There will be a ‘Report’ from Michael

first_img“The most scary… it was how someone who heard their first word of Spanish at the age of 28 mastered the language” Luis Fermoso, coordinator and deputy director of Report Robinson, since he joined Canal + (today Movistar), 20 years ago, alongside Michael Robinson. “My professional life is Michael, it has been my style book, my ADN ”. The Robinson communicator, storyteller. “When I got on TV in 1997, as a fellow in The day afterhe was already a star” Canal + was seven years old, it had been six years since Alfredo Relaño, then sports director, had given him the alternative to the microphones.“In 1990 he commented on TVE the World Cup in Italy, with Luis Fernández, and I had been struck by a comment. The narrator said that such a lineman was Japanese. “I have never seen a Japanese without the camera on his shoulder,” said Robin, “Relaño recalled. Robinson had hung up his boots the previous year, at 30, and that summer on Canal + there was a gap: Valdano’s. “He did the games with Carlos Martínez and The day after but I wanted to be a coach. ” One day he ran into Michael again, who worked for Eurosport, and had gone on TV to offer “some boxing matches”… And so began that other wonderful story that lasted 30 years, until last March 11 in Anfield, that of the Robinson storyteller, communicator.“He had a natural instinct, ”reveals Relaño. “At first, when he spoke very bad Spanish, he had many sayings,‘ more alone than one … ’, and it occurred to me to tell him more latinajos ”, he adds. “He was a stream of anecdotes, an extraordinary conversationalist, giant, and a charm as a person,” says Luis Fermoso. “He always practiced journalism from an ethical stand, “Relaño rescues. while confirming what Nacho Aranda had on his Twitter in the morning, as a farewell. “He always said to me: ‘Look Nacho, if you knock on the door of a guy who is watching TV in his pajamas, lying on the couch, he would never open it for you. He lets us stand in front and tell him stories. And pay. How can we not talk? that guy with respect, with..? I listened and took aim. “” He learned it from one of his coaches in Liverpool. I always insisted that to go to work you have to dress well and he put himself very much on my side, “Relaño says, adding what Michael was saying to him, so similar to Nacho’s.”They give us permission to enter their houses and we must take care and care and all the respect in what we do“ When Cuatro and Maracana arrived and that first Day after It’s over, Fermoso recalls the turn. “One day, in 2007, Álex Martínez Roig (director of content for Movistar +), taught him Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, HBO documentary series, with human stories around the sport. ” He sent it to Michael. “Who said to him:‘ This is a Piss… I can do much better. ’ That’s how it was ”, laughs Fermoso. Old man’s people Day after (Fermoso, Larraza, José Luis de la Osa, Raúl Román ..) returned to put himself under Michael’s orders. I was just born Robinson Report. “It was released in October 2007.” Generation Casillas, Luis Moya’s challenge and Chat with Seve were his first three reports. “Seve was the lifelong idol of Michael, who said: ‘In the first Report i am going to see my friend It looks”.Won two Ondas AwardsRobinson Report, who gave Michael his second Waves in 2007 (the first, in 1992), in 2013 saw a brother born on the radio, Robinson accent of the SER. Vázquez Montalbán International Journalism Award in 2017, Fermoso what he valued most about him as boss was his confidence. “He let us be wrong.” “Going by the hand of Michael was knowing that he trusted you almost blindly and that report that you were determined to do you would end up doing: ‘I don’t see it, but you have it clear. Do it.’ It turned out well, he would be happy as the most, but if he did not like it, it was also clear. Who would not want to have a boss like that. And a friend like that, “José Larraza related on his Twitter this afternoon, in a text with a black background. Michael was very present, but at the same time he left a lot of freedom. “And I didn’t need to scream. When he didn’t like something he would tell you in a joke, a silence ”. His fine intelligence, his biting humor, “the silver Peter Pan that he carried in his pocket so as not to let his soul get stuck”, Relaño points out, the Movistar newsroom will not forget.“I remember a visit on TV. Michael received them. It was morning and I was at my computer and I looked up. It was always cool to see the English. ‘Michael, how many work here?’ They asked. ‘I think half.’ That’s how it was ”, Fermoso laughs again, revealing that he will have his own Report. “I interviewed him on April 15. It was a way of saying goodbye, but also a song to life ”, he muses, remembering how the disease could never take away his humor (” I spoke to him after Anfield, and he told me: ‘Luis, this looks bad, I have been said that I have 20 with metastases in the brain, which is great news because it means I have to have a brain, ‘he said, ” Luis remembers with a sad voice), before returning to that. “How he mastered the language” How much you will be missed.last_img read more

