Dinosaur With One Finger on Each Hand Discovered

first_imgThe majority of therapods had three fingers per hand. The T. Rex only had two, but still managed to make due. Old Linhenykus monodactylus, on the other, um, hand, looks a little less menacing, thanks to the odd single digit construction of its arms–the first dinosaur to be discovered with that unusual feature.Linhenykus was discovered in northern China, a hotbed for fossil discovery. According to scientists, it likely dates back to around 80 million years ago. Early meat eating dinos actually had five fingers, shedding them over the intervening tens of millions of years. Linhenykus’s fingers, meanwhile, were likely used to help ferret our termites. Evolution does some weird, messed up stuff, man. Check out the Linhenykus monodactylus. It’s a therapod dinosaur–the same group that gave us such terrifying meat eaters as the Velociraptor and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. last_img read more

Odwalla Juice Is The Latest To Adopt PlantBottle Technology

first_imgCoke and Pepsi continue to outdo one another when it comes to plant-based bottles. This time Odwalla, a division of Coca-Cola, will be using 100 percent plant-based bottles for its juice products.The bottles are made with high density polyethylene, which has been created using sugarcane grown in Brazil. Another Coke product, Dasani, will also be using a similar material for its bottles, though it will only make up 30 percent of the bottle, much like the Heinz PlantBottle.“The PlantBottle” packaging represents a significant step in Odwalla’s ongoing sustainability efforts to protect our planet” said company president Alison Lewis.AdChoices广告THe new bottles will be 100 percent recyclable, and are available on store shelves right now.last_img read more

Blizzard pushes Diablo III release back to early 2012

first_imgBack in February the development team at Blizzard Entertainment working on Diablo III stated they were really hoping to get the game out this year, and that it was their “goal to get it there.”Fans crossed their fingers and hoped for the best, but unfortunately setting a goal and hoping wasn’t enough. Blizzard has confirmed today that Diablo III will not launch before the end of the year. Instead, a new release window has been set of early 2012, which is just as infuriatingly vague as the last time frame given.There are some plus points to this development extension, though. Blizzard has decided to extend the closed beta for the game, meaning if you are part of that process you have additional time to play with the pre-release builds. Blizzard also want more testers playing, so if you already have a Battle.net account with a Blizzard game listed on it, go to your account management section and opt-in to the beta now.One final thing Blizzard announced today is a reprieve for anyone who was involved in the Diableard challenge. It saw anyone taking part agree not to shave their beard until the release day of the game. With that release potentially being an additional 1-3 months away, Blizzard has a new found “fear for your well-being and personal hygiene.” So it’s fine if you want to shave it off and remind your friends what you look like this Christmas.Blizzard assures us that the extra time is required to ensure the game is everything fans expect it to be. As for getting a release date locked down, apparently we just need to keep watching Diablo3.com for the announcement, hopefully that arrives before 2011 is over.Read more at Battle.net and Blizzardlast_img read more

