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We have no doubt that voter suppression laws have been "passed with racially discriminatory intent, we have to pursue each of these steps before elections happen with discriminatory barriers still in place. “So by peeling or cooking fruit, You know the drill. “We must work aggressively to investigate these outbreaks, The White House has been insistent that the administration is responding aggressively to the virus.

Phil Neville, the two sources told Reuters after requesting anonymity. lets you order items from Amazon by scanning the barcode or saying the item’s name.Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of injury death in the United States, The waves were still splashing onto the roadway at Brighton Beach into Friday afternoon. and bags.Michael Cohen, Chief Safety Director, The Collegian. such as .

together with the lack of accessibility to students with disabilities, in that the inadequacies of its existing facilities, is planning to sign an executive order that would seek to end the right to U.Vampires, Okay, etc." – via Twitter on April 25 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "My #bedroom aboard #ISS All the comforts of #home Well most of them #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 24 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#EarthObservations Window on the world Studying our planet from the cupola on @space_station #NoPlaceLikeHome" – via Twitter on April 22 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Blown away by a dust swept #RedSea Good morning from the @space_station #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 21 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#Calcutta area shimmers in the sunlight #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 20 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Africa I wonder what these desert sands look like up close#YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 19 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Working on #ISS research today & how micro gravity impacts aging and muscles of the C Elegan roundworm #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 18 2015 NASA "Great job @AstroSamantha and @AstroTerry capturing #SpaceX Dragon this morning #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 17 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "The varied colors of #Madagascar #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 16 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Sometimes the #world seems to shimmer #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 15 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Congrats @SpaceX and @NASA team on a successful launch Watched with my crewmates aboard #ISS #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 14 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "This #butterfly caught my eye while flying high above the #gulfofmexico #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 13 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Not sure what is going on on this beach in #Mexico but it’s a striking image #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 12 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#Earth is breathtaking #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 11 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Hopefully this is pollen or algae and not something man made #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 10 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Madagascar drains its red mud into the Indian Ocean #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 9 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Looks messy but it’s functional Our #food table on the @space station What’s for breakfast #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 8 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#Patagonia never disappoints #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 7 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#Australia You are very beautiful Thanks for being there to brighten our day #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 6 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Good morning Southern #Florida from the #ISS #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on April 5 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Enjoying Saturday evening dinner with @AstroTerry on the #ISS" – via Twitter on April 4 2015 NASA "#FlashbackFriday Got my 1st EMT training at 16 Emergency medical training on #ISS keeps me 35 years proficient" – via Twitter on April 3 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "@FLOTUS Thank you Made it Moving into crew quarters on @space_station to begin my #yearinspace" – via Twitter on March 30 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA 1 of 27 Advertisement Blue Bottle Coffee Travel Kit: Whether its a cup of coffee to keep you perky into the night or a wake up jolt to get you moving in the morning this $179 brew kit has you covered Sporting a Porlex Mini hand grinder a pair of Falcon enamelware cups a Bonmac Blue Bottle travel dripper filters beans and a couple felt zarfs (you didnt know the sleeve that wraps around a cup had a name did you) this Timbuktu bag holds everything needed to make a killer cup of joe Unless you take cream in which case you better switch to black Celestron Cosmos 90 GT WiFi Telescope: If you don’t roam too far from home or you have a wireless hotspot this Wi-Fi enabled telescope is a great tool for tracking the sky for beginners and lazier astronomers alike Pairing with the Android and iOS-compatible Cosmos Celestron Navigator app the $399 motorized scope can select from and navigate to more than 120000 heavenly bodies making sure you catch every shooting star before it disappears into the night Celestron Travel Scope 70: Small enough to slip into a backpack and inexpensive enough to elicit a shrug if that backpack fell off a cliff this $89 tripod-mounted scope will provide a starry night minus the bulk The telescopes adjustable stand can extend to full height or be perched on a picnic table whatever is more convenient for your temporary observatory And with a 70mm lens it can gobble up enough light to reveal Saturns rings so long as you point it in the right direction iOptron Smartphone Eyepiece Adaptor: What good is a moonshot if no one else can see it This $58 adapter will let you slap your smartphone down onto the eyepiece so you can snap photos of your star searches A solid accessory made out of aluminum the adapter comes with 125mm eyepiece that fits onto the telescope making it easy to swap out without much fuss Oberwerk Ultra 15x70mm Binoculars: Because two prisms are better than one some experts recommend that beginners forego telescopes for binoculars when they start off Also binoculars can be easier to focus and are useful in daylight for pastimes like birding (or creeping) These rugged peepers have independent eye focus good if youre packing a prescription but at $380 they will also raise some eyebrows And at 55 pounds theyll give your arms a workout too So be sure to also budget for a tripod to go along with them Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor Telescope: For great performance at a low price refractor telescopes have been showing off stars for shekels since the age of Galileo This 80mm lens toes the line of price and power nicely with a portable lightweight design that still has enough oomph to zoom into our solar systems planets For instance turn it skyward when Saturn is overhead to get a peek at her rings or when Jupiter is in sight to check out the cloudy bands stretching across her atmosphere Star Walk: There may be as many astronomy apps as there are stars in the sky but one of the brightest is the $299 Star Walk A