2016 corporate wage guidelines published to see how much you up there

for office workers, the most concerned about is the promotion and salary increase. Recently, Guangxi and other places announced the 2016 corporate wage guidelines, may wish to take a look at whether you are in the area of wages. At least 2016 enterprise wage guidelines have been in Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Hebei, Ningxia, Guangxi, Gansu and other 15 provinces have been released. Where do you get the minimum wage? Come and have a look. read more

8 new business opportunities for the new year

the new year coming, new opportunities, friends would like to venture for the coming struggle should first make plans, new opportunities have you found around us, slow down a good look! Change Chinese dizzying market. On the part of the marketers, these changes give them the opportunity to play a competitive advantage, and to another part, how to deal with the impact of these changes has become a big challenge to face.

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Beauty salon is the key to the location of what skills

in life, no matter what kind of business store, a good regional advantage is a little more important now, beauty salons more and more consumer market today for these people to introduce new beauty salons to the site



1. know, baizhanbudai, as the operator of the beauty industry, we must first understand the characteristics of the industry itself, compared with other industries, the beauty salon is time consuming, in addition to the election in the densely populated place, and we should pay attention to the best do not set up too fast in the regional population flow rate, such as the station, large commercial street. Address can be selected in accessible locations, such as the residents of the area set up to work near the stable residents or the worker to target customers, customers can meet the nearest consumption requirements, store location to facilitate customer import. read more

Cosmetics profits open cosmetics store before you look at these

cosmetics profits, this is an indisputable fact, but not all cosmetics shops can have a fiery business, want to open a profitable cosmetics shop, you need to pay attention to the problem can be a lot of. With the continuous development of the cosmetics industry, the competition among the industry becomes more and more fierce. Want to make cosmetic shop business is booming, need to pay attention to the following two points.

First, the design of


a shop design is one of the main stores, as we all know, so to open a cosmetics shop, is still the main, a good facade design is certainly will attract a lot of people, so it will bring much to our customers if a store, not a good design, it will seem very ordinary, certainly no one would think of is a cosmetics shop, no one has come to consult, but also bring bad influence to our store, think this is not a formal, so that a store quality is the key, he is our appearance, can help us to attract tourists, because the store is face, not a good face to attract people, that is a good product will not be bought. read more

ncense porridge to join all the

A significant change occurred in

now catering industry is a lot of food items are moving in the direction of health food development, because the needs of the times there, since the health industry so hot, how can the catering industry not to share. Incense porridge to lead a healthy trend, create like "home" delicious, let consumers feel. Hua Xiang porridge is a health porridge to join the industry leader in the brand, the product line is rich, each kind of delicious are rich in nutrition, super popular. China sweet noodles to join the investment is not large, the market reputation is super good, simple business to join the business make money! read more

80 nternet entrepreneurs to pay attention to what the whole

Internet in recent years, people’s lives influence is growing, and more and more people with this embarked on their own entrepreneurial path. In a word, the Internet has created Chinese Ding Lei, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng legend, the myth of wealth in the past ten years, and now the electronic commerce and the hot 3G, making the next ten years will be another opportunity for entrepreneurs. More and more passion and dream of 80 into the field, imagine the myth of a rich overnight.

but most of the Internet community predecessors who believes that the Internet business opportunity is great, but still should start small, do their own areas of expertise, the dream into a sense of products and services, because many of the early entrepreneurs do not earn money, but also lose money. read more

Not to do business and customer a joke

different store owner’s character will be different, some shopkeepers are very like to open some small joke. Moreover, in the retail business process, in order to enliven the atmosphere, enhance mutual emotional communication between owners and customers, open a few good joke, often can shorten the distance, to create a harmonious atmosphere for shopping. However, the joke should pay attention to timing and occasions, but also to grasp the sense of propriety, but also depends on the object. Do not casually, otherwise, would be counterproductive, self defeating, offending customers, loss of business. read more

Want to succeed in business which requires characteristics

now a lot of people want to start a business, in the face of such a cruel entrepreneurial market, some people can succeed in business, but some people have failed, and this is why? The reason is very simple, entrepreneurs need to have a variety of internal and external factors, including entrepreneurs who want to succeed also need to have certain characteristics, small series of hope about the introduction, can help entrepreneurs.

The founder of
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Guangdong outstanding students in south of the Five Ridges Taiwan the first stop arrived in Huizho

Guangdong and Taiwan is not far away, the two sides cooperate with each other, in line with the development needs of both sides, will provide more opportunities for cross-strait youth entrepreneurship. Recently, the Guangdong outstanding student activities in south of the Five Ridges, Taiwan students invited to visit the students in Huizhou, the exchange of cross-strait innovation and entrepreneurship.