Cricket gets fitness and wellness centre

first_imgPresident of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) Wilford ‘Billy’ Heaven is hopeful that the opening of the state-of-the-art fitness and wellness centre at Sabina Park will result in an improvement of the national cricket teams.The fitness centre, which was officially opened on Thursday at Sabina Park by Minister of Sports Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange cost an estimated US$70,000 and was co-funded by the National Health Fund (NHF).”This is an initiative that was contained in this administration’s manifesto over two years ago, and this is a realisation of that commitment,” said Heaven.”It is an achievement of the JCA, and the hope is that it will contribute to the fitness level of our players, which, at the moment, is nowhere near where it should be.”The facility, which will also be open to members of other national associations, as well as sports clubs and schools, consists of a range of equipment and exercise machines.It can hold a capacity of 20 persons at any given time.”The fact that the JCA has chosen to take the matter of health seriously is most worthy of commendation, and, indeed, adulation,” stated Grange, who cut a ribbon to signify the opening.”I must commend the NHF and the CHASE Fund for buying into the vision and providing the funding for this initiative.”Added Grange: “What pleases me most, as well, is that this vision fits into my wider vision for the support of infrastructure, which we, as a Government, must put in place to support our athletes.”ENDORSED BY MINISTRYPermanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Dr Kevin Harvey, who spoke on behalf of Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton, also hailed the venture.”The ministry has been on a drive to take health to another level, and last year, we launched our workplace policy,” Harvey outlined.This is because, he said, the ministry recognised that several Jamaicans spent a significant portion of their time at work.”We have subsequently been encouraging persons to set up at their workplace wellness centres and areas of opportunity for physical activity,” he said.Meanwhile, Everton Anderson, chief executive officer of the NHF, who presented the JCA with several pamphlets and healthy lifestyle charts for the centre, said that he welcomed the partnership.”We believe that a healthier nation leads to a more productive nation, and when Mr Heaven approached us, we were excited,” said Anderson.”I commend Mr Heaven, and on behalf of the board and management of the NHF, we really are pleased that we were able to contribute to this wellness centre US$50,000.”He added: “We really hope that it will lead to positive outcomes.”last_img read more

Gov’t Challenges Public to Make Use of FOI

first_imgThe Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism (MICAT), has challenged the Liberian public and foreigners alike to take advantage of the Freedom of Information law by making use of its contents, in an effort to make this government and others to come, more transparent and accountable to the people.The Deputy Minister for Administration at MICAT, Norris Tweh, said the FOI Law will only be effective when Liberians get to fully hear about and understand it through publicity and awareness programs.Speaking at a FOI Education and Awareness program organized by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Minister Tweh said that everyone (Liberian and non-Liberian) has the right to seek, receive, and impart information as stipulation in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Briefing workshop participants that included the media, employees of MOH&SW, medical entities and the Ministry’s Acting Information Officer, on the FOI procedures on requesting information from public entities such as ministries and agencies that fall under the FOI Act, Minister Tweh said that requests can be received by e-mail, letter, in person and by phone.Minister Tweh indicated that when a request is received(via E-mail, letter) by an Information Officer at any entity, it should be dated and stamped and the information requested will be process in a period of 30 days, including the date of receipt.He noted that information that maybe requested and denied by any Information Officer has four procedures through, which appeals could be taken.“When your request is being denied by an Information Officer, you have four steps you can take to have that decision overturned depending on its legitimacy. The first step is to seek redress through an internal review body in that entity to which your request was sent. If you are not satisfied by the decision taken by that body, you may take your case to the Information Commission and from there to the Civil Law Court with the option to go even further: to the Supreme Court,” Minister Tweh said.He said: “We as Liberians can use the FOI Law to make our Ministries and Agencies more efficient and effective and this may subsequently lead to the expansion of our economy.Giving an overview of the FOI law, Information Commissioner Cllr. Mark Bedor-Wla Freeman, said that advancing the right of access to information is a joint- responsibility between the government and its citizens.Cllr Freeman said while the government must assure full and effective implementation and enforcement of the FOI Act, it is up to the citizens to monitor government’s efforts and to use the law; ultimately, the value of the FOI law rests in its implementation and use, and it is only by seeking and making requests for formation, that the benefits of access to information can fully be enjoyed.“This is why government decided to prioritize this document and had it passed into law about three years ago. The government thinks the people should have a say in the governance process of the state.Also quoting the Preamble of the Liberian Freedom of Information Act, the Information Commissioner boss said access to information is indispensable to a genuine democracy and good governance and no limitation shall be placed on the public’s right to be informed about the government and its functionaries.A participant wanted to know whether Information Officers are selected or appointed by the minister or by the president—and whether such an appointment by one or the either might not produce a compromising situation.Meanwhile, Liberia’s FOI Act was signed into law on September 16, 2010, provides all persons the right of access to public information. The right of access to information is a fundamental human right guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and People’s rights, as well as the constitution of the country (Liberia).FOI laws or regulations have been passed in over 90 countries around the world, with an even greater number enjoying a constitutional right to information. Liberia is the first country in West Africa to establish a comprehensive right to information law and the sixth in Africa.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Ganta Wood Association Making a Difference in Nimba

