The court dismisses the judicial intervention of Malaga

first_img“Regarding the legal proceedings related to the APA complaint against the Al Thani family, we communicate the following:Today the court informs us that it continues with the investigation proceedings on the defendants, but dismisses the adoption of the precautionary measures requested, both the establishment of bail by the defendants for the amount of 8,676,849.26 euros , as the judicial administration requested.The judge understands that the investigation procedures initiated must be continued, especially in relation to the data related to the directive, economic, patrimonial and financial management of Málaga club de Futbol SAD, but by means of a decision issued for that purpose, determines that the precautionary measures requested by the APA are not adequate for now, because they are considered disproportionate, since the restriction of the rights of the defendants is an exceptional measure and it is not clear from the documentation provided by the APA in their complaint the need for them, since there is no evidence, in the judgment of the judge, that the Deficit economic situation of the club is clear of the commission of a crime, which is obviously what the criminal jurisdiction must prove. Bad news for the small shareholders of Malaga. The judge of the Court of Instruction number 14 of Malaga has rejected the request of the Association of Small Shareholders (APA) of the Málaga Club de Fútbol and has not decreed the precautionary measures against the property of the club. The judge determines “that the precautionary measures requested by the APA are not adequate for now, because they are considered disproportionate,” the APA reported this morning in a statement in which it announced that it will file an appeal against this order.Minority shareholders requested in the criminal complaint filed against club property for the alleged crimes of unfair administration and misappropriation withdraw control and management of the club to the Al Thani family, the establishment of a bond by the defendants and the judicial intervention of the club and appointment of an administrator. The complaint was admitted for processing and the investigation continues, although precautionary measures, for the time being, must wait.The full statement of the Association of Small Shareholders is as follows: It should be noted that the APA provided the documentation at its disposal, and that the rest of the documentation that may be necessary has been required of the defendants by the court, who have not provided it.However, with the documentation provided by the APA, the judge admits that it can be verified that, “effectively, the Sports Society would be in a delicate and weak solvency situation, a situation that according to the annual accounts presented by the complainants and those contributed to requirement of the court by the Professional Football League, is rolled back, at least, to the year 2006, when the company declared itself in a situation of voluntary competition and its judicial administration was agreed.The court admits that the annual accounts closed as of June 30, 2019 have been presented to the LFP (although they have not yet been approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting) and that the 5 loans granted to members of the Board of Directors are reflected in said accounts , as well as the lines of credit contracted with the entity Nass Football SLU. Likewise, it is admitted that in the aforementioned accounts the serious solvency situation in which the entity is located stands out, and the situation of indebtedness that is permanently, and to a greater or lesser degree, is reflected back at the time of the declaration of the bankruptcy It has been maintaining the Sports Public Limited Company, and what has logically influenced the decline in the category of the team, which leads to the argument that this has also led to a significant decrease in the income of the company.For all these reasons, the judge concludes that there is no evidence that “for now” proves that the deficit situation responds to the commission of the reported crimes, without prejudice to what they subsequently reveal the progress of the investigation., so that, where appropriate, and according to its result, the circumstances that today have been taken into account to dismiss the measures requested by the APA could be modified.From the APA and said with all due respect to the judicial decision, the appropriate recourse will be presented against the order issued, attaching the new documentation that works in our possession, and in order to try to ensure that the instructor has more probative elements with in order to revoke your current decision. ”last_img read more

“I would like to have a good relationship with everyone, including Luis Enrique”

