Burberry pledges to end use of fur burning unsold products

Luxury fashion brand Burberry says it will stop burning unsold goods and will no longer use real fur in its products.The move comes after heavy criticism from environmental and animal activists.The practice of destroying unsold products will end effective immediately.“This commitment builds on the goals that we set last year as part of our five-year responsibility agenda,” the company said in a statement.“We already reuse, repair, donate or recycle unsaleable products and we will continue to expand these efforts.”The British designer came under fire this summer after it was revealed it had burned almost $50 million worth of unsold clothing and beauty products.It’s a practice that’s not uncommon in the fashion industry to prevent goods from being sold cheaply.Burberry also confirmed it would no longer be using real fur and will phase out existing products containing real fur.The company said it in recent years, it has limited the use of fur to rabbit, fox, mink and Asiatic racoon.Going forward those and Angora fur will be banned.

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