals will be playing the Washington Redskins in London this year. These games have proven a boon for pro football because the crowds are enormous.  Europe wants to see American pro-football as well as Futbol (soccer).  The pro franchises are equipped to cover these expenses so it is seldom a hardship on the pro teams that go over to England.  I just think it is extravagant to take college teams that far.last_img

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