May 25, Dan Uetrecht

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We finished planting around May 12. We have just had exceptional weather. It has almost been a picture perfect planting year. For the first time I can remember, we started planting and we didn’t stop one day until we were finished. We usually have to stop because we get rained out or we get a wetter farm and we have to wait for it to dry out. Everything just went well this year. In the last couple of years we’ve had big rains and we had to replant, but this year everything looks really good. Everything is growing fast. Cutworms and other early problems thrive on the cooler, wetter conditions and we just haven’t had that. The rains have been enough to keep up but it is a concern that the rains have been so scattered. You may see it rain two inches and 10 miles away it is two tenths. We started sidedressing last Wednesday and yesterday we sprayed the wheat with fungicide. The wheat is looking really good and it keeps getting better. It thrives in this dry weather. We started post- spraying beans and touching up some corn. I think the preemerge won’t work quite as well this year because it has been so dry. Wheat is the only crop I continue to use a fungicide on. Wheat is such a quality issue that we try to protect it as much as we can. We just automatically spray our wheat with fungicide because most of it goes to a miller and they need high quality and high test-weight. If you don’t have high quality wheat you can hardly give it away. We just started baling hay. We kept waiting to mow the hay because there was rain in the forecast. We finally got a window and we started baling our hay yesterday and should finish today. I would call it an average first cutting. There wasn’t an overabundance of moisture but it was good and it won’t get rained on. I think we are in really good shape. If we can get some timely rains I think it will set up for a nice year.last_img

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