first_imgLocal-based wood-workers in Ganta, the commercial hub of Nimba County, under the banner of the Gompa United Wood Association, (GUWA) has over the years empowered its members as well as individuals engaged in construction and other sylvan (wood-related) activity in the area, by proving them with quality processed and or finished wood products. GUWA is an auxiliary of the Liberia Chain-saw and Timber Dealer Union, also based in Ganta, Nimba County, and a full member of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA).Established since August 2007, GUWA now has a full membership of 15 persons. However, its activities are spread across the six original districts in the county. Joe K. Touah, Sr., is the association’s deputy manager for Administration. He made the above disclosures recently in Ganta at the entity’s main offices to the Daily Observer. GUWA, according to Mr. Touah, is located on two lots in the Deikermein Community. “It has economically empowered its members through a loan of US$35,000 received from the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) through the bank’s loan scheme. The loan scheme is made possible through the leadership of the bank’s executive governor, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones.    “That money,” Mr. Touah said, “has helped them purchased the first set of modern wood-processing devices/machines, and upgraded our workshop as well.” According to him, the primary objective of GUWA is to among other things, empower its members, and improve the living standards of most of the rural dwellers that are in the business of reconstructing homes that suffered damage from the war. “As such, we offer reasonable prices as low as L$100 for a piece of processed or finished 2×2 to our customers. “For example,” Mr. Touah said, “a piece processed 2×2 is sold by GUWA for at least L$100, and upward to include prices of 2×4, 2×6, etc. This is because, at such prices, customers are being encouraged to purchase more pieces of woods for construction purposes.According to him, apart from selling wood, GUWA intends to venture into bigger businesses such like furniture manufacturing and or building construction.“To control our own economy, we, from the beginning of our establishment, taxed each of our official members to make a personal financial contribution towards the upkeep of the association.”GUWA administration is structured is such a way that sales is controlled by Mr. Anthony Sulu, while its finances are managed by Mr. William Teage.ChallengesLike any other organization, GUWA has its own challenges, some of which include the payment of tax to the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) and to the Revenue Division at the Ministry of Finance. With all the stumbling blocks including the payment of tax, and the rental fee for the land its operates on, the association has continued to strive and better serve the residents of Ganta in particular and the people of Nimba County in general.In the face of such challenges, the association is appealing to relevant authorities to come to its aid through the reduction of taxes, and personal financial contributions or by becoming a full member to GUWA.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Aureus Mining to Begin Gold Production in Liberia Soon

first_imgAUREUS Mining, a mineral company prospecting for gold in Grand Cape Mount County, is expected to begin full production in July next year, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Reading said.Giving the assurance on October 27, at the Lands, Mines and Energy Ministry during a press briefing, Mr. Reading disclosed that from what it has discovered, Aureus Mining will be producing 120,000 ounces of gold each year and providing employment opportunities for 300 Liberians.Mr. Reading said he is impressed by the level of progress made and emphasized that the mine will be the largest commercial gold mine in Liberia.Mr. Reading added that though impressive progress is being made, there are logistical challenges that his company needs to overcome such as poor infrastructure that creates difficulty in moving logistics to the site.Mr Reed said he looks forward to the level of cooperation that would ensure that the country benefits from the proceeds of this valuable resource.He appealed for the cooperation of Liberians as well as the government to overcome additional challenges moving in of logistics and people into the country safely.Regarding the expected revenue intake, Mr. Reading said an ounce of gold may be sold for US$150, underscoring that more revenue generation could be derived from the price of the commodity.He disclosed that the company obtained a loan of US$250 million for its investment in Grand Cape Mount County. Mr. Reed did not name the bank providing the loan facility.Speaking earlier, Lands, Mines and Energy Minister Patrick Sendolo said the gold mine will be the first commercial gold mine in the country.He said this development has for a long time been going on and significant progress has been made there to ensure the mine will be in full operation soon.He indicated that despite the health crisis the Liberian Government is trying to do all it can in the mining sector so that Liberians will not lose hope.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Angels: Matthews’ name is in drug probe

