How to become a project manager from Shanghai Longfeng rookie

first, you have to know how to accumulate their own Shanghai Longfeng resources, it industry is not the so-called master. Those who claim to be the only master hand is unusual resources, is the accumulation of their own resources on their own set of methods the first thing you have to do. Three do three people by Shanghai Longfeng method we are not the same, a forum, blog, love love love b c information resources classification. Although three people method is feasible, but everyone has their own habits and ways of love the way so the operation is more simple than Shanghai dragon.

for Shanghai dragon, I think doesn’t exist in this industry just need more people gave birth to this industry. Shanghai dragon has slowly replaced the information group software also slightly touched the bottom of ppc. Shanghai dragon is not difficult but difficult to do, you ask a contact Shanghai dragon two days friends he can show you a lot of unrealistic ranking method generally cannot do without content, chain, chain three aspects. But in actual combat operation process, but the problems encountered countless. How can we understand the Shanghai dragon from the understanding, to an operation of Shanghai Longfeng technical personnel to the project manager of the

overall, Shanghai dragon is not difficult to execution is important every day to ensure that they have 1->

again, when you Zhefu know how to accumulate resource and have their own set of Shanghai Longfeng method so please change. Remember that job hopping is not resign, personal webmaster development has not much space for you to do is to look for a supervisor position. That officer biggest Shanghai dragon in this industry is in charge of. From a pure Shanghai dragon chain personnel to the metamorphosis of a project manager appears to be very simple, as long as you have your own Shanghai dragon routines you lead a team is very handy. So after all, you led 2 chain according to your company routine Commissioner to do list of perfect you are the best of Shanghai Longfeng project manager.


so, sort out a set of Shanghai Longfeng own routine is very important. Can not say that a project to your hand, you have to follow a good website ranking chain tracking that. These may be the chain although with the keywords you industry, but you have to understand that he sent the article this chain how much time? How many time to be included? What is the number of weights and so on many issues to consider. You have your own resources, your first step will progress very smoothly, such as the first step of my resources is the webmaster forum, catalogue, Links platform, Adsense nets and his blog. Although these and you the keyword relevance may be modest but can you Shanghai dragon first step to successfully ensure effective. After all, we need a new chain fast and high weight to attract spiders. Are you late words related to foreign mining chain work, then you can put each industry authoritative portal website forum ah ah classifies until days after use to this resource can be very handy.

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