Google paid links link domestic market hard facing the end

the current situation is the main index of the link trading behavior is to look at the googel PR value, a lot of new sites for PR to zero with others do not link exchange and the choice of paid links, looking forward to get high PR value after the exchange links with others with good conditions. But now the noble baby to increase efforts to combat paid links, to paid links is clearly hopeless.

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The Google


for network fraud and search rampant fraud, but also the noble baby punch, Google launched a new, improved version of the spam report. Experience and operation issues to improve the webmaster to report spam sites, a large number of related web sites to further help Google out of the search results.

three, link analysis: domestic trading market will be the end of

in fact, with the black hat Shanghai dragon prevailed, nobility baby had added to the sale link to the site of punishment, punishment is mainly for the PR value of decline. The afternoon of July 18th, Google once again updated the PR value, there is a lot of news website PR down. Among them, the North web page (PR7) now become PR5, Jiaodong online (formerly PR6) turned PR4, jellyfish net home page (PR6) turned PR4, an online home page (PR6) first became PR5 more than 10 local news portal PR fell across the board.



two is the most lethal of press newspaper paid links page

, Google to combat spam sites of

in fact, I have spent thousands of links to purchase behavior, but can be said to be of no effect, in fact, do stand will find a new website even without any outside chain, if you continue to update the content, PR 3 is a very natural thing. All I suggest you do not waste money on paid links, the construction of the core of a website or website of Shanghai dragon.


four advice: illegal links actually has no value


improvement, the other is old, but this report paid links to the domestic Shanghai dragon industry can be said to be the most lethal.

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