first_imgRelationship with Luis Enrique: “Luis Enrique? I do not want to be angry with anyone, I would like to have a good relationship with him. Work with him? That is already very difficult. I would not be here without him. The situation is sad. It hurts a lot, it is very unpleasant. I don’t know yet why Luis Enrique told me he didn’t count on me. They have been very exceptional circumstances, it’s something that I wish hadn’t happened, as I said at the time. “Signing for the Premier: “Luis Enrique didn’t want to take me to the Premier.”Role change with Luis Enrique: “That Luis Enrique is my second coach ever? Have we ever made the joke (laughs). It’s very difficult, there are too many things in between.”First coach: “The fact of being a first coach has come to me ahead of time. It was not in my head to see me in this situation. Life surprises you. I did not consider this for a few years. It is true that I always had the illusion of having been first coach and to become professional, but it was not at all in my mind to see me in this situation. Football surprises you, life surprises you. “Return to the Selection: “I would love to be a Spanish coach again. It would be wonderful.” National Team Players: “With some player of the National Team I keep talking, let’s see if I bring someone to Monaco (laughs). After the start, many players from the National Team and many people from the RFEF wrote me.Euro 2020: “I want Spain to win the Eurocup. In the months I was there, I saw the team grow. That is what I think about that. Then another thing happens that I said and did, which is that at the time Luis wanted to return I was going to take a step to the side. Even knowing that this meant disappearing from the play I was consistent with that. “Casillas, next president of the Federation:“Casillas president of the RFEF? Why not, I would do well.”Who would you vote for, Rubiales or Casillas ?: “I don’t have to vote.”In August, he said Rubiales was the best president in the world: “I said that at that time. I have no reproach. In life when you keep anger inside, who is hurt is the one who keeps it.”Monaco proposal: “Monaco told me that it was their only option and that made me opt for them. Monaco told me that my way of facing the National Team’s exit helped to come.”Offers: “I have had offers from almost 5 continents.”Mbappé to Madrid: “If Mbappe will go to Madrid? I hope he and Neymar.”The best coach in the world: “A mixture of Klopp and Guardiola”.last_img read more

So Inter rehabilitated Lukaku

first_imgRomelu Lukaku in August 2019 and February 2020. According to Telegraph, The Belgian had digestive problems that caused him to gain more weight than he should. Upon his arrival in Italy, Inter’s medical body diagnosed in a few days something that neither United nor the player knew how to detect in his stage in Manchester. To get back in shape, Inter designed a nutritional plan for the Belgian that, it seems, has worked. The Belgian lost up to 12 kilos in the first two weeks. The Conte MethodIn several interviews, Romelu Lukaku has highlighted the figure of Antonio Conte, his current coach in Milan. The Italian, Romelu says, trusted his game, has found a place in a system that benefits him and has given him confidence.After his physical improvement, Lukaku needed to regain confidence and Conte has been key in this psychological process. The tie at Meazza against Slavia in Prague, which ended up being decisive for Inter to stay out of the Champions in group stage, also changed the year for Lukaku. “I played very badly and he caught me in front of the whole team, something that had never happened to me in my career. He told me that it was rubbish and that he would take me away in five minutes if I do it again. He broke my confidence, but at his once he woke her up, no matter who you are, treat everyone the same, she tells you if you’re right or wrong. Then came the Milan derby and I played one of my best games of the season, “he told Sky Sports.After that meeting, his list of victims is numerous: Milan, twice (round trip), Sassuolo, Parma, Brescia, Bologna, Torino, Slavia, Barcelona, ​​Genoa, Naples, Cagliari and Udinese … In the middle of February, Romelu Lukaku already has better numbers than in 10 of his 14 seasons as a professional. Milan and Conte have taken the Antwerp striker to their best level. “He has admitted that he was overweight! He is a Manchester United player and weighs more than 100 kg! His lack of professionalism is contagious.” This is how Gary Neville, exlateral of United and now a regular contributor to Sky Sports, sentenced Romelu Lukaku when he was already in Milan. Excess weight was evident, but not due to lack of professionalism.center_img 21 goals, 17 only in Serie A and the feeling of imminent danger when 9 appears near the area. After a complicated stage in Manchester, Romelu Lukaku has once again been the fearsome center forward who already knew he would have been in Anderlecht for more than ten years.The road to be proclaimed “king of the city” of Milan in the derby last weekend has been long and has required both physical and mental work and even, at the medical level.last_img read more