As amazing as Siri is now heres how it can get even

first_img‘Tis the season for Apple fans around the world to line up (or wait for the doorbell to ring) and get their hands on a shrink-wrapped, boxed-up, shiny new iPhone. Of course the killer feature of this year’s iPhone 4S is undoubtedly the A.I. assistant, Siri. As Siri is described as Beta software, you can bet that Apple is already tweaking and improving “her” capabilities. How can Siri get better?The biggest potential lies in Siri’s getting more access to third-party apps. Sure, Siri can access your contacts, email, messaging, calendar, and all other Apple-made apps, but what about third-party applications? Right now, Yelp and Wolfram Alpha appear to be the only ones in that elite group.It’s understandable why Siri wouldn’t immediately be able to access every app in the App Store. The point is for “her” to respond to everyday language, so when there are competing apps in one category, how are you going to determine which one gets Siri duty? The last thing Apple wants is for users to have to sift through a list of applications in order to choose defaults for Siri. Additionally, if Apple had been working with every developer in the App Store, preparing them for Siri integration at launch, every detail would have been leaked before Apple’s 4S event.It does appear that increased third-party access for Siri is inevitable. Unless Apple wants to develop their own app for every category imaginable, it’s the only logical way for the technology to evolve. So which third party apps will drastically improve the Siri experience?Third-party music players would be a killer addition, particularly music streaming services. Wouldn’t you love to tell Siri, “Play Exodus by Bob Marley in Rdio.” Or, better yet, choose a default music app for Siri to play when you request any song (I’m not sure if Apple would allow that, but it would be awesome). With the huge catalogs that services like Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, and Mog offer, you could then hear nearly any song in existence by simply telling Siri to play it (provided you’re a subscriber).Or how about Shazam or Soundhound access for Siri? If the excellent music ID services have a downfall, it’s that you have to unlock your phone, open the app, wait for it to load, and then hit a button before it will even start ‘listening.’ By that point, the song you were trying to identify could be over. But what if you could just say “Siri, Shazam this song,” and she immediately launched the app (very quickly with the A5 processor in the 4S)?For that matter, how about a combination of Netflix and IMDB data? You could beckon Siri to “Play something from the early 90’s with Daniel Day-Lewis in it.” Within seconds, you would see The Last of the Mohicans’ opening credits.Yet another huge category of third-party apps that is missing from Siri is turn-by-turn navigation. Sure, Siri will open Maps and show you a list of directions, but you don’t get voiced real-time navigation. Having Siri connect to Tom Tom, Navigon, or even a future Apple navigation app (?) would be a shot of adrenaline to Siri’s capabilities.Facebook would be another major app for Siri to get friendly with. How about telling Siri to post something to your wall, or send a Facebook message to a friend? Or what if Siri could notify you of new friend requests, and you could tell her whether to accept them? For that matter, if you could access all of the data accessible from your friends’ profiles, you could ask Siri “what was Julie Appleseed’s major in college?” on your way to meet up with your old friend. The possibilities would be nearly endless.If we want to venture into the realm of silliness, how about asking Siri to “launch the bomb bird at the base of the tower, next to the pig with the crown.” Boom. “Siri, create a line of sunflowers, and then plant a pea shooter in the first row where a zombie appears.” Splat.The most amazing thing about Siri is that Apple is just now scratching the surface with this artificial intelligence. As much as you might be blown away by Siri’s capabilities now, we will likely look back at this as “Siri 1.0” five years from now. In much the same way that the first iPhone’s single-paged homescreen – with no third-party apps – looks primitive now, this introductory version of Siri will pale in comparison to where “she” will be then.I can’t wait.last_img read more

Microwave gun treatment will stop you from sweating for up to a

first_imgSweat is the gross by-product of spending an otherwise nice day in the sunshine. No one enjoys the embarrassment of having sweat puddles underneath their armpits, or the accompanying odor. That might all change soon because Miramar Labs Inc. has created miraDry, a long-term solution to an embarrassing problem.miraDry is a non-invasive procedure that requires nothing more than local anesthesia. It’s essentially a small gun that uses microwave energy to destroy your sweat glands. Firstly, it uses a suction system to bring the glands closer towards the surface, the skin is then cooled so it’s protected while the microwaves, and then the glands are destroyed, never to return. It’s designed for use in your armpits, the most common problem area for people.It’s a safe (allegedly), easy way to stop you from sweating under your arms. It also destroys the hair follicles — a bonus for women — and it gets rid of any odor too. There are other ways to treat sweating under the arms but they involve surgery, miraDry is a no-risk solution and, on average, 82% of the sweating stops completely.Sweat is vital to cool our bodies down but as your underarms only contain around 2% of your total sweat glands, it’s completely safe to get rid of them.Sadly, it doesn’t last forever, the treatment lasts up to a year. That’s a long time, but the procedure requires two sessions and will set you back $3000.It might not be necessary for the average person to have this treatment but it may come as a big relief for some.More at WSJ via Gizmodolast_img read more

