Burberry pledges to end use of fur burning unsold products

Luxury fashion brand Burberry says it will stop burning unsold goods and will no longer use real fur in its products.The move comes after heavy criticism from environmental and animal activists.The practice of destroying unsold products will end effective immediately.“This commitment builds on the goals that we set last year as part of our five-year responsibility agenda,” the company said in a statement.“We already reuse, repair, donate or recycle unsaleable products and we will continue to expand these efforts.”The British designer came under fire this summer after it was revealed it had burned almost $50 million worth of unsold clothing and beauty products.It’s a practice that’s not uncommon in the fashion industry to prevent goods from being sold cheaply.Burberry also confirmed it would no longer be using real fur and will phase out existing products containing real fur.The company said it in recent years, it has limited the use of fur to rabbit, fox, mink and Asiatic racoon.Going forward those and Angora fur will be banned. read more

Plants that dont need soil or water to feature at Chelsea Flower

Courses on how to assemble terrariums are becoming popular Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Plants that require neither soil nor water to grow will make their debut at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show as organisers hope to encourage young novices into gardening.Photos of air plants displayed neatly in glass terrariums are expected to be uploaded all over social media after the country’s top horticulturists said their low maintenance made them a good match for millennials.Houseplants in general are becoming more and more fashionable among young people, who are increasingly strapped for time and space in their homes.They are already a firm Instagram trend, with green-fingered youths contributing over 2.2 million pictures of greenery to the #plantsofinstagram hashtag. This year air plants are expected to lead the way because they require minimal attention, can fit in small spaces and brighten up house shares and flats. They only require occasional misting and sunlight.A whole section at the Chelsea Flower Show will be dedicated to them. Guy Barter, the chief horticulturalist at the RHS, said: “Air plants are compact, exotic and stylish, making them a great addition to rooms of any size.”As relatively low maintenance plants, they are a good match for young novices taking the first steps into the wonderful world of gardening.”These strange and outlandish plants are a great introduction to the wonders of botany and fit very well into any sized space. “People aren’t born to be gardeners. Now space and time are often short, gardening courses fit the bill nicely.”They are often included in glass bowls or terrariums, which are ideal for their warmth and humidity needs as well as being attractive and offering the chance to put your own stamp on how they are displayed.”Last year, the charity provided Andrew Gavin, who specialises in the plant, with a bursary to travel the world and discover new examples of the species.Mr Gavin, who will be showcasing his finds in the Great Pavilion in May, said: “Air Plants are booming in popularity due to the fact that they are so versatile and easy to grow. “You can just hang them from a piece of wire or place them on your windowsill, you can tie them on to drift wood to mimic how they grow in the wild or you can arrange them on an ornament or among semi-precious stones or sea shells. “Mist them with rainwater and place them in a position where they get bright light or half a day of sunlight.”His unusual collection of plants includes those that are easy to grow, have scented flowers and plants that change colour.Popular varieties of air plants include the silvery green tillandsia usneoides, which produces small, fragrant yellow flowers, and the tillandsia xerographica which has colour-changing leaves that go from silvery green to blush-pink in bright light. They are typically found in the West Indies, Mexico and much of Central and South America, and grow well on shells and rocks. Terrarium workshops across the UK have started to spring up in anticipation of the trend, which teaches curious gardeners how to make self-contained ecosystems for air plants from £30 a session. Other websites are also set to take advantage. One such company, Patch Plants, sells house plants including air plants in pretty, fashionable pots. It gives all its varieties human names and delivers them to your door, encouraging customers to post their new “pets” on Instagram. Courses on how to assemble terrariums are becoming popularCredit: Joshua McCullough read more

Can you please help me …9yrold appeals for assistance to undergo

“Can you please help me,” these were the words of a nine-year-old, who, along with his mother is appealing to the public for financial assistance to offset expenses to be incurred in his much needed live-saving liver transplant procedure.Jamal Williams of Lot 248, West Indian Housing Scheme, Bartica had, in January 2016, been diagnosed with a tumor on his liver, sustained when he was injured during an accident at school.Jamal Williams appeals for help to undergo life-saving surgeryIt was not until he was rushed to the hospital crying out in pain that a tumor was discovered on his liver. The nine-year-old has since been the object of a series of medical emergencies, forcing him to frequent hospitals.Natasha Williams, the mother of the ailing child, is now left jobless as she is occupied with caring for her child, who suffers with a swollen stomach and a series of medical complications that affect his daily life.The distressed mother explained her experience ever since Jamal was diagnosed. “He was a normal child, but since he was diagnosed with this tumor, it became a real difficulty for me,” she explained.She added, “It got times with Jamal take in you don’t know what to do, life don’t be easy for me. I does got to run up and down in hospital with him, because Jamal’s complains are very serious.”She has resigned herself to dedicating her time to caring for her one son, who is sickly. She related that the task is difficult, especially since it often results in the neglect of his five other siblings.Meanwhile, the nine-year-old, in his cry for assistance, outlined his plight brought on by the tumor. “Sometimes my belly start to hurt, I faint away, I can’t breathe, I get short of breath,” the young man said. His condition has caused him to not attend school for more than a year.As his condition continues to deteriorate, Jamal is in urgent need of surgery; but his family is unable to afford the costly procedure, especially since it cannot be conducted in Guyana.The cost of the surgery, which will be performed in India, is US$50,000. However, given that the organ sample needed for the transplant would most likely be donated by one of his parents, they now need to raise additional funding to cater for travel, accommodation and other expenses during the journey to India.As such, Williams is asking the public to assist in ensuring her son receives the surgery he needs to survive. “…I am a poor woman, so I am pleading with the public in Guyana so that they can see with me to just save a life. It could’ve been anybody’s child. Life is what matters…,” she declared.Adding to the appeals of his mother, Jamal is reaching out to citizens to aid in his fight to stay alive.“Can you help me? I want to live to grow up and see my mother get good, and I want to go back to school,” the child said as he seeks help for his surgery.Persons desirous of making a donation towards Jamal’s surgery can do so by depositing their contributions in Scotiabank account #175-441 or contact his family at +592-690-5092, +592-689-0957, +592-673-4238 or +592-661-6106 for further information. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related5-month-old baby in need of liver transplantFebruary 13, 2017In “Local News”Mother ecstatic as baby with brain exposed receives successful surgeryOctober 25, 2016In “Featured”GPHC probing death of 4 – year – old who visited hospital for stitches after biting his tongueDecember 11, 2013In “Crime” read more