Dortmund ties Bellingham, the pearl of Birmingham

first_imgBundesliga* Data updated as of March 5, 2020 If Borussia Dortmund has something, it is an enviable ability to rebuild again and again. It has always been a leading team in Germany but almost every year he loses some of his stars. But that has never destabilized the club, which has always managed to get ahead and stay in the elite thanks to good investments in young and talented soccer players. Just have a look at the current template, in which they are Sancho, Haaland, Achraf (assigned), Akanji, Queen or Zagadou, to realize that in the German club they have an eye to find footballers with a lot of potential.And now they have proposed to sign the pearl of Birmingham, Jude Bellingham, for which they would have already reached an agreement to be incorporated in the summer. According Bild, They would pay up to 35 million euros for the 16-year-old young Englishman. The midfielder (sometimes acts as an interior), which plays in the U23 England since the age of 15, he has four goals and three assists in 31 games. It is not known if the player will become a world-class soccer player, but that would be the most expensive signing in the history of Borussia Dortmund if the deal is finally closed with those figures.last_img read more

Trippier, Felipe and Lodi, the eleven bargains of Simeone

first_imgLodi arrived at Atlético with the difficult mission of making Filipe Luis forget, one of the historical records of the Madrid entity. It has been difficult for him to adapt to the defensive system and the intensity that Cholo asks when defending, but nobody doubts him anymore. In attack he is a player who overflows, and in defense it is no longer so easy to beat him. He has played 33 games (23 in LaLiga, eight in the Champions League and two in the Spanish Super Cup). In total 2,500 minutes. With contract until 2025, Lodi is called to mark an era at Atlético. The Brazilian cost just over 20 million euros, a figure that right now seems that the club can amortize.Felipe was one of those signings who made little noise on arrival. At first he was called to be the substitute for Giménez, but the Uruguayan’s injury gave him ownership. His business card was not the best, since he was 30 years old and many people understood that he was already older to offer a great performance. Felipe is the head of the rojiblanca defense. With a contract until 2022, he has played 31 games (21 in the championship, seven in the Champions League, two in the Spanish Super Cup and one in the Copa del Rey). In total, 2,791 minutes. It cost around 20 million euros, a figure that then seemed very high and that now seems almost like a gift. Atlético incorporated many footballers at the beginning of the season, in an exercise in which Simeone had to renew almost all the lines of the team. Atlético had significant losses, such as Godín, Juanfran, Filipe Luis or Griezmann, emblematic players of the entity. And Atlético reinforced line by line to try to ensure that the team’s performance was not less. After two thirds of the championship, three players have made a place in Atlético’s starting eleven and They have shown that his signing was worth it. What Atlético paid for them now seems like a bargain: Trippier, Felipe and Lodi. All three are part of a defense that continues to perform at an excellent level. Among the three, Atlético paid just over 60 million euros and for this price Simeone has renewed his defense. Lodi, for example, has many years ahead to render.Trippier curdled from the first moment at Atlético. The Englishman has played 26 matches in official competition (19 in LaLiga, five in Champions and two in the Spanish Super Cup). In total, 2,187 minutes of competition. With 29 years it seems that he has been a life in the rojiblanco team. For Cholo it is basic and he missed seven games due to the pubic operation. Atlético signed him for about 24 million euros. It was a success. The player also said that he is delighted to have signed for the Madrid team, where he hopes to win a title.last_img read more

“I know from sources that Mbappé was almost made by Real Madrid”