first_imgTEMPE, Ariz. – Gary Matthews Jr.’s name has surfaced in the investigation of a Mobile, Ala.-based Internet pharmacy accused in the illegal distribution of prescription drugs, including human growth hormone. In a report Tuesday in the Albany (N.Y.) Times Union, the newspaper credited “sources with knowledge of the investigation” linking the Angels’ new outfielder to the situation. The report did not reveal what types of products Matthews ordered, if any, although he was labeled a customer by the newspaper. Matthews, a product of Granada Hills High and Mission College, had two at-bats in an intrasquad game Tuesday. “We talked to Gary and made him aware of the article, and right now there are no details,” manager Mike Scioscia said. “We didn’t really know what happened or what’s going on. We have to see what’s going on.” In November, Matthews signed a five-year, $50 million free-agent contract with the Angels. “We don’t know what the situation is,” Scioscia said. “Gary’s never failed a drug test, so we’ll see what happens.” Scioscia was asked if it was disappointing to hear the name of one of his players involved in a scandal of this magnitude. “You don’t really know,” Scioscia said. “We just don’t know what’s happening. We just found out about it this afternoon.” (626) 962-8811, Ext. 2731 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!center_img Matthews was not the only athlete linked to the investigation. Former heavyweight Evander Holyfield also was named and allegedly used the name “Evan Fields” when placing orders. Admitted steroid user Jose Canseco also was named by the Times Union as an alleged client of Applied Pharmacy Services. A number of unnamed NFL players also were linked. In addition to the Mobile, Ala., provider, a pharmacy in Orlando, Fla., also has been under investigation by a special grand jury in New York for over a year. A top physician with the Pittsburgh Steelers allegedly ordered $150,000 worth of testosterone and human growth hormone on a personal credit card through Signature Pharmacy. Because he is a physician there was no law broken. The retail value of those drugs is said to be worth $750,000. Another alleged customer of Signature is former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Jason Grimsley, who had mail-order steroids seized at his home last year. The Albany County district attorney pursued the case because the Orlando pharmacy did an estimated $10 million of business in New York, and the state has some of the strictest prescription laws in the country. Matthews had a breakout season in 2006 with the Texas Rangers at age 31, batting .313 with 19home runs and 79 RBIs. All the numbers were career highs. last_img read more

New champs in town Kapenguria treated to heroic home coming

first_imgThe team that got an overwhelming backing from their fans and officials from the County Government, who travelled all the way from West Pokot to Kakamega’s Bukhungu Stadium, started their convey at Kitale town shortly after 2pm.Kapenguria Heroes with trophies in Kapenguria town. Photo/GERALD ANDERSONLed by a County Government chase car, the convey that also comprised of Tartar Girls, who come from the region as well, had a stop over at Murkwijit, located at the border of Trans Nzoia and West Pokot where they were received by traditional dancers, had a jig with the teams before being congratulated by the County Sports minister Emily Chepoghisho.Now in their home county, the convey cheered on the road side by the residents, then snailed through Psigrio before passing the busy Makutano all the way to Kapenguria Town before heading to Governor John Lonyangapuo’s office where they met another set of traditional dancers who sung and dance for the heroes.West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo receiving the trohies. Photo/GERALD ANDERSONIn a rare occasion the residents coming from all ages were allowed to flock in the governor’s premises.A very cheerful Lonyangapuo, who had some time to dig at Gor Mahia, rewarded the team with goodies, giving both Kapenguria and Tartar who were runner-ups in the Boys category Sh100, 000 each and promised to organise a breakfast date with Deputy President, William Ruto and lunch with President Uhuru Kenyatta in April.“Gor Mahia gave birth to Gor Youth who they fainted on Sunday as we beat them, they got a shock so we want to show them that we also have talent in soccer,” Lonyangapuo said while receiving the team outside his office.“There are many people in Kenya including some here they are asking themselves can anything good come out of West Pokot? But the grace of God was upon us and we beat all the teams and reached the final. For that effort we are going to reward teams. Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning I am going to pay Sh200, 000 school fees for the 22 players from Tartar and have breakfast with them,” Lonyangapuo added.One of the traditional dancers welcoming Kapenguria Heroes. Photo/GERALD ANDERSONKapenguria Heroes despite not having a proper training facility, has produced top players thanks to the tournament that saw South Sudanese striker David Majak, Fredrick Krop and goalkeeper Brian Lumumba join Kenyan Premier League side Kakamega Homeboyz for a three-year contract.0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Kapenguria Heroes players having a jig with traditional dances during their home coming in West Pokot.Photo/GERALD ANDERSONWEST POKOT, Kenya, Mar 26 – After their triumphant Chapa Dimba Na Safaricom victory, Kapenguria Heroes were treated to a warm reception during their home-coming as the Kapenguria town came to a standstill to welcome the conquers on Monday.Living truly to their name, Kapenguria Heroes defied all the odds to stun Gor Mahia Youth 3-0 in post-match penalties to lift the inaugural tournament’s title and earn a life time trip to London for a week-long training in May and receive mentorship from Harambee Stars skipper and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Victor Wanyama.last_img read more