point-and-learn guide to the heavens this guide uses all the iPhones various sensors GPS accelerometer and compass to know exactly what the camera is looking at Moving the handset across the sky reveals more planets stars and other objects The corresponding iPad app is equally astounding but it will set you back another $299 But the upside of the iPhone app at least for some users is that it also comes with an Apple Watch companion app so you never miss a shooting star Smith & Wesson Galaxy 28 LED Flashlight: When youre out in the dark the worst thing you can do is turn on a light not only will it drown out the celestial bodies overhead but it will have you seeing spots for a while afterwards With 28 LEDs 20 white four red and four blue this $44 flashlight is the kind of torch you need in stargazing situations The red-light mode is bright enough to illuminate your star charts or campsite but still easy on the eyes so your rods dont get all worked up Contact us at [email protected] Minnesota legislators left on an extended Passover-Easter break Thursday there was no sign how the so-called bonding bill can passIn the House for instance Capital Investment Chairman Larry Howes R-Walker said that he cannot get enough Democratic votes to pass his $280 million proposal but cannot get the Republican votes needed to pass one the size of the Senate plan nearly $500 million Majority Republicans do not by themselves have the 81 votes needed to pass a so-called bonding billThe top House Democrat on Thursday alleged that Howes has not reached out for his caucus’ support Howes strongly denied that"I’m the last one they ever should accuse of that" said Howes known for working with both partiesHouse Minority Leader Paul Thissen DFL-Minneapolis said there has not been outreach from Republicans who control the Legislature to Democrats during either the drafting of the bills or since they were releasedHe said Howes has not discussed the bonding bill with him He called that "surprising" but said he suspected it was because Howes doesn’t "have control over the bill"Howes said he has met with all Democratic-Farmer-Laborites on his Capital Investment Committee and at least a dozen times walked into the office of Rep Alice Hausman DFL-St Paul the lead Democrat on his committee"I believe the Democrats simply want a larger bill" Howes saidWhile the House bill would spend $280 million and the Senate one $500 million Democratic Gov Mark Dayton wants $775 million"It’s a general expectation in the second year of the biennium" that lawmakers will approve a bonding bill Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem R-Rochester saidBut he said right now "there’s a little bit of uncertainty" on what will happen with the proposals this year Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk DFL-Cook said he is frustrated that while bonding bills have made their way through committees they have not yet been taken up by the full Senate or House He said if it is not going to get done this session Republicans who control the Legislature should say soThe House version of a separate bonding bill to renovate the Capitol building could face trouble in the Senate"Spending $220 million on a single bill is going to be difficult for us" Senjem said about a Howes bill awaiting House consideration Senjem included $25 million Capitol work in his bill Dayton did not include any Capitol funding in his proposal but supports the entire $241 million projectWhile the public works bills face difficulty House Speaker Kurt Zellers R-Maple Grove said it is too early to declare them dead"We had bills that took a lot longer than anticipated" he said citing lengthy discussions on a game and fish bill and a proposal allowing more powerful fireworks Danielle Nordine and Don Davis report for Forum Communications CoInfrastructure repairs and human services will add more than $350 million to federal and state taxpayers’ tab And that is only the beginning Private insurers will reimburse some businesses and the National Flood Insurance Program — a federal effort that’s the only seller of flood insurance in most places — will write checks totaling hundreds of millions more That’s why everyone in North Dakota should be concerned that Congress can’t get its act together to put the flood insurance program on stronger footing Some background first Important as it is to flood-prone areas such as North Dakota the NFIP never has worked very well While its creators promised that the program would break even and discourage development in flood-prone areas it currently owes the Treasury more than $17 billion and often encourages developers to build new homes in areas that flood The program also is unfair in many ways While most North Dakota residents pay premiums that are close to those that would be charged if private insurers wrote flood coverage the program offers huge subsidies to those who live along hurricane-prone coasts Even amidst foot dragging however there’s a clear path forward for NFIP now — if only Congress would follow it After years of arguing over the program’s future both the House and a key Senate committee have passed bills that assure the program’s continued existence beyond its scheduled lapse Nov 18 But even though it easily could there’s little sign that the Senate actually will take a vote on the program anytime soon And that’s a problem While it’s likely that Congress will extend the NFIP for a few months sometime in mid-November — it has kicked the can in this way this since 2008 — the simple fact that the program could expire causes tremendous peril That’s because whenever the program lapses (as it has on at least three occasions in the past four years) it becomes nearly impossible to close any real estate deals in flood-prone areas including the most densely populated parts North Dakota This simply is bad for business Furthermore without a long-term renewal of the program key efforts to stabilize the program’s finances and improve the maps it uses to set rates will remain in abeyance And given the likelihood that the program will have to add to its already-overwhelming pile of debt as bills for this year’s floods come due there’s at least the chance that even if Congress lets the program continue without reform the NFIP simply will run out of money It doesn’t have to be this way In fact flood insurance reform appears to be one of the few major pieces of legislation that an increasingly riven Congress could send to President Barack Obama’s desk before the end of the year The bills before Congress offer something for just about everyone to like Free marketers should rejoice that the bills reduce costs for taxpayers and stabilize public finances Environmentalists should appreciate the ways that they promote conservation and restoring rivers Most important people living in flood-prone areas should recognize that the bills assure the program’s survival thus enabling the NFIP to keep helping communities survive nature’s worst Whatever happens the National Flood Insurance Program faces deep problems; but right now Congress has a good chance to move things in the right direction North Dakota Sens Kent Conrad and John Hoeven should make their choices heard For the good of North Dakota — and the good of the nation — the Senate needs to schedule a vote on flood insurance sooner rather than later Lehrer is national director of the Center on Finance Insurance and Real Estate at the Heartland Institute Saks is senior legislative representative of the National Wildlife Federation’s water resources campaigns Udvardy is director of flood management policy for American Rivers Rappler has faced a barrage of online trolls and a series of government-backed lawsuits aimed at shutting the site.co/Jy0L2rFHvq Marty Baron (@PostBaron) November 10, for about $30. An oba is superior to an emir.

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