first_imgThis one year wait was already announced by AS on April 7. The serious crisis of the coronavirus, which is hitting the club economy, has forced Madrid to rethink its transfer strategy and, therefore, the Operation Mbappé, the most ambitious that the club plans for the coming years, has been postponed until the end of the 2020-21 season. In the road map of the Concha Espina club is that the French star does not renew his contract with PSG, which ends in 2022. The player is fulfilling the plan and in Paris they already take it for granted that they have only one year to enjoy the Mbappé phenomenon. “In no case will there be an extension of Mbappé’s contract with PSG. It will be an agreement between them as PSG agreed to part ways with him this summer. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time ”, Rothen pointed out.That determination of the player not to renew his contract is the key point for PSG to understand that within a year he will have no choice but to negotiate the departure of his star. In 2022 the Frenchman could go for free wherever he wanted with a stratospheric record, something that does not interest any of the clubs whose relationship, by the way, is excellent. Madrid already caresses Mbappé, according to the surprising statements of Rothen who, by the way, in March of last year ventured the following: “I can say it from a reliable source, Griezmann will go to Barcelona next summer.” Months later, Grizzi wore the azulgrana t-shirt … Real Madrid is touching Mbappé. The French striker slipped from his hands to Florentino and Zidane in 2017. The non-departure of Bale, for whom Mourinho sighed, made Mbappé look out of place and preferred to leave PSG for 180 million. After several more unsuccessful approaches this year, it opened a door to hope, and Madrid was very close to sneaking in for it, but the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has closed it abruptly. This is what revealed Jerome Rothen, former PSG player (2004-2009) and with very good sources at the Parisian club, on Radio Montecarlo, statements reproduced on the web ParisTeam. “I know from sources that what Kylian Mbappé did to Real Madrid was almost done. But with what is happening, it is certain that Mbappé’s arrival at Real will be postponed. ”last_img read more

There will be a ‘Report’ from Michael

first_img“The most scary… it was how someone who heard their first word of Spanish at the age of 28 mastered the language” Luis Fermoso, coordinator and deputy director of Report Robinson, since he joined Canal + (today Movistar), 20 years ago, alongside Michael Robinson. “My professional life is Michael, it has been my style book, my ADN ”. The Robinson communicator, storyteller. “When I got on TV in 1997, as a fellow in The day afterhe was already a star” Canal + was seven years old, it had been six years since Alfredo Relaño, then sports director, had given him the alternative to the microphones.“In 1990 he commented on TVE the World Cup in Italy, with Luis Fernández, and I had been struck by a comment. The narrator said that such a lineman was Japanese. “I have never seen a Japanese without the camera on his shoulder,” said Robin, “Relaño recalled. Robinson had hung up his boots the previous year, at 30, and that summer on Canal + there was a gap: Valdano’s. “He did the games with Carlos Martínez and The day after but I wanted to be a coach. ” One day he ran into Michael again, who worked for Eurosport, and had gone on TV to offer “some boxing matches”… And so began that other wonderful story that lasted 30 years, until last March 11 in Anfield, that of the Robinson storyteller, communicator.“He had a natural instinct, ”reveals Relaño. “At first, when he spoke very bad Spanish, he had many sayings,‘ more alone than one … ’, and it occurred to me to tell him more latinajos ”, he adds. “He was a stream of anecdotes, an extraordinary conversationalist, giant, and a charm as a person,” says Luis Fermoso. “He always practiced journalism from an ethical stand, “Relaño rescues. while confirming what Nacho Aranda had on his Twitter in the morning, as a farewell. “He always said to me: ‘Look Nacho, if you knock on the door of a guy who is watching TV in his pajamas, lying on the couch, he would never open it for you. He lets us stand in front and tell him stories. And pay. How can we not talk? that guy with respect, with..? I listened and took aim. “” He learned it from one of his coaches in Liverpool. I always insisted that to go to work you have to dress well and he put himself very much on my side, “Relaño says, adding what Michael was saying to him, so similar to Nacho’s.”They give us permission to enter their houses and we must take care and care and all the respect in what we do“ When Cuatro and Maracana arrived and that first Day after It’s over, Fermoso recalls the turn. “One day, in 2007, Álex Martínez Roig (director of content for Movistar +), taught him Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, HBO documentary series, with human stories around the sport. ” He sent it to Michael. “Who said to him:‘ This is a Piss… I can do much better. ’ That’s how it was ”, laughs Fermoso. Old man’s people Day after (Fermoso, Larraza, José Luis de la Osa, Raúl Román ..) returned to put himself under Michael’s orders. I was just born Robinson Report. “It was released in October 2007.” Generation Casillas, Luis Moya’s challenge and Chat with Seve were his first three reports. “Seve was the lifelong idol of Michael, who said: ‘In the first Report i am going to see my friend It looks”.Won two Ondas AwardsRobinson Report, who gave Michael his second Waves in 2007 (the first, in 1992), in 2013 saw a brother born on the radio, Robinson accent of the SER. Vázquez Montalbán International Journalism Award in 2017, Fermoso what he valued most about him as boss was his confidence. “He let us be wrong.” “Going by the hand of Michael was knowing that he trusted you almost blindly and that report that you were determined to do you would end up doing: ‘I don’t see it, but you have it clear. Do it.’ It turned out well, he would be happy as the most, but if he did not like it, it was also clear. Who would not want to have a boss like that. And a friend like that, “José Larraza related on his Twitter this afternoon, in a text with a black background. Michael was very present, but at the same time he left a lot of freedom. “And I didn’t need to scream. When he didn’t like something he would tell you in a joke, a silence ”. His fine intelligence, his biting humor, “the silver Peter Pan that he carried in his pocket so as not to let his soul get stuck”, Relaño points out, the Movistar newsroom will not forget.“I remember a visit on TV. Michael received them. It was morning and I was at my computer and I looked up. It was always cool to see the English. ‘Michael, how many work here?’ They asked. ‘I think half.’ That’s how it was ”, Fermoso laughs again, revealing that he will have his own Report. “I interviewed him on April 15. It was a way of saying goodbye, but also a song to life ”, he muses, remembering how the disease could never take away his humor (” I spoke to him after Anfield, and he told me: ‘Luis, this looks bad, I have been said that I have 20 with metastases in the brain, which is great news because it means I have to have a brain, ‘he said, ” Luis remembers with a sad voice), before returning to that. “How he mastered the language” How much you will be missed.last_img read more

