618 Juhuasuan brand group millet data has sold 10 points of 30 million

news June 18th, data from the statistical agencies to strike data show that as of 10 o’clock this morning, in the 618 Juhuasuan brand group all category sales overall ranking TOP10 businesses, millet to more than 30 million yuan in sales ranked first.


strike real-time data

Lin wood furniture sales of approximately 16 million 600 thousand yuan, ranked ranked second in all categories of brand group; Vero Moda ranked third with sales of 12 million yuan, about 11 million yuan in fourth to only.

brand sales of other brands of TOP10 group all category ranking, including Ningmei Guo, cool, all friends, FOTILE, Haier, Home Furnishing PurCotton at 10 o’clock in the morning, total sales in more than 5 million yuan.

in the stock number, the above brand is the most kind of millet, more than 600 thousand only, about 446 thousand; in the s SPU number, Vero Moda and only is the most, each of the 296, cool God is the least, only 9.

billion state power network learned in the Juhuasuan "millet: born to have a fever in the activities, millet has a total of 3 stores to participate in this activity, were flourishing Lingda store, millet millet and millet stores as the official flagship store. The number 36 millet SPU, sales of 40011.

in addition, it is worth noting that the sales of fourth Vero Moda and the of all belong to the Holland fashion clothing company Bestseller group only.

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