The new keyword selection and promotion of long tail keywords combat

is as long as we in their anti chain, standing outside the chain will have the opportunity to work on more than him, they are not the number of links. Shanghai, it is not difficult to

love Shanghai search "capacitive" according to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love capacitance can be divided into aluminum electrolytic capacitor, film capacitor, two is

in a new station on the line, three not ranked two did not flow under the weight of three, to the keywords of high flow for traffic with dreaming about, after all, is the search engine ranking, no weight and flow of two important factors ranking never up, so the new promotion, should try to read more

The Shanghai dragon earned first pot of gold which way



but here is that the basic training is based on their own experience, but also need a certain degree of visibility and some contacts, otherwise it is difficult to long for the following.

requires a certain economic strength and in the open side of a > outsourcing company at the same time


shortcomings: the need to take some time, personal website maintenance ability is limited, a person’s energy is more, up to twenty maintenance station has been very great, secondly, the stability of income will be greatly reduced, the more important component of luck is also in the process of operation. read more

A5 optimization team how to deal with the marathon in Shanghai Dragon

: a theme to clear the direction of

The escalating

child will understand a truth, the details determine success or failure. But understand to understand, but the real execution, how many people do you take? The most basic site optimization, whether you do a 404 page perfect? Robot.stxt optimize? Right 301 redirect? A seemingly small problem, but as a webmaster you might just search a words, open the website, absolutely had no fewer than 30% sites did not do such optimization. As can be imagined, the construction site why fail? Casually may find so many faults, but also there are many web site optimization as can be imagined ills. read more

Google paid links link domestic market hard facing the end

the current situation is the main index of the link trading behavior is to look at the googel PR value, a lot of new sites for PR to zero with others do not link exchange and the choice of paid links, looking forward to get high PR value after the exchange links with others with good conditions. But now the noble baby to increase efforts to combat paid links, to paid links is clearly hopeless.

happy makeup network www.kaixin400贵族宝贝 original manuscript, reproduced the famous

The Google read more

On the XML site map is indispensable in the role of large website

two, you can better help the search engines crawl web content

if you have a very large e-commerce website, your website and the inside of the product category has tens of thousands of websites, to list these products and one category in a common web map on the web site is not possible, in this XML site map can be done, it can display large web site information, and can inform the search engines your web site, this is for you to launch a new website very helpful.


a good XML site map can make your site better search engines, if the XML site map can help you eliminate duplicate content web site, so your site will be very clean, and the site can get due weight, the website main keywords in the search engine will have better ranking. read more

How to solve the new home page contains a relatively slow strategy

fourth, the new www without home page and inside pages are included.


new home page included more slowly this problem, we are not unfamiliar, this in our website operation process often encountered, if you encounter a new station in half a month or a month has not been included, so that your website is sure there is a big problem, but a lot of people for the new station is the home page is not included sometimes can not catch the clue, in the new page or have included, is not included in the web page has many problems, quite anxious, sometimes feel at a loss what to do, then let the author help you comb. read more

As a true Shanghai dragon Er its principle is what

we do Shanghai dragon is to pay attention to the principles, otherwise unknown to the public to do Shanghai dragon is not enough, yes, common heart is indeed the best attitude of Shanghai dragon, but the essential principle, stick to their principles, do real Shanghai dragon

first, only one flash page, although there are a number of key words on the front page, but the site has made me for more than 4 months, and there are two words so far in 100, the station I don’t know how long, therefore my principle is after this is one I will not do. read more

An article teach you Shanghai Longfeng resource utilization

is mainly about the connections, you actually should have deep feeling, especially the so-called "connections, in a sense, is the equivalent exchange of social value, it only occurs in the two equality of resources, between the interests of the same person." This sentence, after all, I also contact a lot of big coffee at the same time, there is a big gap, a lot of the time really can only add a little praise friends only, but is this really a role not? This is a utilitarian society, people is nothing more than a resource, I think this and not really what the relationship between individuals, the key lies in how you use these resources to read more

Die love Shanghai algorithm update on Grassroots

Three, the original

experience two, outside the chain should pay attention to quality rather than quantity. From this adjustment can be seen, the chain of garbage by heavy blow on the forum outside the chain also seems to drop right, the forum outside the chain effect is not comparable to the previous, the high quality of the chain is king, and the soft chain will be a very good development trend, first temporarily and regardless of the quality of soft this layer, the soft high originality this feature will be able to meet the requirements of the original search, and high quality of soft Wen to release some of the weights of the high site, so as to give the site a good ranking. Of course, the forum outside the chain although be right down, to bring the website ranking effect is limited, but as a guide to the way a spider crawling website, its role is still there, especially for the new station just on the line, the appropriate forum outside the chain can be a good guide to the site spider crawling, in favor of the amount collected the increase of a problem but this time to note is the extensive links, not all the forum outside the chain, especially from a website to link not too much, but to link to a different site. Finally, Links is an access to the high quality of the chain is an important method, and Links is the source of the chain a relatively stable on the way, if there is a high weight website and you can exchange your weight, believe that the station will also improve. read more

2015 love Shanghai after updating algorithm is one of the 7 most powerful external chain method


for the first time, the dynamic news released in the form of an industry on the site, which is a link bait. Through professional and quick news reports, allowing users to mention an industry will be able to think of your site, then you will be successful.

an in-depth study of a topic of the article, or list of links to other resources, which in itself is a powerful tool to attract external links. This type of link is often regarded as a kind of linkbait the simplest and most effective.

stars in the halo at the same time, they also often accompanied by controversy. Similarly, with a controversial topic, often can attract eyeball. Because there is a dispute, will you come to me to debate, communication and comments as well as onlookers. This also improves the flow read more