Corruption scandals have tarnished the public’s perception of Congress

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBasketball roundup: Sierra Canyon, Birmingham set to face off in tournament quarterfinalsInstead of dwelling on new laws to regulate campaign donations, provide greater access to government records and protect privacy, the public thought about Abscam. The name came from Abdul-scam, after the FBI established a phony business – Abdul Enterprises – and had “representatives” offer bribes to lawmakers. In a forewarning of what could happen now, Congress also extracted its own punishments in Abscam. One lawmaker was expelled and two resigned as they faced expulsion. The voters defeated the others. Polls conducted recently and at the time of the Abscam scandal show similar results, indicating that corruption plays a major role in the public’s loss of confidence in Congress. An AP-Ipsos poll conducted at the beginning of this month showed a 71 percent disapproved of the way Congress is handling its job, while only 25 percent of those surveyed approved. WASHINGTON – For the first time since the Abscam scandal a quarter-century ago, multiple lawmakers face criminal and ethics investigations that are tarnishing Congress, already low on public approval. Three separate bribery investigations by the Justice Department were bad enough news for lawmakers. But the woes only increased last week when the House ethics committee broke a 16-month partisan gridlock and announced investigations into the same matters. “We have an entire generation who imagines their member of Congress in an orange jumpsuit,” said Paul Light, a New York University professor of public service, referring to the common prison uniform. “It’s like members of Congress don’t have any shame.” Six House members and a senator were convicted in Abscam, the bribery scandal that became public in early 1980 and ended a golden, post-Watergate era of congressional reforms. A Gallup Poll in June 1980 showed a 56 percent disapproval and 25 percent approval. A CBS News/New York Times poll a month later had the disapproval rate of 51 percent and approval at 32 percent. Last Wednesday, leaders of the House ethics committee announced full-blown investigations of Reps. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, and William Jefferson, D-La. Ney’s former chief of staff has pleaded guilty to conspiring to corrupt the congressman on behalf of Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist at the center of the influence-peddling probe that has gripped Capitol Hill for months. Separately, a technology company executive has pleaded guilty to bribing Jefferson and a former Jefferson aide has pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting bribery of the congressman. FBI agents searched Jefferson’s congressional office Saturday evening, said FBI spokeswoman Debra Weierman. It was not clear what agents were looking for and Weierman said she could provide no additional details because the affidavit supporting the search warrant was sealed. Ney and Jefferson have both denied wrongdoing. The committee leaders also announced a preliminary inquiry into whether other House members were bribed by the defense contractors who corrupted former Republican Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham of California. He pleaded guilty and is serving an eight-year sentence. By investigating Ney, the ethics committee can learn more about Abramoff’s favors for lawmakers and what help those lawmakers gave the lobbyist’s clients. Abramoff has pleaded guilty and is cooperating with federal investigators. In addition, in a guilty plea, Ney’s former chief of staff enumerated 16 actions he said his old boss took on behalf of Abramoff clients. Neil Volz acknowledged he conspired to corrupt Ney, his staff and other members of Congress with trips, free tickets, meals, jobs for relatives and fundraising events. Light said he doubts the ethics investigations will lower the poll numbers because those numbers cannot go down much more. But he said the committee’s decision will have an effect. “It confirms to the American public their worst fears about what motivates members of Congress,” he said. Light said there is no indication that the current Congress will follow the latest bribery scandal with reforms. “We haven’t seen, in response to this scandal, any major legislation coming forward that would prevent this type of scandal in the future,” he said.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Jason Cundy issues apology on talkSPORT over female commentators remarks