HTC announces the HTC One

first_imgIt’s been a while since anyone has seen HTC quite this excited about a product launch. The company’s social network accounts have been steady teasing and hinting at today’s press conference, which we now know is the HTC One. HTC’s joint UK and US press event today offered their best foot forward in a clear demonstration of their earlier announced decision to release what they called “Hero” phones. The long speculated HTC M7, which was even heard during an HTC New Years event being shouted by the CEO himself, has taken the role of Flagship as HTC moves into 2013. HTC has continued their focus on branding their phones as “Lifestyle” devices that place emphasis on interacting with the work around the users. The pre-show video clips were a rotating collage of people from all walks of life, filled with colors and smiles. The HTC M9 is now the HTC One, and it’s clear that the company is looking to continue the feel of this phone being the center of your lifestyle.HTC came out of the gate taking swings at the smartphone ecosystem, focusing on the small hardware and software iterations that have plagued the ecosystem as a whole. HTC promises that the One is different, with an all new hardware design, Camera, and new ways to use the Operating System. HTC is all about unique experienced, including an IR blaster for controlling your home entertainment center. HTC’s reliance on BeatsAudio over the last few years hasn’t been a great experience, though it has continuously impreved right up to the Droid DNA. The One’s front facing stereo speakers are designed to stop the need to cup your smartphone when you listen to anything with the external speakers. HTC’s One is also packing a pair of high quality microphones, with the promise that you could even record music from a live concert without the terrible result that is so familiar from a smartphone. HTC is no stranger to focusing on the camera, and with the HTC One there’s a good reason to. The front facing camera on the One is eye catching, soaking up a lot of real estate on the front of the phone. The One continues their wide angle FFC, positioned in the top right corner for ease of use in both portrait and landscape. The rear camera features what HTC is calling an Ultrapixel, offering the ability to absorb 300% more light, as well as HDR video. The new camera technology is unique to the One, and includes an all new software package to take advantage of this technology called HTC Zoe.HTC Sense is brand new as well, going into Android and changing the UI completely from previous version of the Sense variant. The desktop UI replaces space previously used for apps and widgets, replacing them with a customize-able feed of news, entertainment, and social networking. The new “Blink Feed” focuses heavily on soaking up the whole desktop with snapshots from all kinds of content providers. Most of the launcher items like the app dock and notifications all ring true of Android as we know it, but the desktop feed is now completely HTC controlled. HTC’s hardware construction is nearly 100% aluminum, using a design they call zero gap. The surface of the phone acts as the antenna for radios, allowing the phone to make calls without the potential for human interference. Like the Droid DNA, the front of the phone features Gorilla Glass curved all the way to the edges of the design, with micro-drilled holes for the speakers. The front of the phone is emblazoned with HTC’s logo on either side of the The One will be launching globally, in their largest rollout ever. The phone starts shipping at the end of March on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile in the US. The phone will be available in 32GB and 64GB variants of a white-ish silver or black. The One will also be available in Best Buy locations around the US on launch day. HTC had dubbed this phone the best phone ever, but keep an eye out for our hands on to make sure!last_img read more

ATT waits until Google announces Fiber to reveal competing service

first_imgGoogle’s Fiber initiative is making waves in Austin, TX. This time it didn’t take long for local competition to respond, however, as hours after the announcement AT&T revealed a plan to deliver their own gigabit fiber internet service.The US lags behind when it comes to the quality its internet service. In fact, the country isn’t even in the top five when rating nationwide internet performance. When you consider the size of the US and the infrastructure needed, it makes sense that deploying something like a gigabit network would take longer than in a nation like Germany or Japan. Google’s Fiber initiative sought to change that, even if it meant resistance from local ISPs. Things are going a little differently in Austin, where AT&T will match Fiber with its own ultra-high speed service.Until this week, there was nothing remotely close to a gigabit connection available to the citizens of Austin. In the same day, only hours apart, the city received two different providers planning to deliver gigabit fiber in the coming months. Google’s Fiber announcement was celebrated by the people of Austin and the local government, while a press release a few hours later revealed AT&T’s intent to deliver the same performance. Even so, in the adjoining press release AT&T noted that “this expanded investment is not expected to materially alter AT&T’s anticipated 2013 capital expenditures.”AT&T didn’t attach any pricing to their announcement. As best we can tell, from the near-free 5MB plan all the way up to the unlimited everything $130 plan, AT&T’s current broadband pricing tiers are not going to be able to compete. Offering gigabit means adjusting AT&T’s entire U-Verse pricing scheme, which currently maxes out $110 per month with TV phone, and 24Mbps down. And the pricing isn’t a fixed rate — it goes up after the promotional periods expire. This obviously won’t work once Google Fiber is in town.While competition is always a good thing, it seems from their statements that it would be easy for AT&T to deliver this service to Austin. If that’s true, and their service rolls out to compete directly with Google, it’s hard not to wonder why AT&T didn’t released speeds even remotely close to gigabit in the past. There are some parts of the US where 150Mbps down is a regularly available, and AT&T wasn’t offering that in Austin, but all of a sudden they have what they need to deliver gigabit fiber to everyone’s homes.last_img read more

