Norway win Scandi derby for the EURO final

← Previous Story Guerreras upset defending champions Next Story → Norwegian No. 1 Silje Solberg: Spanish shooters and fast-breaks… Norge girls had much easier job in Budapest’s semi-final than their rival in the Sunday’s final – Spain. Team led by Thorir Hergeirsson beat Sweden 29:25 (13:11) and showed once again who are the older brother in Scandinavian derby. From the very beginning, vice-champions from EURO 2012 in Serbia, held upper hand and with Loke – Riegelhuth – Mork trio made a big distance – 9:3, after 15 minutes of the match.STATISTICSOnly three goals have turned on alarm on the Swedish bench. Gullden and Torstenson were not in such a good mood as in some previous matches, but with series of goals by Hagman, Sand and Co, “three crowns” came to 10:9 only four minutes before the break…Swedish girls were on the edge to level result several times until 41st minute, but the Olympic champions from London, managed to put pressure off with series 4:0 – 22:17. After this “black hole” in the performance of the Swedish team, winners became much more obvious.Gullden netted four goals in the rest of the match (9 in total), but that wasn’t enough to make some serious trouble to winning squad. Finish was only question of routine, and Norge girls are the queens of routine in European handball.However, Sweden will have a big chance to take a medal, the first one since EURO 2010, when they won silver in Norway.

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