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Xu Aliu – China micro business first person

just one year, with only a mask, from small to micro business to become the country’s top leader, after a day of hard work, in the network, WeChat created a "mask legend", realized several hundred million a year income, by the industry as the most classic micro marketing case…… Xu Aliu, who was born in the countryside, a way for the enterprise CEO, Chinese micro business first topped the women, she used the trajectory of life and the life span, that is full of infinite possibilities.

Xu Aliu was born on 1986 in Shenyang rural areas, parents are ordinary farmers, childhood to help parents farming, harvesting, cattle. Because the family was poor, she left school at 15, after graduating from high school did not go out to work, worked as a waiter, craftsmen, salesman, after personal efforts to realize the dream of studying in Singapore, is the highest institution of National University of Singapore admitted. After returning home, took part in the sea, widely involved in beauty, entertainment, real estate, electricity and other fields, eventually becoming the Beijing World Trade Co., Ltd. Liu De Beijing, Beijing dazzling color fashion studio Pandora Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Beijing lotus health museum will Jing CEO chairman of numerous organizations.



Chinese Name: Xu Aliu

date of birth: May 1986 28

International: China

nation: Manchu

Constellation: Taurus

language: Mandarin, English

hobbies: Dezhou poker

Graduate School: National University of Singapore

birthplace: Shenyang, Liaoning

main achievements:


World Trade Co., Ltd.

Beijing dazzling color fashion studio chairman

Pandora Agel Ecommerce Ltd CEO

Beijing lotus health club chairman


2007, as Beijing dazzling color fashion studio chairman

2008, Ziling served as chairman of Agel Ecommerce Ltd

2009, served as chairman of Pandora Agel Ecommerce Ltd

2010, served as Beijing coco bar shareholders so far

2011, served as chairman of the Beijing lotus health hall has been

2012, served as E bar shareholders so far

2012, the formation of micro business team, with a mask, creating a few hundred years of revenue

2013, Berkey Home >

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