Interview Video Game High School cocreator Freddie Wong

first_imgIf you’ve never seen the web series Video Game High School, you’re missing out. VGHS is the result of an impressive Kickstarter project that resulted in a fun webseries that has now grown up into a TV style show about kids who go to a school that teaches all of their students to be professional gamers and game creators.What makes the show unique is the transition from the real world to the video game world. As the main characters sit down to their video game of choice, the viewer is transported with the character into the game, where they are now acting out whatever they are playing. It’s a fun way to add a dose of action to the series, and in this new season the creators have decided to do a better job visually separating the real world and the game world using a unique mixed frame rate solution.We spent some time with VGHS co-creator Freddie Wong to discuss this further.If your television or monitor supports it, you may notice that the game world looks a little different. The motion of the characters, the way the world blends from scene to scene, and a few other visual artifacts. Video game world in VGHS looks different now because it is being presented in 48FPS.Much in the same way the actual video games prize higher frame rates, Video Game High School uses High Frame Rate (HFR) recording to make the game world look more surreal. This was accomplished with a combination of Red Epic and Scarlett cameras and a lot of trial and error, according to co-creator Freddie Wong. The game world is also where you’ll see most of the special effects in the show, particularly when someone is shot during the FPS battle that happens in every episode.Season 2 of VGHS has just started, and will air for free online through 6 half hour episodes. The episodes are now completely formatted as though they were made for traditional television, right down to the catchy theme song with brief character flyovers at the beginning of each episode.last_img read more

Googles new Helpouts let you make money while you Hangout

first_imgHaving a video chat with five or six friends is pretty cool, but earning money from a Google Hangout? That’s awesome, and now you can do it with Helpouts.Helpouts is yet another way for Google to provide web users that are in need of help with assistance — because, yes, there are times when watching a YouTube video or seven and scrolling through pages of search results just doesn’t yield the solution to your problems.Helpouts lets anyone (for now, anyone with an invite code) set up shop online. Payments are made using Google Wallet, and Google will take a 20% cut.There are, of course, restrictions on the types of services you can provide. Things like private cooking lessons, language coaching, and bike repair? All fine. Private sex shows and one-on-one gambling? Not so much.“Dangerous” content is also not allowed, so you probably can’t use Helpouts to teach people how to construct a full-size tiger pit in their backyard, either.Clues about the arrival of Helpouts first surfaced last month, and it looks like Google has big plans for the service. Helpouts aren’t just about letting people like you or me walk someone through upgrading the RAM on their laptop. Google has corporate aspirations as well.Big companies that want a new way to reach out to customers may want to get in on the action, too. Leaked screenshots revealed a slew of Helpouts connected to a Sears Blue Crew account that helps shoppers get acquainted with their new appliances.Once it’s deemed ready for the general public, Helpouts will let users browse offerings by category or search for them — just like you would apps in Google Play or extensions in the Chrome Web Store.If you’re interested in getting an early look, just head on over to Helpouts and request an invite code.last_img read more

Travel around Dublin city centre More traffic changes for Luas works

first_img Oct 27th 2016, 9:32 PM Travel around Dublin city centre? More traffic changes for Luas works The right turn from O’Connell Street to Cathal Brugha Street will close permanently. 14,669 Views https://jrnl.ie/3050690 Image: O’Connell Street Upper via Google Maps Thursday 27 Oct 2016, 9:32 PM Source: An Garda Síochána/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URLcenter_img Image: O’Connell Street Upper via Google Maps 9 Comments The alternative route to the area for general traffic is via Parnell Square, Gardiner Row, Great Denmark Street and Hill Street. This is shown on the map below. Source: Click here for a larger image of the mapBuses, taxis and cyclists may access the area via Parnell Square and O’Connell Street, turning left into Cathal Brugha Street from the O’Connell Street southbound carriageway.It comes as the Transport Minister agreed to suspend some Luas works before Black Friday, following calls from businesses owners.Works will be suspended on Dawson Street, Nassau Street, Lower Grafton Street, pedestrian areas at College Green, Westmoreland Street and footpaths on O’Connell Street.Planned pavement works outside business premises will also be deferred until January 2017, but the work around Trinity College will continue in November and December.Read: The bottom of Dawson Street is now closed to traffic for Luas works> FOLLOWING THE CLOSURE of the lower end of Dawson Street earlier this month, another change has been announced to facilitate the Luas Cross City construction.However, this change is set to be permanent.The right turn from O’Connell Street to Cathal Brugha Street will close on the morning of Wednesday 9 November. By Cliodhna Russell Share38 Tweet Email1 To facilitate Luas works, the right turn from O’Connell St to Cathal Brugha St will permanently close on Wed Nov 9th https://t.co/cCvQiyfnml— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) October 27, 2016last_img read more

