Call for recognition of sign language

first_img19 January 2012The National Institute for the Deaf (NID) has called for sign language to be recognised as one of South Africa’s official languages.According to the NID, sign language is the fifth most used language in the country, with more people using it, for example, than those who speak SiSwati, IsiNdebele and TshiVhenda.The NID said that about four-million South Africans had hearing difficulty, while 1.5-million were “profoundly deaf”, with 93 percent of the deaf being unemployed.This was revealed during public hearings on the South African Language Bill hosted by Parliament’s portfolio committee on arts and culture in Cape Town on Tuesday.Several organisations and individuals were set to add their input into the Bill. These include the Pan South African Language Board, the Law Society of SA, Afrikaanse Taal en Kultuur Vereniging, Vriende van Afrikaans, and FW De Klerk Foundation.Ernest Kleinschmidt, one of the board directors at the NID, was one of those invited to add his voice to the Bill. He made a compelling appeal for the recognition of sign language.“I’m a deaf person. I’m proud of the language I use,” Kleinschmidt told the house, asking if there were people who did not use sign language in their daily life. He said people used sign language to express themselves, adding that “without communication, we are all deaf and dumb”.Avoidable sufferingHe asked that the Bill be crafted to include sign language as one of the official languages in the country.The NID said many deaf children suffered both at school and at home as they were not understood.Committee chairperson Thandile Sunduza said the South African Constitution had to be amended to accommodate the language.Among other things, the South African Language Bill seeks to provide for the “regulation and monitoring of the use of official languages by national government for government purposes”. It calls for the adoption of language policies by national government departments, national public entities and national enterprises.It also proposes the identification of at least two official languages that “a national department, national public entity or public enterprise will use for government purposes”.Indigenous languagesDuring his submissions, Dr Neville Alexander of the Xhosa Africa Network called for government and non-profit organisations to preserve indigenous languages.“If we are serious about democracy, we should take indigenous languages seriously,” Alexander said, indicating that democracy depended on people being able to communicate with each other.He said the government should review the “language dispensation in this country”.“Languages can cause conflict, but they can also reconcile people,” he said, cautioning that the language debate should not be a racial one.He said languages such as Afrikaans, IsiZulu and IsiXhosa were equal, and called for each province to have a Language Act. Currently, only the Western Cape and Limpopo had legislative pieces governing languages.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Business Growth

first_imgKibo Hutchinson is a Technology Analyst at Tatvasoft UK which is a software development company in UK. She have keen interest in learning latest practices in the development so she is spending her most of the time on the Internet navigating the unique and the extraordinary topics and technologies trends. Tags:#Artifical intelligence A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … Kibo Hutchinson Related Posts How much do you know about Artificial Intelligence? Have you ever implemented AI into your business yet, or are you using it in helping your processes? Since the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has gained much popularity in every industry be it Healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, retail and many more others have begun to use AI-based to improve their productivity and performance.The best way to test an emerging technology is to search for different ideas for its practical use in your business. In this article, we will look at some crucial methods of AI apps that can lead your business to a path of growth and success.1)  AI-based Analytics to Make Better Business DecisionsThe recent advancements in the network and storage technology have brought about a revolution in the era of big data. The collection of data becomes useless without analysis. Due to its large size, it becomes impossible to analyze the data without using human intelligence. The information technology and security are the areas which utilize machine learning and deep learning algorithms to understand the machine.What’s the solution now?Cyclane offers cybersecurity products and services that prevent rather than detecting the defects by executing advanced persistent threats and malware. Another solution to this is HANA which is SAP’s cloud platform and machine learning solution used by companies to manage databases of information they have collected like sales transactions, customer information, relational databases, applications, and other sources.2)  Customer ServiceMany companies know the importance of their customer service and how well it affects their company. Still, things can go wrong very quickly, either. For instance, Microsoft researched that more than 50 percent of customers will stop doing business with a brand just because of only one poor customer service experience.The consumers don’t like to feel conversing until they reach the expert they need after waiting on line, pressing buttons, and being transferred multiple times. The solution to this problem – Chatbots; they can read and analyze customer data from the initial touch point by providing smart insights on assisting your customer effectively.What’s the solution now?Nano Rep allows you to integrate your customer service solution with resources like Zendesk, Magento, and Salesforce. It also allows your business to become available on the most popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, and WhatsApp.3)  Business ManagementFrom scheduling conferences and team meetings to business trips and supporting decision makers, AI can help tons with your business management activities. The cloud-based solution can measure up with the size of your company, which can be used by small companies to MNCs.What’s the solution now?Avanade is the joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, which leverages the Cortana Intelligence Suite along with some other solutions for predictive analysis and data-based insights on your business. It tapped the better advice for the development of new products by understanding policyholder behavior and trends.4)  Accounting and FinanceAccenture predicts that more than 80 percent of accounting and finance tasks will be carried out with automation in the next upcoming years. Also, a company named KPMG has made some innovations by using McLaren Applied Technologies in its audit processes to develop a critical site of tools for their audit and non-audit clients that can use the predictive analytics capabilities.What’s the solution now?KPMG has also signed an alliance with IBM’s cognitive computer Watson that can read up to thousands of pages of contracts or agreements along with summarizing them almost instantly which is based on your criteria related to what is exciting and what is not. The AI-enabled tool also allows to interrogate, assess, and challenge the predictions to underpin the valuation of assets on their clients’ balance sheets.5)  Human ResourcesMany HR reps know how tedious and complicated the process of recruiting is, interviewing and onboarding can be. It is no wonder how human resource department is excited by the idea of applying artificial intelligence to their department’s work. Finding the perfect candidate for a job is a time-consuming process, and therefore there are new facial AI-based facial recognition apps that can interview candidates and also evaluate their performance using emotional cues which can help businesses streamline their recruitment process.What’s the solution now?Restless Bandit is a SaaS-based product which helps to automate the tasks of screening apps, searching right candidate match, reaching out to them and scheduling face-to-face interviews to reduce the work which is involved in bringing an excellent potential candidate into the office.  Also, companies like Unilever, IBM are already using AI to screen entry-level employees where candidates interview using HireVue app on their smartphone. The application takes in the data from the interview, performs analysis and recommends for the next step to human recruiters.6)  Sales and MarketingUntil recently, you can not leverage artificial intelligence to revolutionize your marketing and sales department even though both of them have been moving over to digital at the lightning speeds. AI-based apps can start to handle all of your daily tasks. They can also customize marketing and sales information for customers as AI-based chatbots can go further by responding to customer service requests to improve customer satisfaction and provide some recommendation for upselling. Machine learning can help with the price-optimization for various markets.What’s the solution for now?Adext AI is one such platform which can apply artificial intelligence and machine learning for digital advertising to search out the best audience or demographic group for any advertisement. It manages budgets across variant audiences on different platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads automatically by optimizing every single ad about 400 times a day which improves its current average. Not only this, but it also guarantees Adext Partner agencies for getting a better cost per conversion for all their accounts and campaigns.RapidMiner which is a data science platform, leverages the data about competitors, suppliers, consumer preferences and risks to create pricing models for every individual market segments. This approach helps businesses to optimize their profit margins.7)  Supply Chain ManagementMachine learning algorithms aid retail and other businesses to manage their inventory better. This can automate refilling requests and optimize supply chains by handing over your inventory management and supply chain decisions to AI-based apps.What’s the solution for now?Major artificial intelligence players such as IBM Watson are heavily investing in supply chain management to help you automate your order management and fulfillment. Another firm namely TransVoyant is combining machine learning and the Internet of Things to create applications that predict supply chain movements.8)  Expand with self-driving technologiesMajor advancements in self-driving cars heavily depend on AI and hence businesses that heavily depend on transporting products which use self-driving trucks to lower costs to improve reliability. Manufacturing and other sectors can now use autonomous cars to improve their efficiency.What’s the solution for now?A company names Waymo has announced at the 2018 Google I/O conference that it will start to manufacture their self-driving taxis whereas GM is preparing to release by next year. Such self-driven vehicles will lead to new opportunities for businesses to improve current processes and create new business revenues.Wrap up!You can only learn by trying, and it is normal for any organization to get things wrong. You will learn from your mistake after you start implementing solutions. Now you know what AI is, so may your business boom. AI Will Empower Leaders, Not Replace Themlast_img read more

