As a true Shanghai dragon Er its principle is what

we do Shanghai dragon is to pay attention to the principles, otherwise unknown to the public to do Shanghai dragon is not enough, yes, common heart is indeed the best attitude of Shanghai dragon, but the essential principle, stick to their principles, do real Shanghai dragon

first, only one flash page, although there are a number of key words on the front page, but the site has made me for more than 4 months, and there are two words so far in 100, the station I don’t know how long, therefore my principle is after this is one I will not do.

Shanghai dragon

second principles: the number of website company. Love Shanghai adjustment algorithm has shown that: website information of the same only one station, so many companies have multiple web sites are only a ranking is normal, the other is either down right or be K, I had the same experience, a company of 4 sites, one was poor a website ranking did not go up, the other three are in the home, after the Shanghai love algorithm adjustment, now only a website ranking, and require 4 sites to receive money in home, very serious loss to us.

fourth is for us to control a process of Shanghai Longfeng own website, I do a website already on the home page, and the other has money, but the other optimization personnel increased many articles are not used to the site, the key word all fall down. Don’t be a website, I was in the optimization, and high index keywords, though I do not pay attention, and a lot of articles (other websites) and deleted many of my Links day, let the site right down, a number of keywords to 100 after the customer interference. Let Shanghai dragon Er too much to handle.

each people have their own principles, of course, as a true Shanghai dragon, what is its principle of

fifth: a web site keywords, according to the current Shanghai love the adjustment of the algorithm, if a web site keywords more than 10, and the 6 is hot, then it must be very difficult to do, and I also have a lot of station is the case, if the other party to ensure that all that it takes optimize the staff very much time, so we are always 10 words on the front page 6.

? !

third is the most outrageous, our salesman took this form, which requires all keywords on the front page before three, after the left, and the single pass through more than one hand after I go to optimize the staff to do this, it was the site was down the right, for two months although, there have been several keywords to the home page, but to all of the top 3, this requirement is not feasible, so for this we should stick to their principles.

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