Gardaí launch murder investigation after fatal shooting on North Circular Road

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Superintendent Ann Markey says the investigation has now been upgraded to suspected murder, weapon has not been found yet. pic.twitter.com/EVkqrPCwOk— Michelle Hennessy (@michellehtweet) February 21, 2017 Gardaí launch murder investigation after fatal shooting on North Circular Road It’s believed Gary O’Brien died after he was shot in the head. Tuesday 21 Feb 2017, 3:35 PM http://jrnl.ie/3250287 Source: Michelle Hennessy/Twitter Share26 Tweet Email Image: Michelle Hennessy/TheJournal.ie By Rónán Duffycenter_img Feb 21st 2017, 3:35 PM 23 Comments Updated 3.32pmGARDAÍ HAVE UPGRADED their investigation into the death of Gary O’Brien in Dublin on Sunday night.Speaking at a press briefing this afternoon, Superintendent Ann Markey confirmed the probe has now become one of suspected murder.The victim, who was in his early 50s and originally from Finglas, sustained a gunshot wound to the forehead at a flat on the North Circular Road at about 8.30pm.No weapon has yet been recovered and Superintendent Markey appealed to locals or anyone passing through the area on the night of the murder to contact gardaí with any information they had. 25,169 Views “If they have seen anything suspicious or any activity they found unusual between the hours of 8pm on the 19th, that’s Sunday night, and 6am on Monday morning.”Anybody acting suspiciously, anybody entering or exiting gardens  any mobiles, anybody that they feel that’s suspicious during that time.“There may be evidence that has been discarded or disposed of in the vicinity,” she told reporters today.Markey described the victim as being “well-known in the area” as he had lived there for more than seven years. He was a father to one son and had a number of grandchildren. The superintendent said the man had limited mobility.Two people, a man in his mid 30s and a woman in her late 30s, have been arrested over the fatal shooting. They were arrested late last night and early this morning and are still being held for questioning.The two are being detained at separate stations in Dublin city under section 50 of the Criminal Justice Act and can be held for up to seven days.With reporting by Michelle HennessyRead: Gardaí are still searching for gun after man dies in shooting >Read: Staff held at knifepoint during robbery at Mace shop in Carlow this morning > Short URL Image: Michelle Hennessy/TheJournal.ielast_img read more

The 5 at 5 Wednesday

first_imgThe 5 at 5: Wednesday Five minutes, five stories, five o’clock… No Comments Wednesday 18 Jan 2017, 5:05 PM 7,177 Views Jan 18th 2017, 5:05 PM EVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, TheJournal.ie brings you the five news stories you need to know as you head home for the day.1. #LUCAN: Gardaí are appealing for witnesses as part of their investigation into the violent murder of Neil Reilly in Dublin.2. #UPHELD: A man who was jailed for life for the murder of a Shane Geoghegan in Limerick has lost his appeal over that conviction.3. #FREED: Chelsea Manning could be released as early as May after her prison term was commuted by US President Barack Obama.4. #U-47700: The HSE has issued a warning to illegal drug users in the Cork area over a powerful new drug following the death of 16-year-old Michael Cornacchia.5. #DUBLIN: Thomas Fox (29) replied “not guilty” when he was charged today with the murder of Gareth Hutch. Short URL http://jrnl.ie/3192943 By Rónán Duffy Share Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Shutterstock/Africa Studio Image: Shutterstock/Africa Studiolast_img read more

