Sony is considering a PS3PS Vita bundle

first_imgIt looks like there could be a new PlayStation bundle on the way, which would include both the PS3 and the Vita. That’s the suggestion of Fergal Gara, the PlayStation UK managing director.When he was questioned in a recent interview with CVG on whether the PS3 and Vita will ever be bundled together, Gara said it wouldn’t be out of the question and that such a bundle could even happen this Christmas. He even went so far as to suggest the bundle could include games that feature cross-play as well as a PS Plus subscription, which of course would work on both your PS3 and Vita. Gara also said Sony wants to promote the partnership between PS3 and the Vita, but was unsure if creating a bundle would be the best way to do that.Personally, I believe it’s the perfect way to do that. Sony is aiming to make people realize the Vita is the perfect partner for your PS3 with cross-play, cross-buy, and now a shared PlayStation Plus subscription. However, a Vita/PS3 bundle would be expensive and would cost consumers at least $500. That’s a lot to spend on someone, even at Christmas, hence the reason why Gara is a bit unsure such a bundle would be the best idea.Sony will be up against a tough opponent in the form of the Wii U this Christmas, and it might be the last oppertunity the Vita gets to do well at its current price point. Sony is currently pushing the cross-play function more than ever to show the Vita can do just as much as the Wii U’s new gamepad. Will it win over consumers? We’ll find out as 2013 rolls around.via CVGlast_img

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