first_imgJason Cundy has issued an apology on talkSPORT for his “idiotic” comments about female commentators.The former Chelsea and Ipswich Town defender sparked fury during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Monday, by saying he didn’t enjoy listening to a woman commentating during a match because their voices are too “high-pitched”. “I regret my comments and the hurt and anger caused. I’m truly sorry.”Jason Cundy issues a statement.— talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) June 25, 2018 Former Chelsea footballer Jason Cundy says women’s voices are too ‘high-pitched’ to commentate football matches.— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) June 25, 2018Cundy was branded a “sexist pig” by GMB host Piers Morgan, and he admits he has got it badly wrong.His foolish remarks came after Vicki Sparks made British television history by becoming the first female lead commentator for a World Cup match.Speaking on the Sports Bar, which he co-hosts with Andy Goldstein, Cundy said: “I  want to sincerely apologise for the comments I made.“I came away feeling how foolish and out of order they were and how I deserved the backlash that I received.“There are times you have to admit you were wrong and admit you have been an idiot and today was definitely one of those days.“I regret my comments and also the hurt and anger it has caused and realise there is absolutely no place for these demeaning comments towards female commentators and for that I am truly sorry.”last_img read more

Champions League 2018/19 odds reveal favourite to be crowned Europe’s best team

first_imgThe biggest club competition in European football returns this week with the Champions League kicking off on Tuesday.This season’s edition sees Real Madrid going for a remarkable fourth trophy in a row, while Liverpool will be hoping to go one better than last year and win their sixth European Cup. 4 =14. Valencia – 80/1=14. Porto – 80/1=14. Lyon – 80/1=14. Internazionale – 80/1=11. Roma – 50/1=11. Napoli – 50/1=11. Borussia Dortmund – 50/110. Manchester United – 25/1 Atletico handed huge boost for Liverpool tie with Diego Costa returning from injury Manchester City are being backed to finally get their hands on Europe’s biggest prize after two relatively unsuccessful Champions League campaigns under Pep Guardiola, and we’ll also get to see the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford when Juventus and Manchester United face off in the group stage.Champions League commentaries LIVE on talkSPORTTuesday, September 18: Internazionale vs Tottenham, kick-off 17:55 – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO INTER VS SPURSWednesday, September 19: Young Boys vs Manchester United, kick-off 20:00 – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO YOUNG BOYS VS MAN UNITEDThe action gets under way on Tuesday afternoon, but who are the favourites to go all the way and be crowned as the best team in Europe?Using odds from Ladbrokes, have taken a look at who is being backed to win this season’s Champions League – and you can see the results, ranked from least to heaviest favourite, below…=30. Young Boys – 1000/1=30. Viktoria Plzen – 1000/1=30. Crvena zvezda – 1000/1=26. PSV Eindhoven – 500/1=26. CSKA Moscow – 500/1 4 9. Tottenham Hotspur – 20/18. Liverpool – 11/17. Atletico Madrid – 10/1=5. Real Madrid – 8/1=5. Bayern Munich – 8/14. Paris Saint-Germain – 7/13. Juventus – 13/2 Latest Champions League news on target Top scorer in 2019: Messi, Mbappe and Sterling trailing Europe’s top marksman BOOST Can Cristiano Ronaldo fire Juventus to the European Cup? Aiming high 2. Barcelona – 6/11. Manchester City – 9/2 CSKA have been handed a tough draw with both Real Madrid and Roma in their group Ancelotti tells fans he has Champions League dream for Everton 4 Liverpool set for Champions League boost as Takumi Minamino will be available Man United were knocked out at the round of 16 stage last season Real Madrid beat Liverpool in last season’s Champions League final to make it an unprecedented three wins in a row =26. Club Brugge – 500/1=26. AEK Athens – 500/1=23. Shakhtar Donetsk – 250/1=23. Hoffenheim – 250/1=23. Galatasaray – 250/1=21. Lokomotiv Moscow – 200/1=21. Benfica – 200/1=19. Monaco – 150/1=19. Ajax – 150/118 .Schalke – 100/1 4 ready? last_img read more