Putting rubbish in the wrong wheelie bin Itll cost you an average

first_img 30,692 Views 52 Comments http://jrnl.ie/3285068 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Garreth MacNamee Short URL Tuesday 14 Mar 2017, 6:10 AM Mar 14th 2017, 6:10 AM Image: Brendan Brennan Share Tweet Email3 ONE REFUSE COMPANY has started fining customers who frequently contaminate their wheelie bins with inappropriate rubbish.Greyhound has hired 25 new members of staff whose job it is to inspect bins to make sure the waste is properly segregated.Those deemed to be frequent offenders will be slapped with an average fine of in and around €30 every time they neglect to dispose of their rubbish properly.Households will be sent a warning letter stating that they have been improperly disposing of their rubbish. They will then be given around a four-week period to start using the service correctly. If not, they will then be sent a fine. The precise cost of the penalty will depend on exactly how much it costs to dispose of the contaminated waste.According to Greyhound’s updated terms and conditions, if collectors spot that your bin has contaminated waste, they will then be within their rights to not collect the rubbish. Customers will then have to pay for “a separate service to be arranged at a cost of €30″.If the contamination is identified after collection, “the customer may be charged a disposal/cleaning charge of up to €30″ in addition to usual charges.Green and brown bins for recyclable and food waste respectively are the ones which people have the most problems with, according to Greyhound.A spokesman for the company said: “This is the cost of disposing of the contaminated waste. It’s not about targeting people who make a one-off mistake, it’s about going after the repeat transgressors. But there’s a positive aspect to it as well. Once the household receives the warning letter, their behaviour changes very quickly.”A survey conducted by the firm last week found that only 30% of brown bins are being presented for collection – down from 50% two years ago. Food and other waste that should be disposed of in brown bins is being found in black and green bins.The firm’s managing director, John Brosnan, said: “We have introduced a fair usage policy to tackle the massive amount of inappropriate waste in green and black bins. The new policy has received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers. When letters are received from those who have contaminated their bins, brown bin usage immediately jumps to 70%”In the last year, concrete bricks, large household electrical goods and dead animals have been discovered in green bins by collection crews.Read: Woman who broke tooth on Centra ciabatta roll awarded €17,470 damages >Read: Watch Enda Kenny teach a US reporter how to pronounce ‘Taoiseach’ > Image: Brendan Brennan Putting rubbish in the wrong wheelie bin? It’ll cost you an average of €30 every time Greyhound said the reaction to the new measures has been positive. last_img read more

Family found wrong corpse in coffin when they went to say goodbye

first_imgFamily found wrong corpse in coffin when they went to say goodbye to their grandad The body had been mixed up with another man and been buried three days earlier in the wrong grave. Share27 Tweet Email4 THE GRIEVING FAMILY just wanted to see the body one last time before his cremation. But peeking into the coffin for the final farewell they got a shock: it was someone else.The 90-year-old had in fact been buried three days earlier in someone else’s grave.The embarrassed firm of undertakers in the southern town of Weiz in Austria admitted to the mix up this week.Inside the coffin ready to be given up to the flames was an 86-year-old man whose family thought they had already said their final goodbye to days before.Andreas Adlmann from funeral directors Koller-Adlmann told the Kleine-Zeitung daily that an employee “had not taken proper notice of the toe tags”.“This was a human error that should never have happened,” he said. He promised that in future a record will be made for every cadaver that will be signed by two people.As the family of the 90-year-old waited at the crematorium, his coffin was quickly dug up, cleaned up and brought over.And the 86-year-old was buried where he should have been, as a priest looked on and gave the necessary consecration.© – AFP, 2017Read: A spy novel set in Dublin during the 1940s Emergency chosen as this year’s One City One Book> Image: Shutterstock/Kzenon Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By AFP Image: Shutterstock/Kzenon Mar 25th 2017, 8:30 AM https://jrnl.ie/3300641 Saturday 25 Mar 2017, 8:30 AM Short URL 40,750 Views 23 Comments last_img read more

NUGAS Victoria committee named for 2011

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The National Union of Greek Australian students (NUGAS) selected their new committee for 2011, at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) Thursday. This year’s Administrative Coordinators will be Natole Jasonides (LUGS) and Chris Macheras and the Secretary will be Vicky Dounias (MUnGA). Anthony Michalopoulos (MUnGA) has been appointed Treasurer, while Phillip Vassiliadis (MHSS) will take on the role of Public Relations Coordinator. The new Social and Cultural Coordinator is Joanna Karabatsos (MHSS) and the Club Liason Coordinator is Isabelle Petrou (SUGA).Delegates from the individual clubs include: Tina Angelopoulos and Sophia Floudiotis for DUGS, Aari Vassiliadis for LUGS, Anne-Marie Geros for MHSS, Gregory Amanatidis for MUnGA, Alexander Mexias for SUGA and Alexandra Gazis and Nick Kyriazis from RUSH. The newly formed committee will focus upon “furthering the Greek-Australian spirit amongst Victorian tertiary students”, Public Relations Coorinator Phillip Vassiliadis said. “The year ahead will be challenging, however with a substantial committee and increasing student involvement it also promises to be one of the most rewarding for NUGAS and the Greek-Australian youth,” Mr Vassiliadis said.last_img read more

