On the XML site map is indispensable in the role of large website

two, you can better help the search engines crawl web content

if you have a very large e-commerce website, your website and the inside of the product category has tens of thousands of websites, to list these products and one category in a common web map on the web site is not possible, in this XML site map can be done, it can display large web site information, and can inform the search engines your web site, this is for you to launch a new website very helpful.


a good XML site map can make your site better search engines, if the XML site map can help you eliminate duplicate content web site, so your site will be very clean, and the site can get due weight, the website main keywords in the search engine will have better ranking.

three, can help the search engines fast included large e-commerce sites and

, a repeat XML site map can prevent content


we are familiar with the site map is generally divided into two types: XML and HTML site map site map, many new Adsense think XML site map and HTML site map is the same, should be reported to the previous material is also showed that XML and HTML are similar to the site map, search engine friendly is the same, in fact, the two site map, there are some differences, XML site map is to the search engines to see the site map, HTML site map is to increase the user experience of the site map, is for users to access the site to see. So what is the role of the XML site map in a large portal



site map is not a strange word, then a bit map is a popular website page, above the record of all the web pages link to the site, but the site map to see it not visit other website, which is to help the search engines crawl your site map, is dedicated to the search engine spider generation.

consulting in enterprise station or multi site, whether users to access the site or search engine, may not be the first time to find their needs, so these sites also need to help the site map, at the same time the user experience and search engine optimization of the double harvest. Some of the personal site and enterprise station, it is necessary to establish the XML site map, because these sites pay more attention to search engine optimization and ranking, is the hope that the website so the content can be the search engines to crawl, for a collection is not a very good website, build a XML site map can be greatly extended the search engine spiders crawl on the site within the time, thoroughly improve the collection of updates, so XML site map is a map format of each site indispensable.

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