Make Your Video Graphics Stand Out with These 6 Tips

first_img2. Lower the OpacityAdjusting the Opacity of an underlying video layer is another way to bring attention to your overlying graphics. Simply lowering the opacity of a video or still image will make your text stand out. Lowering the Opacity in conjunction with blurring is a quick and simple way to really make your text pop. Control your opacity in the Effect Controls panel. 6. Add a Shape LayerIf you’ve ever created captions in Adobe Premiere Pro, you’ll notice that a black background accompanies the white text. This makes the white text visible, no matter what’s in the background. You can manually create this in the essential graphics panel by adding a new rectangle shape layer and then resizing it. After you have your rectangle in position, adjust the opacity for the look you want. 4. Create MotionUse motion graphics templates to bring some life to your graphics. In Adobe Premiere Pro’s new Essential Graphics panel, you’ll find a handful of presets. I’ll grab one and bring it into my project and modify the text. Then, I’ll add a few additional keyframes to create constant-yet-subtle movement while the text is onscreen. A simple scaling or position animation can bring a graphic to life. 1. Blur the BackgroundOne of the main ways to make graphics stand out in your video is to make adjustments to elements in the background. Apply a slight blur effect to your underlying video layer and instantly draw the viewer’s attention to your overlying text. Think about when you shoot with a shallow depth of field during an interview to blur out the background. This makes your interview subject stand out from the background, drawing the viewer’s eye. To find several different blur effects, open the Effects panel and then search through Video Effects > Blur & Sharpen. 5. Change the PositionAs simple as it sounds, positioning can play a large role in how your text displays on a screen. Depending on what you have onscreen and the color of your text, the position can make your graphic stand out or blend into the background. If I’m using basic white text, for example, I want to find darker parts of the screen so that the contrast will help my text become more visible. 3. Add a StrokeIf you’re in a situation wherein you can’t or you don’t want to lower the opacity or add a blur effect to your background, you can add a stroke to your text layer. To show you how a stroke can help make your text more visible, I’ll use an example with simple black-and-white text. If I take white text and place it on a white background you cannot see the text at all. However, if I add a black stroke to my white text, it instantly becomes visible. Even if I change the background to black we still see the white text. Make your text graphics stand out in Premiere Pro with these 6 six tips.Cover image via Shutterstock.Adobe Premiere Pro’s latest update introduced the brand new Essential Graphics panel, an entirely new way to work with graphics. However, while the new layout offers video editors a different way to create and customize graphics, design principles remain the same. Let’s take a quick look at six simple tips to make your text stand out in Adobe Premiere Pro.last_img read more