Fast and easy network real time parity against Jingdong lift price war or caused by vicious competit

Beijing, May 14, (IT channel Pan Da) yesterday, the Tencent’s business fast and easy web site by the machine launched anniversary appliance price war to the Jingdong and Gome online mall,, announced the implementation of the price adjustment according to the three main competitors of the hot commodity prices.

easy fast high-profile "provocation" also announced a new round of the electricity supplier price war again open, as the industry’s "the bright younger generation", easy fast Tencent rely on this "mountain", the challenge of competitors. The Jingdong’s silence, Gome and Suning challenge, triggered heated debate in the industry.

easy fast no money

According to

easy fast network appliance category operations director Lv Haijun introduced the every 2 minutes to refresh the entire line of each platform price, then the price to make price adjustments. In a certain electric fan, for example, Lv Haijun said, Jingdong sold 199 yuan when the easy fast immediately transferred to $189, when the Jingdong transferred to 189 yuan, easy fast and then transferred to $179.

according to the observation of the new IT channel on the two electricity supplier website yesterday found that a variety of fast and easy promotion of home appliance prices and the price of the same product on the same Jingdong. If, as Lv Haijun said, fast and easy to adjust the price in real time, then Jingdong and several other electricity providers are also at any time price adjustment.

and Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong announced in early this year is the Jingdong "respite" of the year. In the context of escalating electricity supplier market prices, Jingdong no further action, even if this year in the United States, Suning and other challenges to the hands of the hands of the case, Jingdong have decided to choose the silence".

for the easy way fast network more directly, industry analysts believe that the fast and easy network by the Tencent funds and resources support, with hundreds of millions of users will become a Tencent, a business the dark horse, the price war initiated by seize the consumer electronics market opportunities, trying to break the pattern of the existing electricity supplier, will become the essence of the network fast and easy the key to break the pattern of the existing electricity supplier breakthrough.

China Mobile Internet industry alliance deputy director

Li Yi believe that the "small level play, because my base itself is very small, low prices, I lose less than you lose so fast and easy are now eligible to the Jingdong and the Tencent behind him shouting, after all this big tree, according to not money, so he can put the price war played very hard."

counter attack

although the Jingdong choose silence, but in the face of provocation easy fast network in such a high-profile, Gome online and are not to sit idly by, were willing to compete with the fast and easy net. Under the advantage of the United States and Suning Suning price war fireworks to the line, in order to cope with the increasingly serious situation in the electricity supplier battlefield.

it is understood that the United States, Suning will focus on the price war shifted to online, will try to win the initiative on the online price war. Price war is the most convenient means for market players to compete for market share, while the Jingdong as the representative of the electricity supplier

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