Googles new Helpouts let you make money while you Hangout

first_imgHaving a video chat with five or six friends is pretty cool, but earning money from a Google Hangout? That’s awesome, and now you can do it with Helpouts.Helpouts is yet another way for Google to provide web users that are in need of help with assistance — because, yes, there are times when watching a YouTube video or seven and scrolling through pages of search results just doesn’t yield the solution to your problems.Helpouts lets anyone (for now, anyone with an invite code) set up shop online. Payments are made using Google Wallet, and Google will take a 20% cut.There are, of course, restrictions on the types of services you can provide. Things like private cooking lessons, language coaching, and bike repair? All fine. Private sex shows and one-on-one gambling? Not so much.“Dangerous” content is also not allowed, so you probably can’t use Helpouts to teach people how to construct a full-size tiger pit in their backyard, either.Clues about the arrival of Helpouts first surfaced last month, and it looks like Google has big plans for the service. Helpouts aren’t just about letting people like you or me walk someone through upgrading the RAM on their laptop. Google has corporate aspirations as well.Big companies that want a new way to reach out to customers may want to get in on the action, too. Leaked screenshots revealed a slew of Helpouts connected to a Sears Blue Crew account that helps shoppers get acquainted with their new appliances.Once it’s deemed ready for the general public, Helpouts will let users browse offerings by category or search for them — just like you would apps in Google Play or extensions in the Chrome Web Store.If you’re interested in getting an early look, just head on over to Helpouts and request an invite code.last_img

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