Microwave gun treatment will stop you from sweating for up to a

first_imgSweat is the gross by-product of spending an otherwise nice day in the sunshine. No one enjoys the embarrassment of having sweat puddles underneath their armpits, or the accompanying odor. That might all change soon because Miramar Labs Inc. has created miraDry, a long-term solution to an embarrassing problem.miraDry is a non-invasive procedure that requires nothing more than local anesthesia. It’s essentially a small gun that uses microwave energy to destroy your sweat glands. Firstly, it uses a suction system to bring the glands closer towards the surface, the skin is then cooled so it’s protected while the microwaves, and then the glands are destroyed, never to return. It’s designed for use in your armpits, the most common problem area for people.It’s a safe (allegedly), easy way to stop you from sweating under your arms. It also destroys the hair follicles — a bonus for women — and it gets rid of any odor too. There are other ways to treat sweating under the arms but they involve surgery, miraDry is a no-risk solution and, on average, 82% of the sweating stops completely.Sweat is vital to cool our bodies down but as your underarms only contain around 2% of your total sweat glands, it’s completely safe to get rid of them.Sadly, it doesn’t last forever, the treatment lasts up to a year. That’s a long time, but the procedure requires two sessions and will set you back $3000.It might not be necessary for the average person to have this treatment but it may come as a big relief for some.More at WSJ via Gizmodolast_img

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