Dangdang com wind promotion of infant formula repeated punishment is too light

full of "infinite love" dangdang.com baby home on the line, but in the promotion of crime against the wind. Reporters yesterday in the Dangdang page to see, its Wyeth, Nestle and other brands of milk powder in the 1 paragraph are doing promotional activities. As early as in 1995, the relevant state ministries and commissions banned the promotion 1 infant milk powder (0-6 months infant milk powder), but it is worth mentioning that in November 2nd, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office in the country of the Ministry of health of the "milk substitute management measures" to solicit opinions, the new regulations proposed more stringent regulations on 1 infants milk sales.

25 kinds of milk powder sales promotion


dangdang.com baby home on the line after a week, continue to celebrate the promotion still. Yesterday, in search of dangdang.com column enter "1", maternal and child supplies can be found there are 68, of which 1 section contains 25 kinds of infant milk powder. Some of the goods were in direct sale, dangdang.com "buy more and more concessions", "anniversary sale" and other activities, all 1 milk have participated in dangdang.com "anniversary activities full of gifts of mobile phone". Many of these commodities in the mainstream brands Nestle, Abbott, Ashley and other Chinese on the market.

the price hikes of gold crown jewels gold 1 Yu Baole infant formula goat milk powder. This 900 grams of 0-6 month milk, dangdang.com is priced at 278 yuan, but the sales price is 199 yuan, directly reduce 79 yuan; 900 grams of Ashley a (Alfa) gold infant formula 1 from 206 yuan dangdang.com price, fell to 189 yuan; the same weight Nestle super see paragraph 1 of milk from 280 yuan dangdang.com price dropped to 261.9 yuan. At the same time, the above 1 sections of milk powder to participate in the activities to buy gifts.

countries prohibit the promotion of 1 milk powder

in fact, as early as June 1995, the state banned producers, sellers of 1 infant milk powder sales promotion. In 2 days this month, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office in the official website of the Ministry of health on "breast milk substitutes management approach (Draft)".

current "milk substitute management measures", to prohibit the June age within the formula, formula food, beverage and baby bottles, pacifiers and other milk substitutes for promotion.

this, the Municipal Commission of Commerce official said that the current online sales of milk powder has no corresponding legal provisions to regulate, can only refer to shopping malls, supermarkets, illegal promotion. According to the Municipal Commission of Commerce will only take discouraging promotional behavior temporary management measures.

it is worth noting that, in the Ministry of Health issued the latest draft, the provisions of the promotion of infant milk powder 1 become more stringent. All the sale, gift products, gifts, samples, as well as product display, integral feedback, product promotional materials, etc..

for infant milk powder operation, the relevant person in charge of the main compararive baby baby product introduction >

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