Interview Video Game High School cocreator Freddie Wong

first_imgIf you’ve never seen the web series Video Game High School, you’re missing out. VGHS is the result of an impressive Kickstarter project that resulted in a fun webseries that has now grown up into a TV style show about kids who go to a school that teaches all of their students to be professional gamers and game creators.What makes the show unique is the transition from the real world to the video game world. As the main characters sit down to their video game of choice, the viewer is transported with the character into the game, where they are now acting out whatever they are playing. It’s a fun way to add a dose of action to the series, and in this new season the creators have decided to do a better job visually separating the real world and the game world using a unique mixed frame rate solution.We spent some time with VGHS co-creator Freddie Wong to discuss this further.If your television or monitor supports it, you may notice that the game world looks a little different. The motion of the characters, the way the world blends from scene to scene, and a few other visual artifacts. Video game world in VGHS looks different now because it is being presented in 48FPS.Much in the same way the actual video games prize higher frame rates, Video Game High School uses High Frame Rate (HFR) recording to make the game world look more surreal. This was accomplished with a combination of Red Epic and Scarlett cameras and a lot of trial and error, according to co-creator Freddie Wong. The game world is also where you’ll see most of the special effects in the show, particularly when someone is shot during the FPS battle that happens in every episode.Season 2 of VGHS has just started, and will air for free online through 6 half hour episodes. The episodes are now completely formatted as though they were made for traditional television, right down to the catchy theme song with brief character flyovers at the beginning of each episode.last_img

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