Tiger Tesco store business model by the electricity supplier or peeling test


line for more than one year of tiger Tesco, has been "thunder and rain" shrouded in public opinion. However, the "daily economic news" reporter learned yesterday (November 29th), has been unknown to the public "Flying Tiger Tesco" at the end of the year will be a big action.

Since last August

tiger Tesco on-line, Li Wen (a pseudonym) has been its department products suppliers. Last week, Li Wen has received a notice sent to tiger Tesco in the purchasing department, the "Flying Tiger Tesco website in December 31st, department store shelves full of products, so that the supplier is ready to return."

for such news, Li Wen feel very shocked. Then the reporter and the tiger Tesco headquarters in Shenzhen made contact, but whether that will be "cut off" department store business, the other side also gave no reply as of press time.

according to Li Wen expression, its butt joint procurement told Li Wen that the company headquarters only notify the supplier purchasing ready to return, the specific reasons are not clear, but the tiger Tesco executives all held an emergency meeting at its headquarters in Shenzhen.

Analysys International (micro-blog) Business Analyst Chen Shousong pointed out that this "Flying Tiger Tesco now many kinds of such a platform, compared with the same type of business, the advantage is not obvious."

he said, "tiger Tesco now seems more like the copy" Jingdong (micro-blog) "mode. It is worth noting that the "Flying Tiger Tesco copy the business model, did not succeed." Moreover, the "stuffy low-key practice sound money, seems to be in the field of electronic business has become the biggest taboo, tiger Tesco promotion in the advertising and marketing is relatively small.

China e-commerce research center analyst Zhang Zhouping pointed out that Foxconn and Terry Gou’s name is that it can greatly promote the leveraging of opportunity, but the tiger Tesco did not seize this opportunity, then less advertising, let the tiger Tesco marginalized in the industry.

Foxconn is currently operating include its $billion to build a cyber digital chain store, in the future, chain stores will reach 500, and launched last year in cooperation with Metro’s "million appliances retail stores. There are also plans in the following layout three line city Ten thousand steeds gallop. "".

"there will be a big adjustment, in a sense, is a strategic mistake" at the beginning of the creation of business website, a department store business insiders pointed out that the problem is too low, the gross margin decreased overall profit margins.

tiger Tesco only 3C business is enough to support its profit growth, e-commerce and traditional retail practices are completely different, tiger Tesco should consider the differences with other sites of." Chen Shou pointed out.

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