Cause analysis of a web site is down right

four. The site on top of the black chain, or buy black chain

black chain is always webmaster circle taboo, a short period of time can bring to the site weight and ranking, but soon the search engine will be seriously drop ~ so don’t buy black chain, will eventually be right down The loss outweighs the gain.

site frequent revision, contains many aspects, generally speaking is for the website in a range of modifications, can also be called revision. The website sometimes it might be for a better user experience, but remember not to be revised several times within a short time. Especially the title of the website, page layout, program changes. First of all, the title of the website in general, modify the time within 3 months, as well. More number of changes, is likely to influence the weight of the site itself. As for page layout changes and changes in procedure, where sesame is not recommended you change. Because the former will affect all aspects of the site keywords ranking, the latter will affect the whole site included, for the most unfavorable site. read more

Discussion click on those things like Shanghai algorithm

: when we summarize the website ranking in the top two pages, and then found that the chain has no effect. This time the use of the five to click on the algorithm to improve the ranking is very effective method. In fact, no matter what kind of optimization methods, need to save the details, do the planning step by step.


access trajectory is also optimization, see the two pictures below, the webmaster is not difficult to find is to search Beijing carton factory, but why URL? When the user after love in search of Shanghai Beijing carton factory, open a website and did not want to find their own look, quickly turn off for the second time the search will appear in Figure 2 marked red place. read more

Do not let the dead links become website weight and user experience in the way of

is a hardware security website operation and stable

two, carefully construction site links

is known as a dead link, not only there is no link is dead link, even in the presence of link resources, but can not be opened or very slow, is dead link. The user’s waiting time limit, when a site is loaded after several seconds still cannot be opened, many users will close up. Moreover, search engine spiders crawling set waiting time, so sometimes it can open the normal browsing, at some time may become a dead link. We give an extreme example, a web site because the domain name DNS cannot open failure. Website articles are there, so this is not a dead link? The answer is yes, this is a typical dead link. read more

Do a website to live to learn this opponent is the best teacher

is not a web site can be carried out through the soft Wen marketing? That is to deal with specific issues, but also analyze the soft content form, different soft suitable forms of different sites, these are in the analysis of competitors, should summarize the experience, but also the methods we use to run better our website.

site structure often conceals important advantages, many sites surface looks very similar, but if a serious look, some websites set up different navigation strategies, also set up a corresponding site map, but some websites are not so careful, but the layout of the site is very Ling. read more

Focus on small details make the website optimization level by leaps and bounds

The contents of the

I give you a suggestion, that is the love of Shanghai through the security certification. Now many sites have adopted this approach, such as the following website:

editor is always the website optimization work.

Shanghai Longfeng the technology has been introduced into China for decades, this technology also becomes the mystery by now, it can be said that this technology is becoming more and more transparent and these optimization methods tend to be quite different result in different results: the optimization of the same key word, the site to others in the home, why you are often in the name of the author after 100? Can be summed up in one sentence: the reason why the details determine success or failure. read more

Five love Shanghai bidding skills to reduce invalid clicks

second: rival

What is the

click for advertising

this kind of people love Shanghai click for advertising purpose is to understand the product or service knowledge and concepts, they are potential customers, but not the most important.

fourth: knowledge

this kind of person is the most popular, is the potential users, they need suppliers, to auction page by love Shanghai to search, click here to visit our website, or call, email inquiry, some eventually become our long-term customers, to the general population is the conversion rate the highest. read more

Liu Jun’s back Where’s Lenovo’s MBGFive failures of YAHOO China

, the captain of the fire chief, did not perform well on Lenovo’s mobile business. In 2015, Lenovo huge loss of $128 million, the domestic mobile phone sales of only 15 million units, compared to 47 million 300 thousand units in 2014, a staggering decline. By 2016, the figure had dropped to less than 5 million units. This is a sharp, fall cliff style has been basically declared in the domestic field of intelligent mobile phone lenovo mobile phone or have been out.


1, YAHOO portal intersection, read more

Golden Wangzhuan a monthly income of three thousand Taobao customers some experience to shareTalking

, this is the author to share the first point, many friends ask Taobao customers is not very good money, the answer is to see your pay. I have to do is because see Taobao customer network a lot of Taobao passenger "thousand", "day into the thousands" tutorial, a little Taobao customer money mode to stimulate the passion, so I started Taobao off road, and even feel that as long as money can do a there is gold taste. As a result, I have been busy for three months, but what about my account? It’s only 10 yuan of income. It looks like a shock. I asked myself, "I’m not diligent enough? Of course not.". I often in the BBS to post promotion, but the more removed the more, the most busy time even have time to eat, but so hard but did not see the account income increased much later, by experimenting finally understand some experience, but also to share with you the following. read more

The electronic commerce spring stingSummarize personal web traffic and earning tips

below summarizes how to improve the flow of some >

is mainly a popular guest, and do some Ali mother advertising what the site opened for almost a month, the first money earned on the twentieth day: 3.95 yuan, advertising click Ali mother. Oh, so far, basically every day there are one or two yuan, I believe that as long as seriously, every day money will certainly be more slowly.

, although the network economy, e-commerce energy released this time, but China’s e-commerce will be new to it?

/ China "entrepreneur" reporter Tao Ran read more

Female star Yu Choi Road in venture capital circlesWhat kind of website can bring you business

make web sites from an online marketing point of view,

2. sells services;

Four years after

if you rank your site in search engines,

Jia Yueting wife Wei Gan: and Wang Sicong, Lan Qin fancy the same company

3. sends messages and sells ads;


B. attracts customers with original high-quality content;


what kind of website can bring you business?

, 33, Wei Gan was a female star, in the music as the round of turmoil, Jia Yueting and his wife Wei Gan’s 1 billion 200 million assets were frozen. read more