Electronic Commerce reject vicious competition

the current situation of the development of today’s enterprise is not as optimistic, performance of these elements, neither enterprise nor the deficit Fuying, enterprises of vital importance for a frontal attack, but the enterprise’s reputation and image, always making trouble to slander, slander, the formation of "three tiger" situation, to beat the malignant behavior. Popularly known as vicious competition. This is one of the victims of the enterprise is one of the most disgusting, the most headache, the most disgusting thing.

The fact that

vicious competition has existed for a long time, the reporter through the observation, probably summed up the cause of these facts have their commonality: one is the competition in the same industry; two is the basic tendency of blood not seen through the Internet to discredit the negative campaign; three in basic for a particular brand malicious speculation, and hidden in the implementation of four; the result is a lose lose, no one because of the competition victory and gain more market share.

in order to further explain the vicious competition on the adverse effects of the enterprise, the reporter with a number of recent news cases to explore.

2009, unfair competition QQ Pinyin input method Sogou two Sohu’s charges provided by the Tencent Inc, Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. and Tencent to provide QQ Pinyin input method download service of Beijing aolande Mdt InfoTech Ltd to court, claims 20 million yuan. In April 16th this year, the original defendant once again entered the Beijing second intermediate people’s court, to participate in the trial of the case of the second.

April 19th, confirmed from Alibaba, its fast selling pass 16, 17 consecutive attacks by hackers. But then Ali said in a statement: hacking industry does not exclude the malicious competition, fortunately did not cause substantial losses, customer data is not affected, no leakage and theft, aliexpress platform officially launched and enter the United States according to the original plan".

April 20th, Shanghai Juli spread Technology Co. Ltd. (PPLive) filed a lawsuit to the Shanghai first intermediate people’s court, said the rival Shanghai Public Source Network Limited (PPS) forced to delete the software during the upgrade process, alleged unfair competition claims 5 million yuan.

from the above several Internet related cases, reporters can be informed of any competitor, in the end the existence of the business side, are taken into account to the other party by means of plagiarism or blocked in the familiar field makes the victim suffered property damage at the technical level, thereby affecting the user resources that is not a small blow to the economy. This has prompted the existence of competition, however, the existence of strong and weak enterprises, there are also their own interests protection measures. When the equality can not achieve the desired effect, we have to take advantage of the opponent’s own, regardless of the price or the technical level, is to minimize the actual utility and strive for the maximization of market value. Over time, vicious competition appeared.

of course, when the evidence is unclear

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