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[Abstract] the new tax policy on cross-border electricity supplier of imported before the date of the hot, in addition to speculation it will bring what changes, living in this industry are more game player is thinking about how to make timely correct channel selection.

learned billion state power network, under the new situation, the bonded mode and the mode of direct mail will be used in cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive tax, but the original post tax still exists, which appeared in the dual system of taxation. The same kind of goods will have three different ways of declaration: personal goods cross-border electricity supplier general trade. Which way is the best customs clearance can not be generalized, and according to the cost of goods, time and consideration.

is not difficult to imagine, the cross-border electronic business platform, the overall ability of solving a variety of channels to gather, is indeed a huge challenge to the cross-border electricity supplier logistics service providers, which will be a new round of reshuffle.

therefore, engaged in logistics industry for nearly 30 years after the 60, an old traveller Huitong CEO Sun Jianwei from the perspective of cross-border business practice point of view about the influence of the new deal brought to billion state power network, and puts forward some suggestions on how to adjust their business on the cross-border electronic business platform.


The following is

billion state power network for Sun Jianwei to share content arrangement:

recently, a cross-border electricity import tax rate hot issues have various interpretations, emerge in an endless stream online, but many of them are empty talk, even a lot of misleading. Today I will talk about this topic, some.

comprehensive test area of cross-border e-commerce is not a policy depression, but the institutional heights. The core of the experiment is the innovation of the supervision mode and the innovation of the development mode." Xinhua news agency, Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on January 6, 2016, this sentence is the most important conclusions of the various ministries on cross-border electricity supplier pilot debate. As the implementation of the regulatory authorities, the General Administration of Customs on April 8th to implement the document is to implement the State Council executive meeting of this resolution.

so, the customs will soon be introduced this document will have a cross-border import electricity supplier what kind of impact? Combined with the actual operation of the current business situation, I generally do the following aspects of thinking:

1, the message is true?

true! But because the tariff formulation is the Ministry of Finance (the main proponent of the policy of depression) the scope of duties, it is said that before April 8th, the Ministry of finance to release a cross-border electricity supplier tax regulations, after the General Administration of customs can be issued a formal implementation of the new regulatory management measures.

2, tax rate


bonded mode or direct mail mode, will adopt comprehensive tax levied in accordance with the new cross-border business, value-added tax, consumption tax levy thirty percent off, no deductible, not the $50 exemption. In other words, the vast majority of goods are in accordance with the 11.9% (VAT of thirty percent off of the 17%) >

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