Macedon – Child of a God launch

first_imgEnter the world of ancient Greece at the launch of Macedon – Child of a God in Canberra. The novel, that covers a time of myth, legend, gods and heroes, will be officially launched by His Excellency Alexios Christopoulos, Ambassador of Greece to Australia. With Macedon – Child of a God, Canberra-based author Paul Hansen has drawn inspiration from the earliest stories of Hellenic history and mythology, to relate the untold story of Macedon. The launch will take place at paperchain bookshop, Franklin Street Manuka, ACT on Thursday 19 July from 6:00 pm onwards. RSVP for the event is essential and can be done by emailing publishaspg@gmail.com Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Breaking point

first_imgOver half a million migrants have arrived in Greece over the past 10 months according to the figures released this week by the United Nations, and with tens of thousands more on their way, Greek authorities are facing a near impossible task in coping with the influx,“It is of utmost importance here that reception conditions be established and be adequate to this enormous task.” UNHCRThe crisis, which has seen the rate of people arriving rise to 8000 a day, is worsening dramatically, with asylum-seekers from the war-torn Middle East desperately trying to beat the onset of winter.The latest figures from data collected by the International Office of Migration (IOM) shows that 507,825 arrivals were recorded by the Greek authorities between January 1 and October 19.With a total of 650,000 people recorded to have entered Europe in 2015 so far (compared to 280,000 in 2014) Greece continues to face the brunt of the humanitarian crisis which has seen over 3000 of the refugees die as they attempt to make a new life in the European Union.One of the centres of the storm has been the island of Lesvos, and this week its capacity for processing refugees and migrants were stretched to breaking point with numbers of new arrivals spiraling.Over 27,000 migrants entered Greece last weekend, 16,448 of who arrived on Lesvos, with Chios, witnessing the arrival of over 4,300.Deteriorating weather resulted in at least 25 deaths in the Aegean last week, many of them children. Two incidents off the coast of Lesvos cost the lives of 10 migrants, including four children and two infants. More migrant deaths occurred near Kalymnos, Farmakonisi and Megisti.Australian nurse Helen Zahos, who is in Lesvos as a volunteer to assist the migrants, told Neos Kosmos she was seeing “a nightmare situation”.Ms Zahos says the reception centre at Moria where she’s based is desperately overcrowded with a shortage of beds, clothing and food. “The majority of local people assist the migrants as best as they can,” said Ms Zahos, adding that their response had been “overwhelming”.With the weather on the island getting worse refugees are waiting days to be registered before they are able take a ferry to the mainland.Meanwhile UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said EU countries – who last month agreed to relocate 66,000 migrants from Italy and Greece – urgently needed to establish welcome centres as part of the deal.“Obviously Greece is doing what it can, it’s pulling in additional police,” she said.“But we need to repeat over and over again that it is of utmost importance here that reception conditions be established and be adequate to this enormous task.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Greek Australian man dies after missing out on lifesaving treatment

