On this night in 1995 you were listening to The Outhere Brothers

first_imgYOU KNOW THOSE childhood memories that are ruined by something you find out as an adult?Prepare yourself.Back in 1995, Wiggle Wiggle by The Outhere Brothers reached number one in Ireland for one week in mid-March. Heck, it topped the charts in a lot of other countries too.The video we saw in Ireland (and the UK) was a cute, kitsch, retro cartoon, while the song itself was fairly harmless – and kids loved it.It turns out that the original version of this track was far, far more naughty than we could have imagined – and even though a slightly sanitised version was released in Europe, they got a more risque (hello, sexism) (NSFW) video too.But tonight, we’ll remember the innocent Outhere Brothers as we once knew them:(UniDisc Music/YouTube)The Outhere Brothers – protective of their parts. Pic: Simon Meaker/EMPICS Entertainment On this night in 1993 you were listening to… Shaggy>On this night in 1995 you were listening to… Ini Kamoze>last_img

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