On site construction enterprise Trilogy

when we finish our site positioning, is to build our site. We can say this, if the first step for website design sketches, so this step is to sketch the construction. While we need to construct from the three basic aspects of the construction site.


2: site style unique

there is an old saying: everything is hard in the beginning. For a business site originally started relatively difficult, how to get their site is difficult to win at the starting line. As the enterprise site the most important things at the start of what is it? I think that as a business site the first step requires a positioning of the enterprise site. The target market and positioning their products or services to the consumer groups. A successful enterprise site the first step you need to have a clear positioning, but the positioning effect will be deeply to the development direction of the site the day after. When we for our site positioning is correct and clear our online business market, determine the target visitors, which will directly affect our online marketing effect.

construction site

: the first

is now the enterprise site competition and in the past have been with lots of other differences, in the style of enterprise site also more stringent. How to reflect from the site layout, colors and style of enterprise product value, brand value is very important. At the same time, the content of the site style is also very important, how to make your site content more unique quality, not only can attract visitors, also can attract the search engine spiders favored.


site of the spindle and title not only needs to be clear, and the need for appropriate innovation, people at first sight. This we can see the A5 Adsense online, the spindle and the title is very clear, no extra redundancy.


1: the spindle and the title

positioning of the enterprise site siteThe

3: enterprise site access speed

today’s Internet era is an explosive era, the second happened next seconds has changed. Of course, there are many things jumbly in this era, after many companies make their own enterprise site in spent a lot of time and energy, but not expected to attract traffic, not up to the expected conversion rate, finally can not complete the online marketing objective. After the site is like a stone into the sea disappeared in the wave of internet. I believe that the station would like to be, why not do, we must do our best. So for the enterprise which need to follow a few steps to make your site have a better development in construction site? The author on this issue to share their new – enterprises website trilogy.

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