n Shanghai Longfeng Er needed for development conditions and abilities

1. needs to have strong marketing planning ability

for Shanghai dragon, of course, is the basis of technology, marketing and planning can also play an important role, whether do the bidding or Shanghai dragon, they have the same form belongs to the network marketing, network marketing (since it is the network marketing is the essence of the intention to pay), from the word meaning we can probably understand what the purpose of network marketing is to do what, since it is the same, he and the core of marketing, marketing is the same, is through the means of marketing to sell your products, get the value conversion process, and the only difference is that marketing means and not in the same way, network marketing is based on the network and website in promotion. So for the Shanghai Phoenix staff have strong marketing planning ability is very important, it is your ability of a > show and value of read more

How to achieve the ultimate user experience website

3, a high quality web content

said "user experience" I believe many of my friends are not strange! This is the final result of each Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster pursuit of a website, if there is no good to consider the user experience, even more high flow conversion rate was unable to get a good promotion.

2, the domain name of the website, style

really do sometimes do a daze feeling, because if we are to customers with a marketing conditions of the site is to be considered in many aspects. Of course, when it comes to marketing, our ultimate goal is to put the site must flow into our real customers. So when a personal feeling is not enough, to let everyone make suggestions, in order to be more perfect website. So, how the site to achieve the ultimate user experience read more

On site construction enterprise Trilogy

when we finish our site positioning, is to build our site. We can say this, if the first step for website design sketches, so this step is to sketch the construction. While we need to construct from the three basic aspects of the construction site.


2: site style unique

there is an old saying: everything is hard in the beginning. For a business site originally started relatively difficult, how to get their site is difficult to win at the starting line. As the enterprise site the most important things at the start of what is it? I think that as a business site the first step requires a positioning of the enterprise site. The target market and positioning their products or services to the consumer groups. A successful enterprise site the first step you need to have a clear positioning, but the positioning effect will be deeply to the development direction of the site the day after. When we for our site positioning is correct and clear our online business market, determine the target visitors, which will directly affect our online marketing effect. read more

Once again practice has proved that GG was malicious click no measures taken 100% was KPO shares

According to the

IPO standards for listed companies to apply IPO counseling, is actually "ulterior motives", some for more convenient access to financing; some spread the good news, this is a gimmick raised the price for cash to shareholders. But investors are waiting to be fooled, are patient, the tide receded, out of mix eventually have to return.

– 1/3 or more counseling companies in the "fake" IPO

absolutely sacked!

and I changed the way, open online proxy click, we all know that open proxy click advertising price is high, because the advertising will be based on IP’s an appropriate language, or 1 times a day, Malaysia, the United States, Holland, Taiwan, Japan will be K read more

Keywords Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization ranking idea

products, is nothing more than the pictures and text can meet the demand, not related to the website function or query complex needs, so most of the article page can meet.

done on the home page, excluding large sites to occupy the position, remove the 8 position of bidding is occupied, the rest of the traffic is you, the 100 keyword index, to get the flow of no more than 10 IP a day. Three months for 10 IP a day? This is the Shanghai dragon ER scores, even three months do not ranked.

if the keyword competition is very big, so do the long tail keywords basically is not what competition, through mining thousands of long tail keywords, and then a long tail keywords needs analysis, separately demand for picture and text. read more

K site is how to fast recovery

finally, if the above steps do not accept. If it is not included. We can not solve the complaint. Many webmaster general complaints. But most of the response is the search process, we cannot control the type of mail. Engine optimization Wuhan using small search skills, appropriate to add some words of praise, as for how to praise their thinking. The audit is artificial, when he saw you praise, suddenly feel good, oh, maybe the snapshot back soon.


