On how the individual network marketing

for sales, the completion of the performance of the task is the most important, a good sales, where to go can be accepted by the company, because the company needs to help improve sales performance. There are many types of sales, here only talk about network marketing, in twenty-first Century, either e-commerce, or no business can be, the importance of network marketing has become a household name.

network marketing has been accepted by more and more companies. As a person how to do network marketing has now become a hot topic, a network marketing personnel, where to go, will be the company’s favor, because he can open up new channels for the performance of the company, contributing to the company’s brand. Now many companies have set up their own network division, to the network marketing many littles make a mickle., people gathered together, making the company more competitive in the network. The fact that these companies can always become the bright younger generation, can in a short period of time beyond the strong competitors, network marketing is essential.

SEO, one cannot do without the network marketing work, three years ago, Guo Yeye went to work in Beijing to sell Baidu, Baidu promotion, contact the crowd, SEOER, their lively, energetic, they vowed, supercilious, they believe that the importance of SEO. With the passage of time, some of them fall, give up, and some continue to pursue their dreams and struggle. Here only talk about the success of the development direction of SEOER there are many, of course, a lot of selectivity. Now back to Wuhan Baidu, continue to the dream in the struggle, and always adhere to the present SEOER have opened their own company, some have already become a company with SEM, optimization of power, their wages are not low. In order to accelerate their own development, the author summed up the success of these people, we hope to be useful.

1 personal network marketing, no matter when and where, as long as there is a computer, a network cable can be done, fast and convenient, do not like the traditional marketing, put the big stall, to spend so much money, also bear the huge investment risk. The biggest advantage of network marketing is not a positive contact, all the transactions do not show up in Chengdu, of course, depending on the sales of the product, the business needs to be door-to-door service.

2 network marketing will have to promote their own network, post promotion is the most simple way to promote, this is only the most rudimentary way. Of course, now the network marketing rapid development today, blog, forum message, top stick machine is rampant today this way a good short-term bombardment.

3 although Baidu itself does not recognize the monopolistic behavior, but Baidu has now become the world’s Chinese engine giants, the domestic product promotion Baidu is the best choice, and gave birth to a variety of ways to promote the Baidu and the Baidu search results can participate in any user interaction places the corresponding software brush Baidu drop-down box Baidu keyword, brush the relevant search results, such as the second point, is a short-term network marketing "

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