Die love Shanghai algorithm update on Grassroots

Three, the original

experience two, outside the chain should pay attention to quality rather than quantity. From this adjustment can be seen, the chain of garbage by heavy blow on the forum outside the chain also seems to drop right, the forum outside the chain effect is not comparable to the previous, the high quality of the chain is king, and the soft chain will be a very good development trend, first temporarily and regardless of the quality of soft this layer, the soft high originality this feature will be able to meet the requirements of the original search, and high quality of soft Wen to release some of the weights of the high site, so as to give the site a good ranking. Of course, the forum outside the chain although be right down, to bring the website ranking effect is limited, but as a guide to the way a spider crawling website, its role is still there, especially for the new station just on the line, the appropriate forum outside the chain can be a good guide to the site spider crawling, in favor of the amount collected the increase of a problem but this time to note is the extensive links, not all the forum outside the chain, especially from a website to link not too much, but to link to a different site. Finally, Links is an access to the high quality of the chain is an important method, and Links is the source of the chain a relatively stable on the way, if there is a high weight website and you can exchange your weight, believe that the station will also improve.

experience, love Shanghai pay more attention to the old station. The new wave will be relatively large, sometimes you will find new sites get good rankings, but this is a very unstable. In addition, we can see more or less some of the weight of the old station is very high, but also to maintain stability in the frequent updates of the rankings, the snapshot is not far behind, although the new sites included in the chain, etc. compared to the old station, but still can not have a good ranking. At the same time, the inside pages of the old station seems to have been a love for Shanghai, in the rankings, the inside pages of the old station even more than a few months of the new good line. This update seems to remind us of the webmaster do stand should focus on the long term, flat mentality, practical to do every thing, someday you can return to the industry.

love Shanghai recently the algorithm constantly adjust our webmaster mood also follow the fluctuations. In this adjustment, a lot of the chain, the site included and rankings are different degree of change, can say a few happy, some unhappy, while the author belongs to worry, to optimize the love of Shanghai, was full of confidence, and now feel confused, sometimes really want to abandon themselves to despair from the grassroots, but strong grassroots personality, immortal thoughts once again let me down to analyze, to understand the vital of the adjustment.

experience is more important. The original is every webmaster pursuit, is also the most important search engine, this seems to reflect the more obvious. The new station in the rush to line, just began to copy and paste some articles to enrich the site, according to the previous love Shanghai to the railway station will be more or less included, but the love of Shanghai turned a blind eye to these repetitive content, many copies of the content search almost not included, after some false original article.

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