Optimization Website > key topics

After read more

Web page ranking value

The quality of

some time ago to see an article on the BSG forum from Shanghai R & D department in search of love "on the Internet page value in this paper", "value of" ranking in the search results, how to judge the value of technology "," how to gain direct detail. "The value judgment mentioned today in this standard as the foundation, how to carry out the work of" value gain for simple analysis:

chronergy, a network engine can a sensational news, everyone can get the resonance, a short period of time the event is sustained attention. The explosion had the trend of search volume in short time the news, like the calm lake north wind blowing a burst of waves, wave > blowing read more

How to become a project manager from Shanghai Longfeng rookie

first, you have to know how to accumulate their own Shanghai Longfeng resources, it industry is not the so-called master. Those who claim to be the only master hand is unusual resources, is the accumulation of their own resources on their own set of methods the first thing you have to do. Three do three people by Shanghai Longfeng method we are not the same, a forum, blog, love love love b c information resources classification. Although three people method is feasible, but everyone has their own habits and ways of love the way so the operation is more simple than Shanghai dragon. read more

ncrease the amount and click Show rate of search engine marketing

said that, following specific about how to improve the bidding to show the amount of increase first to show the amount of andenlarge, then have the opportunity to show, that the bid for it, how to do? Is the main surface widening increase keywords, keywords, the opportunity to show more naturally, but it should be note that the keyword to choose relevant keywords, not blindly choose keywords, although this show increased, but many are a waste of money. Andenlarge, but the show is the most bidding 20 position, but the competition must not only so much, if you rank the 20, there is no chance to show. This is the need to improve the keywords quality and price to improve the rankings show, so they have the opportunity to show. Do these two points, the show is basically not a problem. read more

How to see the effect of the global website optimization


, a website search engine is included. The web page included, fully reflects the attention of the search engine on the web. Professional understanding is that the search engine spiders to crawl the site every day in the new content. Then, effective can be stored in the search engine server. When a visitor violates the relevant content of information retrieval, to find the demand content;

site was force, produce transient effect, short-term operation and long-term development of the site is bad. Therefore, the optimization effect of optimization of global staff to learn to observe the site, the main observation point is as follows, effective analysis of site status quo basis. read more

Search engine optimization owners not to PageRank excessive worship

how I put my site do pr5. My site for 09 years running, started to PR0, find some PR0 site exchange. Included is good, so look for 0 well, the 09 year of the Dragon Boat Festival around PR update to 3. after not in management, until October 09 website was hacked, with substantial revision (lack of experience before) caused by K. in December has not recovered. So he started looking for high quality Links. First through contacts, finally through the mail promotion activities of each other exchange mall links. There are 5 pr5-6 sites do Links to us. PR just updated January 1, 2010. The value of PR to 5. now website a lot of pages are ranging from pr2-4, a full 1/3 page is a PR value. I remember most clearly is that after PR5 and pcpop贵族宝贝 media contact (through internal introduction) they gave me the answer is: We 80 boss said. We do not change the PR below 6, it now and a large site exchange links still be verified, large sites with low PR does not change. read more

Sand to teach you how to do the content included snapshot of love Shanghai

if the owners in time have more autonomy, to recommend the sand at this time to update scheduled for 1 a.m. to 2 p.m., there may be many webmaster curious why, the reason is actually very simple, must have some understanding of love in Shanghai station all know, love Shanghai will be about 6 to update the data in the 3 point, if you 1 in the morning to 2 update a website, then love Shanghai just in time to update the data, the way to just grab data be released without having to wait until tomorrow, so we hit the station time difference, the success in the shortest time do love Shanghai snapshot, the content included the read more

The content of the website you can’t know the king is still Shanghai dragon road not farther side

In order to avoid

don’t worry, let me take you to your answer. First of all, the website snapshot is Site in May 26, 2014, it has the keyword snapshot is May 26, 2014, and very coincidentally its web page also has a figure in May 26, 2014.

we first see a website of Shanghai Longfeng query graph.

Taiwan writer Ling Qian’s works "don’t forget the heart,"

AD too, the author of this paper in the screenshot made a deal, but people can still see the clues, as of press time, the website has not any change, ahead of a statement, case website used in the website of the. read more

Buy black chain need to be cautious of website optimization can not be opportunistic

long ago set a new station, in May of this year has been a few months. The site is bjylpb贵族宝贝, the target keyword is: the registration of software copyright, because of my busy work, usually on the website management is too small, resulting in long time sites are not ranked, unable to customer account. After the first web site in the optimization of time, love the sea rank, Google ranked first page, the effect is a good summary, but the focus of this station is the optimization of sex in Shanghai, but for a long time, love Shanghai still did not change significantly, in desperation to cast machine optimization means tricky, black hat Shanghai dragon among them, the most direct is to buy the black chain, many beginners do not know what is the black hat Shanghai dragon, how to bring the effect of the black hat Shanghai dragon is said, through a series of cheating to get a good ranking means spam links, hidden web page, simple bridge, etc. These are black keyword stuffing the Shanghai dragon cap, is the use of the most simple and most direct means, this kind of black chain, black chain is intuitively invisible hung unknown links, actually The tools can query the black chain, here is a very good website, is the webmaster helper, from my contact to a "Shanghai dragon is now the most commonly used query tool, very easy to use. read more

