Cold bears down on province

(Updated)A cold blast of blustery air has descended on our region — sending the temperature down by almost ten degrees since Monday afternoon.It’s expected to feel like minus 17 in some areas overnight. And when you add to that the 5 centimetres of snow that fell today — it feels like we’re already in the thick of winter.The temperature has really dropped in the last few hours and it’s quite windy. And its that wind chill that’s making if feel so darn cold.People bundled up and braced themselves against the wind and cold tonight after the mercury dropped several degrees in a few hours. As the wet snow turned to ice, the roads became slick.“Just as I pulled in the parking lot here I almost slid around the corner. I almost forgot about it. Just gotta’ take it easy, slow down and relax”But it was speed up for those out walking in the cold. Below seasonal temperatures and an early blast of snow left many people unprepared.“I hate it cause I don’t like driving in the snow.”“Wasn’t prepared at all.”“This morning, I didn’t bother looking out the window, so when I came outside I wore the wrong shoes, so I was in wet feet all day.”“Here you go, Harold”The Salvation Army was out on this cold night handing out hot soup and coffee to those in need.About 5 cm of snow fell Monday in the region and flurries are in forecast all week. Last year, the city of Hamilton used 140 thousand tonnes of salt on area roads and sidewalks. This year they’ve already started salting and sanding.Mike Christian, Hamilton Roads Superintendent: “Right now we have maintained the main routes the secondary routes and we are working through the subdivisions right now, as well as we have hand crews out. So basically, an all hands on deck situation. We have the bus stop crews out, the sidewalk crews out, and the street corners we are going to clear that up to make sure everyone can access our sidewalks.”Daytime highs are also predicted to be below average. But it’s supposed to warm up next week.

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