Cold Rainy Weekend in Store for Morocco Snow to Fall in

Rabat – The National Meteorological Directorate (DMN) forecasts cold, cloudy weather and rain showers on Saturday, January 19.Tangier, Saiss, Doukkala, Loukkos, Rhamna, Abda, Tadla, the Middle Atlas, north of Safi, the Mediterranean, north of the Oriental, the Phosphates Plateaus, and the Rif region will experience cloudy skies and rain today.Snow will coat the peaks of the Middle Atlas mountains. Temperatures will continue to drop in the southeastern areas, the reliefs, the Oriental, and the interior regions of the country. Read Also: Cold, Foggy Weather Settles in Morocco on WeekendModerate to strong winds will sweep the southern provinces.The low temperatures are between -5 and 0 degrees Celsius in the reliefs; 0 and 5 degrees Celsius in the the Phosphates Plateaus, the Southeast, and the Oriental; 5 and 11 degrees Celsius in the northern and central regions; and 7 and 12 degrees Celsius in Souss and the southern provinces.The high temperatures range between 2 and 9 degrees Celsius in the reliefs; 7 and 12 degrees Celsius in Saiss, the Oriental, and the Phosphates Plateaus; 12 and 18 degrees Celsius in the northern, central, and southeastern regions; and 19 and 24 degrees Celsius in the southern provinces.

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