"amazing, full of 3D printer to print out!" In Zhongkai high tech Zone Technology Innovation Center, to participate in the "south of the Five Ridges" of the Taiwan students expressed great interest in the 3D printer. Yesterday afternoon, the second session of the   Guangdong outstanding students in south of the Five Ridges, Taiwan, a line of 31 people first stop to visit Huizhou. read more

Open a jewelry store to know what skills do the whole display

jewelry is very popular in modern times, people’s consumption continues to increase, but also make the industry more popular, modern consumption ability, for some high-end luxury market demand is also increasing. Jewelry as one of the decorations, but also won the favor of many people, and has a huge consumer market. Venture to open a jewelry store, is also a good idea. So, what kind of display skills do you want to open a jewelry store?

what kind of display techniques do you want to open a jewelry store? 1, the "keyboard" jewelry to join the display method read more

A World Without Thieves indoor air treatment a lot of advantages

world without thieves indoor air governance? In the home market, not only has a high popularity, but also very popular with consumers love the brand to join the project selection. The world without thieves indoor air management projects, in the home market, has been a hot item selection. So, what are you hesitating about?

join the world without thieves indoor air governance?


indoor air treatment equipment is the world of industrial furnace dedusting equipment, power plant flue gas desulfurization equipment, harmful gas purification equipment, indoor air pollution control equipment, clean coal combustion equipment to encourage object, to encourage the development of high volume in the dust removal industry, indoor air treatment equipment has the characteristics of high temperature and long life of the day. Under the. read more

Chengdu family bank to obtain public support

good tradition can promote the harmonious development of the family, the child is a favorable environment for the growth of. In a family bank in Chengdu, people see such a lively scene, a lot of people will have a good tradition in the bank, which is a precious spiritual wealth to be handed down from age to age.

The "

" family bank "I feel is a new thing, I very much support, has very good demonstration significance of children education." Yulin Road community residents Lan Yali said, a family needs a good family rules, will improve the understanding of children’s thinking, children should know how to treat the elderly, honest friends, some do not, also can pass the good tradition of rules to correct education. read more

Car beauty just get rich opportunities to join the

in fact, entrepreneurial choice to enter the automotive beauty market, is a very good choice. The choice of auto beauty franchise projects, worthy of our attention and understanding. So, what are you hesitating about?

auto beauty to join which good? How to choose the car beauty brand stores, automotive beauty industry develops fast, there is a another brand, want to open a car beauty shop, with good products, good service, welcome. Auto beauty equipment provided by the company are high quality, after joining the automotive beauty project, there are technical training, technical supervision, shop more simple. read more

Home Furnishing supplies stores how to operate better

to open their own home supplies stores, the need to pay attention to many aspects, then, home stores to operate how to do better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope we can bring some basic recommendations.

How to manage the

household goods store? Now there are many brands on the market, which brings a lot of competition. Household goods store how to operate? Want to get the success of the business, every household goods franchisee in the actual operation should pay attention to the cultivation of the old customer resources, which is the key to successful operation. read more

Sichuan fish net how to join the cask

We must

as chowhound such feelings, even if I what are not, but are not as lethal discarded, that is. See the delicacy on the walk way you must love fish, the same as the chowhound today Xiaobian to introduce you to this delicious food fish barrel.

on the practice of fish, I believe most people will be used to braise in soy sauce, or roasted to eat, this issue on the tongue of the Jiajiang will be to introduce a special approach to fish, it is called a barrel fish. No fire without electricity to eat fish and soup to eat delicious delicious fish, the gas spread around, around the nose, is unable to hide greeds. Smell its fragrance, relaxed and happy; compensation for its meat, memorable, how a "sweet" word. read more

Open a shop of office supplies high net profit

no matter what reason we embark on such a path of entrepreneurship, we have no way not to think about the profit situation. So, when we decide to invest in what kind of business, it is necessary to see how the profits. So, open a shop supplies high profits? Let’s have a simple understanding.

office supplies shop decoration

office supplies shop to be concise, simple, clean, product quality is better, the price is right.

office supplies store

office supplies stores a lot of channels, if you do not open the shop, you can go to the local office supplies wholesale market, or look at the wholesale store. But most of them are from Guangzhou office supplies wholesale market. Of course, you can also choose to purchase online, landing your favorite brand official * website, contact customer service agents to ask the information, remember to ask the question from the bottom, do not ask from the bottom up. read more

How to choose the right to join the brand hotel Business

Join the project is relatively large

catering market of the hotel is to join in our life no matter in what place can see large and small hotels, the hotel brings convenience to our life, but also very fierce competition in the market, different brands have different market positioning, so that consumers have more choices, but also to investors confused, how to choose a suitable hotel brand in so many brands brand


how to choose the right hotel to join the brand

first, look at the hotel brand positioning. read more

nvestment interest small open fishing net wealth Hot pot delicious

as everyone knows, little has been Hot pot is a favorite delicacy feature, because modern people are very busy, many times not to call a few people together to eat Hot pot, small fun fishing Hot pot franchise headquarters aware of people’s psychological needs, to create innovative flavor, adhere to high quality and humanization, won the praise of the people.

[fun fishing small pot how]

fun fishing small Hot pot is an innovative brand in the domestic market Hot pot delicacy Hot pot, have the concept of brand development, advanced variety of product lines, innovative dining form, a listing will be sought after by consumers. Fun fishing to high-quality food and human services to conquer a large number of consumers, won the praise of the market, the store business is hot. Has long been interested in fishing for small pot is committed to creating a free dining experience, so that consumers are free to choose, with their favorite favorite food, intimate mode to get market praise. read more

How to choose the open maternal life Museum address

has a lot of people think investment in maternal and child market, and maternal and child living museum to give everyone a good direction of development, and believes that the development of small achieve stable bound cannot do without good location, especially the first business friends is going to find out the location method, which part of what many people? Where there is no value in the development of small talk? Hereby location method, you can learn a lot about


Living Museum of maternal maternal family want to profit Pumian but on the site to master the method, is located in the maternal maternal family life in the process, investors have to choose according to their own brand business line, and every city in the construction of new business center, but the market is so big. read more