The Shanghai dragon earned first pot of gold which way



but here is that the basic training is based on their own experience, but also need a certain degree of visibility and some contacts, otherwise it is difficult to long for the following.

requires a certain economic strength and in the open side of a > outsourcing company at the same time


shortcomings: the need to take some time, personal website maintenance ability is limited, a person’s energy is more, up to twenty maintenance station has been very great, secondly, the stability of income will be greatly reduced, the more important component of luck is also in the process of operation.

, secure work

Shanghai dragon knows, Shanghai dragon is the distance from its recent industry, how the Shanghai dragon grab first pot of gold is almost all Shanghai dragon Er continue to explore problems, this paper summarizes some earn RMB through Shanghai dragon several ways according to the years of industry experience, hope to help everyone.

outsourcing company

orders to earn extra money is currently a lot of practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng Road, due to the particularity of Shanghai dragon industry, as long as the master of this weak technology, said is weak, on the one hand is relatively low barriers to entry, on the other hand is appropriate as long as one or two months of training, will be able to do something the migrant workers live, and through this skill orders no problem. So the external orders to earn a living in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is popular, but the real fast orders fortune really not much, but for the cost of living subsidies has been far from enough. Here we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of orders.

is currently optimized for more than seventy percent of the market on the road, secure work, overtime, promotion, get a good occupation prospects, to the success of management position, get the life first bucket of gold, or directly as a senior researcher in Shanghai dragon phoenix. Technology and wages will be promoted step by step, with the promotion of technology continues to climb, of course, need some patience and perseverance, insist on is more difficult.

advantages: after accumulating enough contacts and orders, if there is sufficient capacity, the monthly income of forty thousand above is not a problem, before I have a friend on the way to buy a car, income is not a problem, we also envy endless.

no matter what the industry, has been ups and downs, in and out, but the training industry is a sunrise industry invincible, including Shanghai dragon in this industry is no exception, good training, its popularity after the fight, can rely on this thing to live, and do not need their own hands, just move lips, to appear relaxed and free money, for example, is now the only figure retire after winning merit, Wang et al., is to realize the transformation smoothly based on the achievement of higher.

4, to earn extra money

3, Shanghai dragon training and consultant


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