The seventh will play the Europa League if the Cup final is not played

first_imgIn this case, if the two clubs are in the first six positions and, therefore, already classified for Europe, it would be seventh. If one of the two was ranked in the top six, the other finalist would go and if neither of the two finalists were in the top six, it would be the one with the best position in the league competition of the two. Then he also pointed out that the decision on the classification for Europe will be made at the request of UEFA, “according to the classification of the last day of the First Division in equal numbers of games played by the 20 teams” and with certain criteria .The first four classifieds of the First Division would go to the Champions League at that time and the fifth and sixth to the Europa League. classified with the conditioning factor of the Cup final that should have been played on the 18th. At the last meeting of its Executive Committee UEFA gave federations a deadline of May 27 to submit their guidelines on eligibility for Europe, while “strongly” recommending ending the leagues. In case of impossibility due to the pandemic, it will require the federations in question to select the teams based on the sports merits in the 2019/20 campaign. UEFA has announced this Thursday to the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) that the seventh-ranked LaLiga team will have a place in the next edition of the Europa League, if the final of the Copa del Rey cannot be played. In this way, UEFA discards the option proposed by the RFEF so that in case the cup final is not played and if one of the two finalists already had a place for European competition, the other finalist would participate in the Europa League 2020-21. The Cup final, which must face Athletic Club and Real Sociedad in Seville, is in the air and right now, and at the expense of the League being able to resume Real Sociedad is fourth and would be classified for the Champions League along with Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Seville. ANDl Athletic is tenth. The seventh of the classification is the Valencia, who would be the beneficiary with a European place today in case the decisive match of the KO tournament could not be played and finally the league classification was the current one.The communication from UEFA to the RFEF indicates that “for entry into the Europa League 2020-21, in the event that a National Association ends prematurely, for legitimate reasons, a national cup and, consequently, cannot determine the winner for sporting merits, in application of the competition regulations, the highest ranked unclassified national championship club is the one that is classified, “confirmed the European body to EFE. He also notified that access to the Europa League 2020-21 in the event that the Cup final is completed “in its original format or with another and the classification of the relevant club or clubs is obtained with sporting merits, remains unchanged”, as confirmed by EFE the European body. The RFEF decided on April 16 the classification criteria for European competitions next season and he considered three different options depending on whether the Cup final cannot be played.last_img read more