How frequent adjustment of foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng deal with Google ranking algorithm


is very interesting is that there is a factory boss found me and asked me why I did not rank in the website, I explained the Google ranking is very different from the love Shanghai, emphasizes the factors which have great importance to the social elements and despise the chain, still asked me: "where there is foreign social networking the website" good? And told me: "I will let people go outside the chain".

website front: default template, or modify the template;

One thing read more

Shanghai Longfeng only two road _ to all confused novice webmaster

if you have enough strength to go and stand outside the station and it is the most ideal. If you only choose one of them, when you go to a certain distance, you will find that they eventually meet. No matter which way to go, not Jie >


! !

official in Shanghai dragon now has 5 months, the monthly income of up to 5 digits, of course, because of the high profit industries, which in fact is only barely passing (59 points). But no matter what his profession skills are interlinked, can be applied to. Early experience can not talk about, basically in a waste of time I three months before the outbreak of the 2 months, of course, luck is also a great factor, know a lot of noble brothers and sisters along the way, here I sincerely thank you, every one who helped me. Before I write this, who also found a Shanghai dragon circles now has independent company orders 7 digits starting on expert a carefully conceived writing this text, the main purpose is to give the owners still confused a suggestion, in one direction, but achievement or according to the strength of our read more

Shanghai dragon why every day to continue to learn

this time, our learning is vital, as I have said, we have to learn what, in my opinion, is to learn from the experience of others, to develop their own.

how many of the details of things, in my opinion can be early to complete website, how to choose the domain name, space, server and so on, these are preliminary work needs to be completed, if none of these things you do in the early stage, then later when the website to achieve the critical moment when, then how to maintain may also be of no avail and have a good foundation, to build a good house, this is the eternal truth. When it came to the construction site, select the system template, what kind of title, keywords, description, the sooner the better determine the best, don’t do it in the middle of the time, only to find that the choice of keywords no flow, no conversion to change, it is equivalent to the spider to re identify not only your original keywords no flow, later the selected keyword one thirty while it is difficult to rise. The station and anchor text, in the layout of the chain, the overall layout of the site, keyword density, which is basically to do something early, in the late period of time, as little as possible in these places to make changes, otherwise, may hurt the vitality. read more

Shanghai dragon is no more what to do 2013 content


what is the content, content is not the things we used to collect the acquisition source, the content is carefully sorting those good articles, as I recently have been concerned about the "Friends of Q paradise", the contents are carefully sorting every good article, what is a good article in Q friends in the paradise that is the very literary sentence, with a small fresh feeling of the article, the site is now getting better and better, but more and more difficult to maintain, because you cannot make every piece of content you do, maybe you’re thinking, this is not my collection of saving a lot of time but a lot of people? After the acquisition, forget the nature of the site itself, then there is no then. read more

The construction of the chain from the culture blog to A5 soft Wen wrote the successful transformati

I have been thinking, I should be considered Forum web site posts with AD. Delete. This chain is not stable, in a chance, a friend told me a lot of weight blog, so I have registered more than 50 domestic well-known blog, adhere to the website

every day

article reprint to my blog, because it is hand, so the daily workload is very difficult, often stay up late into the night even close to dawn.

blog in just the weight of carved railings and jade inlays, instead of

is one of the few.

, a new way of read more

STE home page found other website data

I have a habit, every morning the first thing is to look at the site, believe that many webmaster like me, to develop the habit of occupation disease, morning SITE website, found the site data, some irrelevant as follows, when you see these data, I immediately feel a sense of foreboding, is not the domain name is Pan analytical, in a few months ago, three of my domain name are pan analytical, really has fear, see the data of the third party, my heart pulling the throat. So I first time landing domain management background, check whether the domain name is in normal state, the domain name is normal, and no problems, then come back and carefully looked at the results of SITE, that is not the domain name is Pan analysis, because the data is third pure data. read more