first_imgNick Taousanis arrived at a Sydney hospital said to offer 24-hour stroke care, 45 minutes after business hours and was refused a life-saving procedure. Four days later the 81-year-old passed away – but it would seem unnecessarily so.Clinicians had been on-site ready to operate, but the support team had already finished their shift, reports Fairfax Media.“I said, ‘If it’s a cost issue let me know and I will pay’,” said Mr Taousanis’ son George. “The doctors then proceeded to tell me that there were no more procedures available for my father and the blood clot would continue to block oxygen and blood to his brain causing considerable and irreversible damage to his brain, which in turn would more than likely cause him to die.”Two days later, George was called to attend a meeting with hospital administrators, where they explained the doctor was ready to perform the endovascular clot retrieval – a manual extraction of the blood clot – but that the support team had finished their shift at 8pm. Mr Taousanis had arrived just before 9pm.“I was really angry because they were talking about my father’s life,” said George.“I was appalled that the team did not stay back to assist with the operation.”But James Mackie, medical director of South Eastern Sydney Local Health District told Fairfax Media that the reason the operation did not go ahead was because Mr Taousanis had suffered a stroke more than six hours earlier, which he says is outside clinical guidelines to perform the procedure and see positive results.“Although it was unlikely the patient would have gained therapeutic benefit from the procedure, the matter should have been escalated to the Chief Executive for consideration of the procedure taking place outside the usual hours of service,” he said.Ms Taousanis’ case is not unique – Fairfax Media has confirmed two others, while doctors reference between 250 to 400 – where patients’ lives could have been saved, or avoided lifelong disabilities, despite claims that NSW Health have 24-hour services to perform the procedure.One of the issues being highlighted in monetary, with those qualified to perform the procedure saying they are not compensated adequately after-hours.While INR clinicians say the numbers are sufficient, funding has yet to be provided for nurses, radiographers, anaesthetists, theatres and ICU beds.“There are plenty of doctors, but they won’t fund doctors, nurses and technicians to work after hours,” said INR specialist Jason Wenderoth.“[Endovascular clot retrieval] is the most significant breakthrough in my career in medicine. It is 10 to 15 times as effective in getting patients back to normal as stenting for coronary artery disease.”To set up a system similar to that in Victoria, where after-hours cases are allocated to one of two hospitals, it is estimated to cost the NSW government $30 million. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Greek Culture Minister responds to British Museum directors comments

first_imgFollowing the provocative comments by British Museum director Hartwig Fischer ruling out the return of the Parthenon Marbles after the Greek government demanded open negotiations on the issue, Greece’s Culture and Sports Minister Myrsini Zorba has come back with a response.Mrs Zorba underlined that the Parthenon Marbles “were born in Greece hence their natural place is the Acropolis Museum in Athens”, Athens News Agency reported.In her most recent statement to the newspaper Ta Nea on the weekend, the Greek MP argued that the director’s remarks about the British Museum being the “legitimate owner” after the marbles were sold to the British government by Lord Elgin, “exhibit a narrow and cynical managerial mindset”.“It is regrettable to hear this by the director of the British Museum and a well-known art historian. His remarks downgrade cultural heritage from an invaluable universal value to a mere exchange sale. Such views are diametrically opposed to the prevailing perceptions in the international field of culture. They are remnants of colonialism and ignore the international debate and UNESCO declarations, all the more when they involve a mutilated monument, a timeless symbol of Greece, which deserves to be reunified and restored according to the basic principle of ‘integrity’, as required by the 1972 UNESCO Convention,” Mrs Zorba concluded. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Google rend hommage à Charlie Chaplin

first_imgGoogle rend hommage à Charlie ChaplinAujourd’hui, Google a créé un doodle vidéo pour célébrer le 122e anniversaire de la star du cinéma muet Charlie Chaplin décédée en 1977.Décidément, Google ne perd pas une occasion de créer un nouveau doodle. Aujourd’hui, c’est à Charlie Chaplin, l’acteur vedette du cinéma muet, que le géant américain a décidé de célébrer. Mais bien plus qu’un simple doodle, Google a fait les choses en grand à l’occasion du 122e anniversaire de la naissance de la star.À lire aussiÉquinoxe du Printemps : pourquoi tombe-t-il le 20 mars ?Au lieu du logo habituel, c’est donc un doodle vidéo spécialement réalisé par l’équipe Google qui accueille les internautes sur la page principale du moteur de recherche. Un clip en noir et blanc qui met en scène des acteurs dans une comédie typique de Charlie Chaplin. On y retrouve le célèbrissime personnage à moustache, chapeau melon et canne qui rencontre au fil de son aventure différents protagonistes. Pendant les deux minutes de la vidéo, se succèdent alors mimes, gags mêlés à des apparitions du logo Google.Né le 16 avril 1889 en Angleterre, Charlie Chaplin est devenu une véritable icône de son époque grâce à son personnage de Charlot créé dès 1914. En 50 ans de carrière, il aura tourné près de 100 films et courts métrages parmi lesquels le Kid, le Dictateur et les Temps Modernes. Plusieurs fois récompensés, il meurt en Suisse en novembre 1977. Découvrez le doodle vidéo hommage à Charlie Chaplin en cliquant ci-dessous :https://www.maxisciences.com/doodle/un-doodle-video-celebre-l-039-anniversaire-de-charlie-chaplin_art14000.html Le 15 avril 2011 à 13:25 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more